Labels on food containers are great, since they provide us with nutrition facts. They tell us the calories per serving and the total fats, carbohydrates, sodium, dietary fiber, protein and sugars. Of course, there is the list of ingredients listed on the label as well. The product label may even state this particular food item was manufactured on shared equipment with products that may contain tree nuts and/or peanuts. This is vital due to children and adults who have a life-threatening allergy to nuts. Other food allergens include, but are not limited to the following: wheat, gluten (proteins found in wheat), corn, soy, whey, dairy, fruits and seafood. Labels provide the consumers with not only important nutritional information, but a possible life or death situation if they don’t read the label.

Why is it then that we accept the “diabetic” label? After all, diabetes is a disease caused by an insulin deficiency and characterized by an increased amount of sugar in the blood and urine. Basically, you either don’t have enough insulin or the body cannot properly utilize what it has. The disease is diabetes, not the person. The “diabetic” label is saying this child or adult is a disease. This is incorrect, since they can live as if they don’t have diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes will only appear if your blood sugar is high for a long time. If your blood sugars stay close to the normal readings, it is impossible to have diabetes symptoms. Life is not perfect, but it is possible to bury this “diabetic” label and be healthier than someone who does not have diabetes. I believe the “diabetic” label should be banned! This label has devastated so many children and adults. I have heard the cries for 28 years, starting with the treatment center. I have heard it from patients while working at the hospital and clinics. I have heard it from adults, who have attended my book signings. One lady said, in tears, “My doctor called me a ‘sick diabetic.’” When is this emotional and mental abuse going to stop? Enough is enough! I’m even more shocked this “diabetic label abuse” continues today. If you are a health care professional, do not use the “diabetic” label, ever. Even if you are not a health care professional, do not use it. The damage that has been caused by this label can sometimes take a long time for my clients to heal from. Once they do, not only are they healthy mentally, but physically, too! Finally, they can start to enjoy life!

Diabetes or any other health challenge does not define who people are, they define what diabetes or any other health challenge is to them. Once people bury the “diabetic” label, it can no longer sour their life! Because they have self-worth, which means they are worthy of love. They will not allow anyone to disrespect them. The next time you hear someone use the word “diabetic,” correct them. Sometimes, people don’t realize what they are saying when they ask if you are a “diabetic.” Educate them! Explain to them that if they had cancer, you would not call them a “canceretic.” In fact, right now as I type the word canceretic, my computer’s spell check is letting me know it is not even a word in the dictionary. Why then do you suppose the word “diabetic” is?

I believe it is very important to focus on what you want in life. To me, that includes excellent health. I never focus on what I don’t want. Once you know what you want, you can get started right away. Today is the day to make your fresh start. I know you can do it! The choice is yours, you just have to believe and have faith as you step forward taking one step at a time. Remember to not dig up the “diabetic” label. Instead, focus on your hopes and dreams. Yes, you too can be happy and healthy!

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All information provided is not medical advice and should not be substituted for consulting with your physician.