(It's Saturday. Around eleven. Monica walks into her apartment. She closes the door very slowly and quietly. She expects Chandler to be sleeping cause it's his day off. She takes off her coat and walks into their bedroom. He is indeed asleep. Yet snoring very loudly. She walks over to his side and kisses him on the forehead saying: )

Monica: Morning sweetie.

(Chandler then comes to, smiles half awake, mumbles speaking gibberish, and goes back to sleep snoring. Monica just rolls eyes. She then goes to the window and opens up the drapes and the sun shines on Chandler's face waking him up.)

Chandler: Ugh. ::gibberish gibberish..angry gibberish:: Mommy turn off the light! ::tossing and turning::
Monica: ::sits on bed:: Okay first of all, not your mommy, second of all--(laughing)--honey you have to get up.
Chandler: Ugh...I don't wanna....::groaning::
Monica: Come on. You have to go help out Joey today remember?
Chandler: Remind me, why again?
Monica: He has that really fancy date tonight?
Chandler: ::yawning:: Right wants me to take him shopping, find him a decent suit, and a tie. That isn't from the 1980's.
Monica: Yeah, where are they going?
Chandler: Rainbow Room.
Monica: Does Joey even have enough money to take Jamie there?
Chandler: Yeah.
Monica: Really? That's surprising.
Chandler: ::getting out of bed:: Not really, probably because of the fact that he got the money from me.

(Opening Credits)

(Chandler and Joey are at the men's store. Chandler is asleep on the couch waiting for Joey to come out of the dressing room. He twitches every other minute)

::Joey walks out of dressing room and slams door::
::Chandler wakes up scared and falls over on the floor::
Joey: What do you think of this one?
Chandler: Ignoring my concussion uh--well I don't know Joe, this is like the fiftieth suit you've tried on. This is exactly like shopping with Monica. EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING SHE TRIES ON SHE ASKS ME IF SHE LOOKS FAT. What is the big deal about tonight anyway?
Joey: It's our anniversary.
Chandler: ::yawning:: How many months?
Joey: Umm ::starts to count on fingers:: Oh yeah about two maybe two and a half.
Chandler: ::eyes widen:: What? You've gone TWO months with just one woman?
Joey: Yeah. Doesn't feel like it though.
Chandler: By now you would've slept with.....At least ten girls.
Joey: ::smiling:: Yep, but uh not this time.
Chandler: Aw, my little Joe's growing up. ::acting emotional:: Oh my God, this is the biggest moment of your life! Seriously though well done Joe. Well done. Wait--when exactly do we get to meet this girl?
Joey: You want me to bring her today after dinner?
Chandler: Yes! I wanna meet the girl that's making my boy happy.
Joey: Aha. ::looks in mirror:: So what do you think about this? Feels nice. Nice cut, snug.
Chandler: Okay okay okay let's just get that and get outta here now you sound like Ross!

(Joey ran into the dressing room to get changed. The scene then faded to Ross and Rachel's apartment. They walk in talking about their appointment with Dr. Morgan, carrying grocery bags. Rachel set them down on the floor with a sigh looked around and said:)

Rachel: Sweetie we really need to get rid of your dinosaur toys.
Ross: They aren't toys, they are miniature figures used for learning and--But why?
Rachel: Honey, you've had them forever you need to let go of them sometime. Dr. Morgan thinks they are very dangerous for the kids.
Ross: ::picking up small dinosaurs:: Okay. I'll sell them on eBay...
Rachel: Thank you. Now let's put away these groceries, and what are we going to name the baby?
Ross: ::smiling:: Ross Jr.?
Rachel: That will be our alternative. Let's think of other names. So, what are you thinking?

(They both bring the bags into the kitchen talking)

Ross: I don't know. Oooh, what about Leon?
Rachel: Noooo, Luke?
Ross: Eh, Myron?
Rachel: No, Aaron?
Ross: Middle name.
Rachel: Okay, you can pick the first name then.
Ross: Yes. Um. ::opening cupboards:: Steven?
Rachel: That's nice. What else?
Ross: Christopher?
Rachel: (speaking from inside the fridge) Oh, I like that. Christopher Aaron Geller. ::closing fridge door::

(She walked up to Ross wrapping her arms around his neck. Knowing what she was doing he had an immediate response)

Ross: She's awake sweetie.
Rachel: ::letting go:: Okay. I guess I'll just be alone...On the couch...

(But before she could finish that whole statement Ross' had dropped all groceries in his hand and swept her up. He rolled her onto the couch. Fooled around for a few minutes. Then Rachel stopped. As if listening to something, even though nothing could be heard. Ross looked at her, waiting for a response)

Ross: What's wrong?
Rachel: Something's not right...
Ross: What?
Rachel: I don't know. I just had the feeling of something. Something
Ross: Like you forgot something?
Rachel: No....Like something's going to happen..I--I don't know how to explain it. Just forget about it.
Ross: What sweetie?
Rachel: ::sitting up:: nothing. Just--forget it.

