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karilynn924 said …
I'll always love and miss Freddie Mercury! He's the greatest, sweetest, nicest and most handsome man ever! Posted 5 months ago
sunshinedany said …
I'm a "Die hard" fan ! Love Freddie forever ! Posted 6 months ago
Queener7395 said …
Hey!! Why didn't anyone tell me there's a Freddie Mercury page? I thought that there's only a Queen page. Posted 8 months ago
karolinak1999 said …
I can't believe this club has only 930 fans Freddie's such a legend!!! Posted 10 months ago
MercuryFan said …
Happy Birthday, our musical prostitute ♥ Posted 12 months ago
Queen365 said …
Happy Birthday, Freddie!! We'll always love you! Posted 12 months ago
TheKingsWard12 said …
I'm taking my ride with destiny
Willing to play my part
Living with painful memories
Loving with all my heart

Made in heaven, made in heaven
It was all meant to be, yeah
Made in heaven, made in heaven
That's what they say
Can't you see
That's what everybody says to me
Can't you see
Oh I know, I know, I know that it's true
Yes it's really meant to be
Deep in my heart
<3 love you freddie! Posted over a year ago
Queen365 commented…
love him forever! ♥ over a year ago
big smile
Queen365 said …
I'm now a dedicated fan of Freddie Mercury!! Yeaay! ♥ Posted over a year ago
sunshinedany commented…
Congrats, well done ! over a year ago
Queen365 commented…
Thank you!! ♥ :D over a year ago
Queen365 commented…
Thank you!! ♥ over a year ago
Queen365 said …
I love you forever Freddie! ♥ Posted over a year ago
ord commented…
me too! <3 over a year ago
kusia commented…
:) over a year ago
DramaQueen1020 commented…
Same with me!! <3 over a year ago
bfflvvh said …
R.I.P. My beloved Freddie.... The musical world is no longer the same without you. Posted over a year ago
ord commented…
TRUE :'( over a year ago