Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest(s): Bret "The Hitman" Hart & Debra McMichael
Date: 4/1/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Additional Commentary: Ben Benya & Erik Clancy

Former WWE Diva Debra McMichael stops by for her first time in the Epicenter as well This 40 minute interview packs a punch and really covers a lot of great ground! You'll be impressed what Debra has to say!

And, as if that wasn't enough, former hosts Ben Benya and Erik Clancy stop by again for some more fun times in Epicenter high as we discuss RAW and a myriad of off topic nonsense that is a hoot to listen to!

I have uploaded the interview to the YouTube page

- Debra comes onto the show and we get into a quick discussion about all the different names that she has had throughout her life & wrestling career.

- She then talks about how she plans on getting back into wrestling and says her favorite part of it was always the fan interaction, something she feels is missing.

- She has expressed interest in going to TNA and doing something with Jeff Jarrett, and she says that she would be best served in a more authroitarian role, close to what she was in the WWE in 2000.

- When talking about the Benoit Tragedy and how some fans were negative towards her for the things she said when making appearances, she said that the negativity comes from the fact that Austin has a huge fanbase and its hard for some fans to accept negativity towards him. She defends herself by saying that she was merely trying to turn a bad thing into a good by sharing her story and hopefully prevent this from happening again.

- On her relationship with Steve Austin, she says that as an entertainer & a wrestler, he was great, and she doesn't want to take anything away from him in that aspect. But the personal life they shared was exposed and it was embarrassing. Debra also felt guilty for not speaking out sooner & probably could have helped prevent the Benoit tragedy from happening. She loves the people she worked with in wrestling, and she wanted to do it to help the business for the better.

- WWE never contacted her to be a part of the Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal, but its something she would have considered doing.

- In a funny story, she jokes about how she dated alot of Steves in her life, as she married 2 & dated a few others.

- She got into WCW through Steve "Mongo" McMichael. She always handled Steve's promotion & autograph sessions, and when he got into WCW, she came along with him on the road. She really wanted to get involved and begged Eric Bischoff to let her go out there, even offering to work for free at first as she promised that she would get over. She did the Beauty Queen gimmick and it got over huge, and she was offered a contract.

- When comparing WWF & WCW, she says that WCW was more relaxed and it was more about having fun, but in the WWF it was more serious business. She also talks about how scared she was of Vince. However, she had fun in both places, and always worked hard to put on the best product possible.

- Once going to the WWF, her character became much more sexual. She never had a problem doing too much stuff because she understands that there is a difference between the character she plays and the real person. She enjoyed alot of the roles she played in both WCW & WWF. She's not sure how much of her personas the fans believed were extensions of her true self.

- The next question was about Miss Elizabeth. Debra & Elizabeth were really good friends in WCW and they always traveled together. She was shocked & sad when she heard of Liz's passing & she had never known about what was going on in Liz's personal life.

- When talking about Over the Edge 99 where Owen Hart's unfortunate accident, she says that it was very hard to go out there right after Owen's accident happened. She also saw Owen get stretchered out of the building jiust as she was going out and it was very hard for her to do it. It went so fast that it was hard for her to react & she was just stunned by the whole thing. She also recalls how Jeff broke the news to her when he got back from the hospital.

- She's getting back into wrestling, including working with The Hebners. She always got along with them & remembers how well Dave treated her & she was more than happy to help him out.

- A caller calls in and asks Debra if she would like to replace Tazz as a Commentator on Smackdown. She says it is something she would consider & she would love to play some kind of role. When James warns her about the job, talking about Mick Foley's time as a commentator, Debra laughs and says she remembers hearing Vince yell into a mic backstage before she would go out there.

- Debra then goes into a discussion about her new movie "Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords" which is a fantasy/adventure film (similar to Lord of the Rings) Its an independent film that will have a limited release, but she had a lot of fun doing it. She says that the hardest part of it was learning how to sword fight, which she says was even harder than wrestling.

- Once again, she expresses interest in going to TNA and encourages the fans to voice their opinions to have her brought in.

Word Associations:
Jeff Jarrett = Wonderful
Steve Austin = Tough
Steve McMIchael = Sweet
Eric Bischoff = He gave me my start in wrestling
Vince McMahon = He gave me a great run