The One Where Ross Proposes

(Its the afternoon. We come into the Central Perk and Ross is sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. Rachel walks in, gets her coffee and sits down next to Ross.)

Rachel: Honey?
Ross: (looks at her)Hm?
(kisses him romantically audience oohs.)
Rachel: (both smile) I still got it.

(Ross goes back to reading newspaper while Rachel drinks her coffee and Monica walks in.)

Monica: Hey. (sits down on chair across from Rachel)
Rachel: Where's Chandler and the kids?
Monica: Oh, they're bonding. Chandler decided he wanted alone time with them to practice taking care of them. You know, he wants to be independent when
taking care of the kids.
Rachel: Ah...Is Phoebe with him?
Monica: Yeah.
(Rachel looks at watch)
Rachel: Oh, I gotta get to work! Bye sweetie(kisses Ross on the cheek.)I'll see you tonight. Bye Mon.
(Rachel walks out the door and leaves. Ross puts down newspaper and looks at the door. Then turns to Monica.)
Ross: Thank God she's gone. I've been meaning to talk to you.
Monica: Oh, whats up?
Ross: Can you babysit Emma tonight? Mom and Dad left for vacation with the Peterson's and I have no one else to ask.
Monica: Yeah, sure of course. May I ask why?
Ross: Well, you know it's me and Rach's anniversary and I was planning to--
Monica: Propose?!?!
Ross: Yeah. You want to see the ring?
Monica: Of course. Now you better not have been cheap. This is Rachel were talking about.
Ross: Look at this Monica, do you really think that I would buy her a ring less than ten-thousand dollars?
(Ross opened a small mahogany case. The ring was silver. It had Rachel's birthstones(
amethysts) on two sides and the diamond in the middle was 10k.)
Monica: Oh my God Ross. How much did you pay for this?
Ross: Thirteen thousand dollars even. It was worth so much more but thank god I got a deal on it.
Monica: What?!? How much was it originally worth?
Ross: Eighteen thousand dollars.
Monica: What?!?! Chandler didn't even spend ten thousand dollars on my ring!
Monica: Well..This is really nice Ross. Well at least we know one thing for sure.
Ross: And that is?
Monica: This one won't end in divorce.
(Ross glares at Monica gets up and walks away.)

(Opening Credits)

(we enter Monica and Chandler's apartment)

Chandler: Okay, we got his diaper on. Good work team.
Phoebe: What are you talking about?!? I had to change the atomic bomb while you hid behind the couch!
Chandler: Well...I watched...
Phoebe: Ugh.

(Joey walks in)

Joey: Whoa! What in the name of...something smelly happened in here?!?
Chandler: We changed Jack's diaper.
Phoebe: Ahem!
Chandler: Phoebe! Phoebe changed Jack's diaper.
(Joey stares at Chandler)
Joey: What the hell are you feeding those kids?!?
Chandler: Uh, food? You know, the stuff that supposed to go in your mouth?

(Monica walks in)

Phoebe: Hey Mon. What's with the big grin?
Monica: Nothing...
Chandler: Monica.
Monica: I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you..
Joey: You know you want to!
Monica: Okay okay fine fine! Well..We as in me and Chandler, are going to babysit Emma tonight--
Chandler: And you got the giggles because it sounded so damn exciting to take care of not just two but three children?
Monica: Still talking.
Chandler:...Go on.
Monica: We are babysitting Emma tonight because...Ross is proposing to Rachel.
Chandler, Phoebe and Joey: No!! Oh my God! That's great!
Monica: I know!!!. After all these years they are finally getting married.
Chandler: I know I can't even--
Joey: Damn it!
Chandler: What? What?
Joey: I forgot to put my shoes on the right feet..
(Monica, Chandler and Phoebe all look at each other)

(We enter Ross and Rachel's apartment. Ross is putting on Emma's shoes and jacket.)

