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Queen1Fan said …
freddie mercury Posted 20 days ago
LoveMJangel said …
14 years without Freddy
Rest in peas!!!
Youre music lives in us! :) Posted 5 months ago
AnimaniacsFan1 said …
i'm a girl who has a powerful singing voice.
i sing soprano and alto and real loud.
i was never proud of it because i got told i can't sing until i saw freddie mercury.
my voice falls in alto range but i can sing soprano and alto, i can go real low and can sing real loud.
freddie mercury made me realize i have a great voice, i also don't like being in a crowd but when i sing i have a flamboyant personality.

i'm a huge fan of queen and animaniacs.
freddie mercury is awesome. Posted over a year ago
19987 said …
Precious Memories Remembered Always, In Our thoughts today & always♥ Posted over a year ago
Simona321 said …
Happy Birthday Freddie!!! I love you with every bit in me, and will miss you forever. You have done more for the world in your short life than many other people could do in 100 years. We will love you forever!!! Posted over a year ago
liberiangirl_mj said …
Happy Birthday dear Freddie!!!! Thank you for the joy you gave to the world with your talent... miss you!!! Posted over a year ago
karilynn924 said …
I'll always love and miss Freddie Mercury! He's the greatest, sweetest, nicest and most handsome man ever! Posted over a year ago
AnimaniacsFan1 commented…
he certainly was awesome. over a year ago
sunshinedany said …
I'm a "Die hard" fan ! Love Freddie forever ! Posted over a year ago
Queener7395 said …
Hey!! Why didn't anyone tell me there's a Freddie Mercury page? I thought that there's only a Queen page. Posted over a year ago
karolinak1999 said …
I can't believe this club has only 930 fans Freddie's such a legend!!! Posted over a year ago