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FredxHermionexGeorge-All About Us

Fred and George Funny Moments

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Fred and George fireworks show (HD)

Fred and George - Best Bits

Fred & George Weasley | Counting Stars

All Fred & George Weasley Scenes Movies 1-8 [2/2]

All Fred & George Weasley Scenes Movies 1-8 [1/2]

Funny Fred and George Moment

the new freda & george

Fred and George ♥ Good Life

Fred and George ♥ We Are Young

Are you okay Freddie?

James and Oliver teenage dream

Set fire to the rain

Land slide

Love story

If this was a movie

Just a harmless joke

Bleeding love

Dear Fred from Ginny

Fred's death :"(

Fred-say good bye

One,two and three

Fred and George//May angels lead you in (For Anouk)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Fred's Death Scene [HD]

George Saying Fred in the Deathly Hallows- Part 2

All Fred and George Weasley Scenes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone

Filming Fred's Death

Weasley Twins -The Boys are Back

Fred and George - Everybody loves me

Fred and George | A brother's lament

Fred & George | Where'd You Go

Fred & George - Who You'd Be Today

Fred & George - Halfway Gone

"Are you ok Freddie..?" [F&G]

Left Behind. [Fred & George]

Fred & George- Moves like Jagger

My Fan Made Video For Fred and George (Part 2) :)

My Fan Made Video For Fred and George (Part 1) :)

Dear Fred, from George

Brother's Lament

Fred & George Weasley || You're My Best Friend

Black Star (Fred and George)

Fred and George - All Star

fred&george | higher

Fred and George Weasley Tribute- Must Have Done Something Right

James and Oliver on GMTV

Phelps Twins Interview in Stockholm-Part 2

Phelps Twins Interview in Stockholm-Part 1

Never Had A Dream Come True-Fred Weasley

fred and george are pretty fly

The Weasley's Song

Fred & George- World's Greatest

Fred & George- Greatest Day

Fred & George Weasley- Forever

Fred/Hermione/George - Dirty Little Secret

Double Trouble - Fred & George Weasley

Fred/George - Trouble

Shattered- Fred & George Weasley

Fred & George Moments

Fred & George Weasley || The Boys Are Back

Fred & George- I Don't Want To Be Without You

Fred and George Weasley- Princes of Pranks

Fred & George Weasley- The Anthem

Fred and George Weasley- Are You A Prankster?

Fred & George- Identical Twins

Fred and George - Gives You Hell

All Star - The Weasley Twins

Fred and George Tribute -- Trouble

All Star - A Fred & George Weasley Tribute

Fred and George Weasley- It's Our Time Now

Fireflies (Fred and George Weasley)

Fred and George Weasley Tribute- Original Pranksters

Fred and George Weasley- Time After Time

Fred and George Weasley - I Don't Care

Fred & George Weasley - My Immortal

Fred and George Weasley - Born to be Wild

Fred and George Weasley- It's My Life

Fred and George Weasley- Stop and Stare

For Your Entertainment ~ Fred And George Weasley

Fred & George - "Original Prankster"

James and Oliver

James and Oliver Phelps Interviewed in Helsinki, Finland, 16.07.2009

James and Oliver Phelps Speaking French

when you are gone

james and oliver phelps

freddy and georgy

tribute to fred i know you go on

Gred(Fred) and Forge(George) Weasley: I Wanna Be Like You

Fred and George Weasley, Smooth Criminals

Fred and George Weasley doing the best scene in the movie

Fred & George Weasley

The Original Fred and George Weasley

George Weasley - Farewell to Fred

George Weasley - Never Too Late

ICM Interview James And Oliver Phelps

Fred Weasley: Hero till the End

Fred Weasley R.I.P

Fred Weasley Tribute

Ode to Fred Weasley