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Tyra&Landry | There for You

Friday Night Lights: I'm Only Human

Multi Fandom-Mad World [FNL included]

Tim&Lyla ;; Shattered

matt & julie ; tim & lyla // let someone in

Jason/Lyla + Tim | Breathing Slowly

Leave Me Alone - (Tyra Collette & Cash)

[FNL/OTH] Jason Street & Peyton Sawyer ; Fairytale gone bad

Bad Things - (Julian Baker & Julie Taylor)

Numb - (Tyra Collette)

Friday Night Lights is Epic

Tim&Lyla | Angels or devils

Brooke/Tim Riggins.[Coming to Terms]

Friday Night Lights - Fix You by Coldplay

Friday Night Lights (oth 4.09 manip)

(friday night lights) *OMG*

Tyra/Landry | Just Realize

Julie Taylor | This is the Way I Am

Lyla Garrity | That's Not My Name

Tim/Lyla: Twisted

Friday Night Lights - Season 3/Suspension

Tim & Lyla: All You Wanted

Tim & Tyra | Make Up Your Mind

I Do Not Hook Up // Tim & Lyla //

Tim Riggins: This Is Why I'm Hot

All We Are (Friday Night Lights)

Friday Night Lights : Breathe In, Breathe Out

Extended Preview // Best I Ever Had // Tim & Lyla

Tim/Lyla~ Close Your Eyes

Tyla~ Shiver

Tyla~ That's Where It Is

Lyla/Tim~ Open Your Eyes

Tim/Lyla~ Guardian Angel

Jason/Lyla/Tim~ The Love Triangle

Tim/Lyla~ Better Than Me

Tim/Lyla~ Again

Tim/Lyla~ Hands Down

Tim/Lyla~ Wait for Love

Tim/Lyra~ I belong to You

Crossover: Tim/Brooke

Preview // Best I Ever Had // Tim & Lyla

FNL Couples: Crawl

Tim & Lyla : Halo

Sweet Child O' Mine ; FNL/VERONICA

You Found Me // Friday Night Lights Season One Cast

PREVIEW // You Found Me // Friday Night Lights Season One

Sweet Child O' Mine ; FNL/VERONICA [PREVIEW]

This Is Our Town ; FNL [PREVIEW]

Matt & Julie | Everything

Friday Night Lights | We will rock you

Tim & Lyla | Breakeven

Stacey Oristano on Hollywood 411

Scott Porter on Hollywood 411

TIm and Lyla: Crazy Ever After

Tim & Lyla - Best i ever had

Tim & Tyra - Hymn to the Sea

Lucas/Lyla [Colorblind]

Tim and Lyla-When The Stars Go Blue

Lonelier Than This - Tyla

Tim/Lyla - If I was The One

Where I Stood - Matt/Julie

Friday Night Lights - Dillon Panthers "You are champions"

Friday Night Lights Cast : Ever The Same

Devil Town - Bright Eyes

Tyla~ How Do You Sleep

Tim/Lyla~ Sway

Matt/Julie~ Innocence

FNL~ Coach Taylor Lives in You

Matt Saracen~ You Found Me

Julie/Matt~ You Found Me

Matt/Julie~ You Make it Real

Matt/Julie~ Drops of Jupiter

FNL Cast~ Breathe

Tyra/Landry Matt/Julie~ Broken Strings

FNL~ Janine Turner Interview - Season 3

You Found Me - FNL

Tim/Lyla~ Nothing But Love

FNL~To Build A Home

Matt Saracen~ You Found Me

Tim Riggins~ Calvin Klein

Tyra/Landry~ You Found Me

Tim/Tyra~Get in the Car

Tyra/Landry~Look After You

Tyra/Landry~Open Your Eyes

Tyra Collette~ My Skin

Tyra Collette~'Coz I Can

Tim/Lyla~ Love Your Memory

Tim/Lyla~Only You

Tim/Lyla~ Breathe Me

Tim/Lyla~ Read My Mind

Lyla Garrity~ Never Alone


FNL Girls~Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Jason Street~Any Other World

Tim/Lyla~My Everything

Tim/Lyla~Lips Of An Angel

Tim/Lyla~A Little Less Sixteen Candles...

Tim/Lyla~I Never got Over You


Tim/Lyla~Jessie's Girl