Ross: Okay Emma, Are you gonna behave at Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler's place?
(Emma nods)
Ross: I'm taking mommy somewhere special tonight. But I can't take you with me. (zipping up jacket) Okay. Your ready. Stay on the couch while I call mommy okay?
(Ross takes out cellphone and calls Rachel. Phone rings three times before she picks up the phone.)
Rachel: Hello?
Ross: Rach, its me.
Rachel: Oh, hi honey.
Ross: Hi. I'm going to drop off Emma at Mon's around five thirty. I'll pick you up at..?
Rachel: Seven.
Ross: Lucky seven it is.
Rachel: Okay, sweetie I gotta go. I love you.
Ross: I love you too.
(Hangs up phone)

(We enter Chandler and Monica's apartment. Ross knocks on the door. Chandler opens it.)

Ross: Hey guys. Okay, here is here her bag. There is extra clothes just in cast any spills happen. And extra diapers oh and--
Chandler: Ross, she's staying here for only a couple hours. She's not staying here for a week.
Ross: Yeah I know. I'm just nervous because of tonight.
Monica: So where are you taking her?
Ross: I'm taking her to the old museum. You know the one I used to work at?
Chandler: Because old fossils and bones turn her on?
Ross: No. It's where we had our first date.
Chandler: Ah. See that makes more sense.
Ross: Yeah I'm gonna take her there and well I'll just tell you about it when we both come back. I gotta go get the planetarium ready. Okay, bye Emma. Bye guys.
Monica and Chandler: Bye.
Monica: Hey I'm gonna go check on the twins, will you be okay with Emma?
Chandler: It's just her so I think we'll be fine.
(Monica goes into twins bedroom Chandler picks up Emma)
Chandler: Hello Emma. Remember me? I'm Uncle Chandler. Uncle Chandy. Uncle Chan. I'm the cool uncle. Uh-oh. What's that smell? What's that smell? Is that you? Uh- Monica! Monica?
Monica: I'm kind of busy right now! Whatever it is I'm sure you can handle it!
Chandler: Okay. Okay. I can do this. I can do this.
(Chandler sets up everything and lays Emma on a blanket.)
Chandler: Okay. Okay. I'm just going to charge through this.
(Five minutes later)
Chandler: (Picks up Emma from the blanket) See we can do it. You know why? Cause I'm Uncle Chan and I am good.

(We enter the planetarium where Ross is laying lilies all over the floor. He finishes within minutes. He does a run through. Everything is perfect. Ross practices kneeling down and proposing before leaving to pick up Rachel.)

Ross: [Okay. Everything is perfect. Now let's just practice. Wait where's the ring? I know I have it somewhere...Damn it.]

(we enter Chandler and Monica's apartment. Emma, the twins and Chandler play together while Monica cooks dinner. Phoebe walks in.)

Phoebe: Hey guys.
Monica: Hey Pheebs. Where have you been?
Phoebe: You do not want to know.
Chandler: Anyway, uh so where's Mike?
Phoebe: He's at a gig. He's performing for a high school dance. Its either that or there are some really geeky adult guys at a high school who are desperate for sex.
Monica: Hey Phoebe you want to stay for dinner and help me and Chandler babysit Emma?
Phoebe: Sure. Oh right, Ross is proposing tonight. Well I'm sure this one won't end the same way all his other marriages did.
Chandler: I really doubt it will too. I mean Rachel can't be gay, He will be saying "I Ross, take thee Rachel," and that name has already been programed in his head..and I'm sure they won't be eloping drunk in Vegas.
Chandler: Wait. No, Yep those are all his divorces. Hey does anyone know where Joey went?
Phoebe: Oh, he's with that girl again. Um..Jamie. They're really hitting it off.
Monica: Yeah haven't they been together for like almost two months now?
Phoebe: Yeah.
Chandler: Wow. Go Joe. In two months Joey would've slept with at least ten girls and didn't call them back.
Monica: Oh, I just remembered did you know that Ross had spent thirteen thousand dollars on Rachel's engagement ring?
Phoebe: What?
Monica: And he got a deal on it.
Phoebe: Well how much was it originally worth?
Monica: Eighteen thousand dollars.
Phoebe: Boy did I marry the wrong guy.
Chandler: Doesn't really surprise me.
Monica: Why?
Chandler: Well I mean come on it's Ross were talking about. When he loves a girl he loves her to death. He gets serious. Have you seen the ring he gave to Carol? I haven't but I'm sure it was great.

