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Kielbasa Sandwich!

Two Na*ed Men Making a Sandwich starts Season 2 with WOMEN?! Oh man, this is going to be horrible.

Food News: Dan Imhoff: An Introduction to the Farm Bill (s1 | e4)

The Farm Bill legislation costs taxpayers $90 billion dollars in farm subsidies, benefits mainly a small percentage of big commodity farmers, and promotes farming practices that are harmful to the environment, and to public health.

Food News: George Taylor: Climate Change & Global Warming (s1 | e1)

State of Oregon Climatologist George Taylor has a different view on global warming and the degree to which human activity has altered our climate.

Food News: Philip Mote: Climate Change & Global Warming (s1 | e2)

Days before the long anticipated release of a major report on climate change, Climate Change 2007, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we sat down with Research Scientist Phillip Mote, to discuss his views on global warming.

Food News: Steve Cohen: Food Policy Council (s1 | e3)

Food Policy Councils are a relatively new phenomenon across the country. Designed to identify and address key issues that impact food on local communities, Steve Cohen from the Portland, Oregon Office of Sustainable Development, explains their importance.

Food News: Dan Imhoff: The System Is Broken (s1 | e6)

The Farm Bill provides 23 billion dollars in subsidies to farmers who grow commodity crops, but little to help farmers grow crops that are healthy for people to eat. In Part 3, Imhoff explains the inequities of the Farm Bill, and offers some remedies.

Food News: Dan Imhoff: Shifting Winds (s1 | e7)

Dan Imhoff explains how there are cracks forming in the Farm Bill alliance. A number of opposing interest groups may be coming together to push the Farm Bill toward a new direction.

Food News: Dan Imhoff: Historical Roots and Evolution of the Farm Bill (s1 | e5)

The Farm Bill comes up for renewal every 5 to 7 years. Part 2 reveals the surprising truth about the Farm Bill, promises made are not necessarily kept.

Food News: Dan Imhoff: Why Is The Farm Bill So Important? (s1 | e8)

Politics can often seem far removed from our present realities, take for instance, the Farm Bill. Is it really that important? But for those inclined towards disinterest, or are simply unaware, this segment may put fire in your belly.

Food News: Dan Imhoff: What Can You Do? (s1 | e9)

Passage of the 2007 Farm Bill may occur this year in September, but that's just the beginning of the food fight!