1. Because from the first look she took his breath away.
2. Because she definitely looked at him... twice.
3. Because he doesn't want some girl, he wants her!
4. Because she looks at him differently.
5. Because was love at the first sight.
6. Because he's handsome, she's beautiful, ENOUGH SAID!
7. Because he's the one that she's been waiting for.
8. Because he wants to get to know her.
9. Because she stole his heart.
10. Because he saw her and suddenly nothing else mattered anymore.
11. Because she makes him nervous and speechless.
12. Because he's interested in more than just her looks.
13. Because she wants him to get to know her.
14. Because they shared many glances at Cook's birthday.
15. Because he was jealous when he found out Cook slept with her.
16. Because she turned Cook down for him.
17. Because he watched her dance.
18. Because they talked first.
19. Because skater boy meets party girl.
20. Because Freddie/Effy isn't just a fancy.
21. Because they are lake buddies.
22. Because they make belly-sitting cute.
23. Because Kaya couldnt stop gushing over Luke.
24. Because Kaya hangs out at Luke's house.
25. Because Kaya thinks Luke is funny.
26. Because Luke bites when he kisses, and Kaya likes it.
27. Because Luke has "x-rated" stories on Kaya. wink, wink.
28. Because they both have dark hair. (ie. they match!)
29. Because Luke loves her.
30. Because they look so beautiful together.
31. Because Freffy owns eyesexing.
32. Because she said "you love me" and he said "yes"!
33. Because he's her salsa-man!
34. Because they both have such pretty eyes.
35. Because they've got chemistry.
36. Because she's his dancing queen.
37. Because he's the one she's been waiting for to come.
38. Because she ran after him, begging him to understand.
39. Because she couldn't hold her tears back.
40. Because he chose to sit with Effy
41. Because stolen glances are their thing.
42. Because they were annoyed that they were interrupted.
43. Because he chose to sit with Effy
44. Because Pandora can tell that Effy wants Freddie.
45. Because "Freddie is in love with Effy."
46. Because of all the cast, Luke wants to get to know Kaya.
47. Because Freddy is the one she wants.
48. Because she was happy he showed up to the party.
49. Because she didnt want him to leave.
50. Because she cried over him.
51. Because "you came. cool"
52. Because she opened up to him about her mom.
53. Because things are just heating up.
54. Because the real feelings are between them!
55. Because their time is coming.
56. Because they are inevitable.

Credit to Fanforum Freddie/Effy page.
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