(We enter Ross and Rachel's apartment. Ross had picked up Rachel.)

Rachel: Okay, just give me ten minutes and then we can go.
Ross: Actually fifteen will be better I have to go check on Emma at Mon's. I'll come back here and then I'll change then we can go. I'll be right back.

(Rachel walks into bedroom and Ross heads off to Chandler and Monica's. We then enter their apartment.)

Ross: Hey guys.
Phoebe: Whoa mister what are you doing over here? Shouldn't you be doing some proposing?
Ross: I lost the ring.
Monica and Phoebe: WHAT?!?!
Phoebe: You lost an eighteen thousand dollar ring? How stupid could you be?
Ross: I know. Can you please just help me find it? I think I left it here when I dropped off Emma.
Monica: Okay, okay. Everybody search the apartment. Chandler you the kids.
(ten minutes later)
Ross: Oh my God... Okay I'll just have to propose without it. I have to get ready in five minutes. Uh..I'll bring Emma with me. Thanks for watching her while I prepared the place.
Chandler: No problem man.
Ross: Wish me luck.
Phoebe: Good luck. Dumbass.
Ross: I- oh forget it.

(We enter Ross' apartment. Ross walks in with Emma. Rachel walks out in a wine colored dress with a black jacket.)

Rachel: Hey. Hi Emma. Oh you coming with me and daddy?
Ross: Yeah I just decided to bring her with us instead of having Mon and Chandler having to take care of her. God. You look..Beautiful. Phenomenal.
Rachel: Hm, thank you.
Ross: I'll go change really quick.
(five minutes later in the car. They are all buckled up ready to go.)
Okay. Before we go I want you to put this blindfold on.
Rachel: Why?
Ross: It's a surprise. Come on. Here I'll put it on you. Now let's go.

(They enter the museum. Ross brings Rachel with Emma into a dark hallway before the planetarium.)

Ross: Take off your blindfold and start walking when I tell you.

(Ross looks into Emma's milk bag to give her, her milk. Instead he finds the ring. He grabs it and gives the milk bag back to Rachel and runs across to the operating room. Grabs the remote for the sound system and star presentation.)

Ross: Start walking Rach! Walk towards the light.

(When she nearly reaches the edge of the hallway, he activates the sound system which begins to play "The Way You Look Tonight". Rachel finally comes out of the hallway. She sees Ross across the planetarium. She walks toward him. She looks around realizing that there are lilies on the floor. She finally walks up to Ross in the center of the planetarium.)

Rachel: Ross, what's going on?
(Ross took Rachel's hand)
Ross: Rachel, all my life I have been looking for the one person I know I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. But each time I failed to find who that person was. Then about eight and a half years ago, I found you. I knew it was you. You are the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. But I had made the stupid mistake of letting you go. I hated myself for that. But right here right now, I am promising one thing to you. (both begin crying) As long as I live I will make you happier than anyone could intake in a lifetime. I will love you so much that no one in this world could experience. I want to grow old with you. I want to love you till the day I die.
(He turned the star presentation on and then kneels down.)
Rachel: Oh my God.
Ross: Rachel Karen Greene, look up.
(Rachel looks up and reads "will you marry me" written in the stars. While doing this Ross takes out the ring and presents it to her when she looks down.)
Ross: Will you marry me?
Rachel: (in tears) Yes.
(He puts the ring on her hand. He gets up and kisses her. The audience screams and shouts. He then picks up Emma and gives them a big hug. He then puts his head against Rachel's and whispers:)
Ross: Happy anniversary.

(Marta Kauffman David Crane Kevin Bright credits)

(We enter Monica and Chandler's apartment. Ross Rachel and Emma walk in.)
Ross: You are now looking at the newly engaged Mr. and Mrs. Ross Geller!
Everyone: Oh my God!
Phoebe: Let me see your hand. Uh, its beautiful.
Chandler: So are you guys thinking of a date yet?
Ross: Well we haven't decided yet but were going near the end of may.
Rachel: Like May 30th or 31st.
(Credits begin)
Ross: I love you.
Rachel: I love you too.
Phoebe: Damn it! Did I marry the wrong guy!