(She starts walking into their kitchen)

Ross: Seriously Rach, what's up?
Rachel: (angrily) Drop it Ross. Forget I said anything.

(She walked into the kitchen putting the rest of the groceries away, and the plastic bags. Ross just watched her from the doorway of the kitchen with his arms folded. After she was done, she turned around.)

Rachel: What
Ross: ::smiling:: Nothing.
Rachel: Oh my God. Are we going to do this? Seriously? What? What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Ross: ::smiling:: Nothin'. I'm just standing here. Looking at you.
Rachel: Ross just tell me. I don't want to play your stupid game of where you try to manipulate me to get what you want okay? So what. What do you want? You know what I'm not gonna listen to you okay? You can try to get to me all you want but it's not happening.
Ross: Okay.

(He walks out of the kitchen and stands at least two feet in front of the door. He looks at his watch counting down)

Ross: Five, four, three, two, and one?

(Right as he said one Rachel ran out and jumped on his back holding on by his neck. He was laughing and she practically choked him to death. She finally brought him down pinning him to the floor. He was laughing hysterically)

Ross: ::smiling:: You really want to know that bad don't you?
Rachel: ::breathing hard:: Don't know how you do it, but it seems to work every time. Now what is it? Why were you looking at me like that?
Ross: Okay you really want to know? Tell me yours first.
Rachel: God. I don't see why you want to know so bad.
Ross: I'm your husband now. It's my job sweetie.
Rachel: All it was, was that--I have a bad feeling about today. I don't know how or why. Something bad will happen.

(They just lied there for minutes, talking)

Ross: It's just a feeling sweetie. Doesn't mean anything.
Rachel: Still. Anyway, your turn.
Ross: Okay. I was thinking in my head, why a guy like me, and how a guy like me, won over a girl like you. I can only be so lucky can I?
Rachel: What a load of crap. I can believe you thinking about that, but I can't believe you would believe that. I know you don't believe that. But, I must admit, sweet thing to say.

(They both laugh and then she kisses him. The scene fades to Chandler and Monica. Monica walks in. Chandler just stares at her.)

Chandler: (angrily) Where have you been? Your two hours late. I cooked us a late lunch and everything.
Monica: Honey, I'm sorry, I loss track of time.
Chandler: I was calling and calling and calling you.
Monica: I know, I'm so, so, sorry honey.
Chandler: I was worried sick where and who were you with?
Monica: I was out.
Chandler: With?
Monica: Richard.
Chandler: (angrily) What?
Monica: We just had lunch and we were talking and catching up with stuff and I I just lost track of time sweetie.
Chandler: You were with Richard? I can't BELIEVE THIS. WHY WHY were you out with him?
Monica: Because Chandler! He is my friend okay? I like hanging out with my friends.
Chandler: He's RICHARD. Your ex-boyfriend-mustache man-RICHARD. Monica, how, how could you do this to me?
Monica: Do what to you Chandler? I haven't done anything. You know all I've done? I've had lunch with a good friend. I don't see him in that way anymore.
Chandler: It's not you Monica! It's him! He's obviously not over you! Can't you see that he can't keep away from you?!?
Monica: Do you not trust me? How could you not trust me Chandler? Your WIFE. How can you still be jealous of him?
Chandler: Monica you don't get it! The only reason why he's staying friends with you is so he can just try to win you back over!
Monica: How could you even say that? Chandler, he is just a friend! He's not trying to steal me away from you! Yeah he probably does still love me. But up to a certain extent Chandler. He wouldn't try to deprive me of my happiness just so he can get his way. If you don't get that, then what are we doing?

(short pause)

Monica: You know what, I'm gonna take a drive. I need to uh--I can't be around you right now. ::grabbing keys and coat::
Chandler: Look Mon--
Monica: I can't keep having this same fight over and over and over again Chandler. I'll be back when you get some good sense into your mind.
Chandler: Mon--!

(Door slammed shut)

Chandler: ::kicks chair:: damn it. ::sigh::

(He leaves the apartment and the scene fades to Ross and Rachel's apartment. Rachel is asleep across Ross' lap while he pets her head. He is watching TV with the baby monitor on the side table. Then comes a knock on the door. Rachel wakes up looking at Ross, he goes to open it and it's Chandler)

Ross: Hey man, what's up?
Chandler: ::walking in:: Me and Mon had a fight.
Rachel: (Sleepily) What? What on Earth did you do now?

