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Final Destination 3 Question

Who did you want to live untill the next movie

Gwen died on a subway track going hlme for thanks giving with her sister and friend
Ian was smashed by a sign
J died with gwens friend on the roller coaster

Who did you want to live untill the next movie
 Nochiz123 posted over a year ago
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Final Destination 3 Answers

iananderinluv01 said:
the person that I would have wanted to live into the next movie, I would say Ian and Erin. If I had to only pick one, I would not pick one of them because they would both have suffered miserably not being with each other. So I would probably say, maybe, Wendy. Wendy can give advice to the others in fd4. And Wendy wasn't like, suicidal after Jason died. Ian, however, had a breakdown and threatened to kill Wendy. And this was how everyone died
Carrie and Jason: roller coaster (Devils Flight)
Ashley and Ashlyn: Tanning Bed
Frankie: back of head shaved off from a engine motor fan
Lewis: weight falls and crushed head
Erin: shot repeatedly in back of head with nail gun
Perry: impaled by flag pole
Ian: bisected by a cherry picker (Aka sign)
Kevin and Julie: died in subway accident
Wendy: died being crushed by a subway when she fell on the tracks.
P.s. That was the order they died in too. I am like a major fd3 fan as well as Ian and Erin fan...

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posted over a year ago 
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