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Set after Freddie visits Effy at her house, and then seeing her with Cook.


I really have no idea as to why I am writing this for you. Maybe I just needed something to do, or maybe, I needed to tell you how I felt. Something that I would never be able to tell in your face. It's extremely amazing how much you have grown on me. It isn't healthy.

But, you're with Cook now. It was evident in your expression that you didn't want to be with him when you saw me, so why are you with him? Why would you even want to be with a cock head like him? Do you even love him Effy? Because I doubt that he loves you.

I know who does love you Ef.


You read right, my dear. I have loved you ever since I first laid my eyes on you. It doesn't matter now though right? At least not to you, I guess. You'll regret being with him sooner or later. I hope you understand that he is only using you.

Enjoy your life, Effy.



He dropped the pencil beside the piece of paper, examining what he wrote. He grabbed the piece of paper and started to fold it up. He grabbed a nearby envelope and pulled it in front of him. He stuffed the piece of paper in it, and then sealed it up.

He leaned back against his chair and exhaled. He stood up from the table, grabbing the envelope with him.

Feddie walked out of his house, ignoring the cheers coming from his sister. She had been watching the Sex Bomb video again.

He walked all the way to the nearest mail box and dropped the letter in it. he stares at it before lighting up a smoke, and then leaning on the wall, puffing out a large cloud of smoke.

He sighed out in pleasure.