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Fan fiction by woowie posted over a year ago
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The next day, Kat was listening to her iPod. She was listening to Potential Break up Song by Aly and AJ:
This is the,
potential break up song,
our album needs just one,
oh baby please, please tell me,
this is the,
potential make up song,
please just admit you're wrong,
which will it be?

Things went black. All of a sudden, she was in the house alone, but it wasn't Foster's, it was actually a hotel. "Bloo? BLOO?" she shouted. No answer. She started to cry, not tears, but blood. She looked at herself. She was covered in blood. All of a sudden, something started eating away at her, then the house caught on fire. She saw a bright light, then she heard a familiar voice. "Kat, wake up...!" It said. "Bloo? Is that you?" Kat said. "KAT!" It said back.

Kat woke up. It was only a nightmare! She looked at the clock. 1:00 in the morning!? "What happened?" Kat asked. "You passed out on the couch earlier." Bloo answered. She went upsrairs, and had another dream.
Fan fiction by woowie posted over a year ago
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Once, there was a girl named Madison, who went by Sparky. She had an imaginary friend named Kat. Sparky hadn't created Kat, though, she found her.

One day, Kat heard very bad news, Sparky was moving- which meant they had to get rid of Kat! After dinner, Sparky and Kat were watching television, when a commercial came on. It was about a place called "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends", where you could bring your imaginary friend, and they would live there. Sparky looked relieved that Kat wouldn't be a gonner. "Please don't!" Kat thought. She didn't want to go. Sparky made Kat pack her bags, then she listened to their favorite radio station, and one of their favorite songs was on, Gives You Hell by All American Rejects,
"Now you'll never see,
what you've done to me,
you can take back your memories,
they're no good to me,
and here's all your lies,
you can look me in the eyes,
with the sad, sad look,
that you wear so well..."
Fan fiction by aliciaNY posted over a year ago
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T'was the day befor Easter
the house was so busy
the friends worked so hard
one got dizzie....
Eduardo:"Frankie! I think she's comming around!" Holly(suddenly waking up)-"Uhhhhh, what happened? Where am I?" Frankie(enters the room and gives Holly a glass of water)-"It's okay Holly. You just fainted when you smelled my cheese appetizers while cleaning the kitchen".Coco complains in the only language she knows:"cococococo" Frankie-"I know Coco. We all have been working hard these two days. Who knew it took so much work to make a party? Oh well, at least wer'e almost done. You gyes just need to colour the eggs now. Me and mr.H. will take care of the rest." Yup, tomorow was easter, and madame Foster would be comming back from her vacation just in time for her party. There's only one thing that made her laugh SO much, her favourite thing about Easter-the easter bunny. Thats the last thing the house needed. So Frankie and mr.Herriman told Mac yesterday to bring Goo with him when he comes here today at three o'clock as usuall. Only Goo had the "talent" to create the perfect easter bunny. Bloo would get out today when Mac came. So everyone was waiting for him....