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Flute and flag
Teleman- Minuet From Suite A Minor
Poker Face pg. 1
Poker Face pg. 2
Poker Face pg. 3
Poker Face pg. 4
Poker Face pg. 5
Poker Face pg. 6
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The fans pick: Yes!!!! And xtremely PROUD!!!! :):):):)
Yes!!!! And xtremely PROUD!!!! :):):):)
Noooooooo! I am soooo not - no way- dont call me that!
I don't have a favourite
Harry Potter!
The fans pick: No, I don't wanna b in center
No, I don't wanna b in center
Yes! And I am proud of being...
The fans pick: No, it has sentimental value and it could be valueable someday.
No, it has sentimental value...
Yes, sell it and use that...
The fans pick: Yes
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Flute Wall

RubyTuesday632 said …
I'm starting to play flute for my beginning band elective. I only know b flat, c, and d flat, and kinda a Posted 1 month ago
x-Yumi-x3 commented…
I've been playing Flute for 7 years, I hope you enjoy it. 25 days ago
Flutey_Girl96 said …
Did some flute research today, and there are 10 types of flute!! I only knew about 4 before I did that rersearch! I want to try so many of them!!! Posted 9 months ago
RubyTuesday632 commented…
Wow. I knew only one 1 month ago
g1g2cmcj said …
i play the flute for 5 years Posted 11 months ago