(Rachel and Chandler did most of the talking. Ross just sat listening)

Chandler: It was about Richard.
Ross: ::Turning off TV:: You--Your kidding me right? Again?
Chandler: She had lunch with him today and was late for dinner. I was worried. So when she came home--
Ross and Rachel: (Unison) You blew up on her.
Chandler: No...
(They gave him a look)
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: (whimpering) Ow Chandler, Chandler, Chandler, Chand-ler! Were you yelling at her for the fact that she was with Richard, or the fact that she was late, or because the fact that she was late be-cause she was with Richard?
Chandler: (Innocently) The third one.
Rachel: Chandler, you can't keep doing this.
Chandler: I know! ::sigh:: I know. It's just--I can't--I don't wanna--::bowing head::
Rachel: ::grabbing his hand:: Chandler? You need to listen to me okay?
(He rose up his head)
Rachel: You cannot tell Monica I told you this okay? This was a secret between me and her. She never told anyone else. I remember, this one time, probably about two years ago, Me and Mon were at your guy's place. You were at work or at hanging out with Joey and Ross or something. And me and her were sitting in the kitchen and we were talking. It was random but I--I asked her when she knew you were, you know, the "one". And she said to me--She said, "Longer than you think". I looked at her for a second. Then she said, "I remember it was one of the nights a while after me and Chandler had gotten together and we were lying down in bed. Chandler was asleep but I was still awake. He was holding me in this--kind of--embrace. His arms were wrapped around me in this--different way. Unlike how Richard used to hug me. It was a comfort I--hadn't-felt before. It was warm, and somehow I felt this sense of security. It felt right. And that's when I had the idea, that he was, meant for me." (She ended it smiling patting his hand)
Chandler: Wow. She's never told me about that.
Rachel: There are certain things husbands and wives talk to each other about. Same goes for best friends.
Ross: What haven't you told me sweetie?
Rachel: (quickly) You don't need to know.
Chandler: What about you Rach? When did you know Ross was "The One"?
Rachel: Ah, same for me. Except it was the first time we ever--. Yeah. But, you see? She compared Richard to you! Do you see how much she loves you?
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: You don't have to be jealous Chandler. They are just friends. Now you go home and call her. Make things right.
Chandler: Thanks Rach.

(He gives her hand a tight squeeze and runs out of the apartment. Rachel falls back on the couch, in a kind of relief and sighs. He grabs her hand and rests his head against hers.)

Ross: Did well sweetie. You did really well.
Rachel: Aw, thanks sweetie. ::getting off couch:: Still not telling you.
Ross: Oh, you will.
Rachel: How? You gonna make me?
Ross: ::getting up:: Something around that central idea.

(Ross starts to follow Rachel)

Rachel: Sweetie.

(He starts to slowly chase her across the living room then they get faster and faster. They jump over furniture and everything he finally catches her and takes her down)

Rachel: (laughing) Sweetie, we can't do this now! Emma's sleeping. Remember? We can't do this silently!
Ross: Come on. You know you want to. The door's closed, we have the monitor on.
Rachel: Fine. (Kisses him) ::getting up:: But you haven't won a race since the ninth grade so.

(After that statement Ross got "mad" and started to chase her around again. The scene then fades back to Monica's apartment. Chandler's holding the phone. He then dials Monica's phone. She picks up.)

Chandler: Mon?
Monica: Hi sweetie.
Chandler: Look, I uh-- I'm sorry. About everything. And your right, were married and there should be no reason to be jealous. That stupid mustache man could never steal you away.
Monica: Ha. Now there is the man I married. I love you.
Chandler: I love you too. Well since lunch is ruined I'll cook dinner instead. Please come home. I need you just in case I accidentally burn the apartment down. Ha.
Monica: Don't worry I'm on my wa---CRASH
Chandler: (In panic) Mon? Mon can you hear me? Mon? ::hangs up the phone:: Damn it.

(Ten minutes goes by and the telephone rings.)

Chandler: ::answers phone:: The Bing residence Chandler Bing speaking?
Nurse: Mr. Bing? I'm from St. Vincent's your wife Mrs. Bing was in a car accident. We rushed her here and she's in E.R. right now.
Chandler: Thank you, Thank you very much. ::hangs up phone::

(He then calls Ross' phone. Ross and Rachel were still chasing each other. [[Except this time Rachel had taken Ross' shirt and was wearing it.]] Ross finally caught Rachel and they both fell on the couch rolling then on the floor)

Ross: Oh, that's gonna hurt tomorrow! ::groaning::
Chandler: Come on, come on, pick up, pick up.

(The phone rang and Ross yelled from the floor)

Ross: (jokingly) Son of a bitch! What does he want now?

