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Frasier and Mr Bottomsley

Frasier Season 10 Episode 23

Frasier - Extras - And Then There Was Eddie

Frasier - Extras - Roz's Dating Tips

BeBe Glazer tries to quit smoking

Frasier ~ S11E03 The Doctor Is Out

Today Show- Frasier Finale

Star Trek Voyager meets Frasier

Frasier Faces His Subconsious

Classical Conditioning as told by Frasier Crane

Frasier ~ S04E01 The Two Mrs Cranes

Patrick Stewart thinks Frasier is his boyfriend. Frasier doesn't realise it

The Best of Bebe Glazer: Part 2

The Best of Bebe Glazer: Part 1

Fraiser Daphne's wedding dress

Frasier - Niles being a gentleman to Daphne

Frasier - Niles and a few 1st times...

Frasier - Niles gets the best of Martin

Niles Fencing Scene

"Frasier" - Niles and Daphne TANGO!

Niles and Daphne first time together

Frasier - Niles being polite

Frasier - Niles LOVES Daphne

Frasier & Niles share a room

Frasier - Niles Crane - 'Three Valentines'

Frasier - Niles dating a whore

Frasier - New Crane is a Moon!

The Best of Niles Crane Season 2

Frasier- Niles and Daphne get a Baby

Frasier watching Niles watching Daphne(Season 1)

Frasier - Niles opening a bottle

Dr. Crane vs. Dr. Crane

Frasier- Niles & Daphne's Wedding

Frasier. Niles placing an ad

Frasier - Niles' roundhouse kick

Frasier: Niles Starts Fire in Apartment

Frasier- Daphne and Niles love each other

Frasier - Niles gets into a fight

Frasier - Niles naked at nervosa

Frasier and Niles bickering over a voicemail message

The Best of Niles Crane Season 1

Frasier and Roz- Oh How The Years Go By

Roz and Alice-In My Daughters Eyes

Daphne and Niles- Ever Ever After

Daphne and Niles- I'm Yours

Frasier Tribute- For Good

Roz and Alice- You'll Be In My Heart

Alice May Doyle- Charmed Life

Roz and Frasier- Crash and Burn

Eddie Crane- Who Let The Dogs Out