(Rachel got up from the floor)

Rachel: ::picking up phone:: (Laughing) Hello?
Chandler: Rach, listen Rach--

(She was distracted by Ross)

Rachel: Sweetie--::laughing::--shut up!
Chandler:--Monica was in a car accident.
(She stopped laughing)
Rachel: What?
Chandler: She's at St. Vincent's right now. Let Ross know and come down there.
Rachel: Okay, bye.

(Ross gets up off the floor. He's wearing his undershirt)

Ross: Who was that sweetie?
Rachel: (she goes around the apartment picking up her clothes) It was Chandler. Monica was in a car accident.
Ross: What?
Rachel: She's at St. Vincent's. Go grab Emma ,just put on her coat and shoes. I'll get the baby bag and I'll meet you in the car.
Ross: What about our clothes?
Rachel: Oh, just put on a new shirt I'll just wear yours and put on my pants.
Ross: Okay. So you wearing my clothes and bossing me around now?
Rachel: ::grabbing purse and keys:: Yeah, do we have a problem with that or?
Ross: No, No, sweetie, I'm just making sure were one the same page.

(The scene fades and we enter the hospital. Chandler rushes in and goes to the front desk asking for Monica. He fills out forms and waits for either the doctor or the rest of the gang to come. Ross and Rachel come only minutes later, scared and panicked.)

Ross: Did they say anything yet?
Chandler: No.
Rachel: Where are the kids?
Chandler: At home with Jack and Judy.
Rachel: So what happened? I thought you called her?
Chandler: I did called her and apologized. We were talking and then suddenly I hear this crash. She stopped talking and I got scared. I went out to look for her and came back when the hospital had called me.
Rachel: Oh God.
Chandler: ::pointing at Rachel's clothes:: What's up--Why--do I wanna know?
Ross and Rachel: (unison) No you really don't.

(It had been almost five hours before the doctor taking care of Monica came out)

Dr. Johnson: Chandler Bing?
Chandler: Yes?
Dr. Johnson: Monica is out of the operating room now. She is under heavy medication and resting. The accident seemed to be that someone had ran a red light and they hit Monica. Luckily the only serious thing is that she has a broken wrist. She has some cuts on her arms and hands and only one her face. Though that is normal. Everything's fine. She's very lucky.

(By the look on their faces you could sense a mood of relief)

You may see her now but she will be asleep. She will be for quite a while. Down that hall to the left.

(They all look at each other then begin to walk to her room. When they make it to her room they see her through the window. She's scratched up and bruised everywhere. Her left hand is wrapped in a cast while some other parts of her body are bandaged. They all walk into the room. Chandler then walks over to the side of her bed and kneels down on one knee)

Chandler: ::grabbing her hand:: I'm sorry. ::bowing head:: I'm so sorry.
Rachel: Chandler, why are you apologizing this isn't your fault. A dumb driver ran a red light. This has nothing to do with you, it wasn't your fault--
Chandler: Rach you don't get it. It's my fault she went out driving in the first place. If I didn't blow up on her--She wouldn't be like this.
Ross: Chandler, are you the one who ran the red light? Did you make the driver run that red light? If you didn't this isn't your fault.
Chandler: It is. Partly.
Ross: Chandler, stop it okay--?
Chandler: Just listen! Okay? Just listen to me for a sec okay? Just picture yourself in my situation right now. Imagine...You had a fight with Rachel okay? Which you usually do anyway.
Ross: Hey!
Rachel: You know it's true. We always fight. First either you or me says something, the other disagrees or makes a statement, we start fighting, and then you stop talking, I get mad and ask 'what?' and then you manipulate me into telling you whatever I may have said, then I end up telling you and then you kiss me.
Chandler: Every day routine man. I've seen it happen, at least twice, EVERY DAY.
Rachel: And that exact situation happened earlier.
Ross: Yeah well--Screw it. You were saying?
Chandler: Well let's say it didn't go like that okay? After you fought, instead of what you usually do she storms out. And at the very moment you apologize to her over the phone, she gets into a car accident. It's sorta your fault in two ways: One if you never blew up on her she would've never left. Two: If you hadn't called to apologize over the phone, she wouldn't have lost focus on driving. Now this is totally your fault. But at least, that didn't really happened to you, no, no, it happened to me! I told you this is all my fault. ::sighs::
Rachel: Chandler, no it's not! You keep putting this guilt on your shoulders when you don't have to. Okay? Monica was the one who chose to leave. You arguing with her didn't help her make the decision. Monica chose to leave because of Monica. She wanted to sort out things. And it was the stupid driver who hit her not you. Monica can also multi-task. She can talk on the phone and drive at the same time. I've seen her do it. So don't go around blaming yourself for this. Blame the one who did this to her. Whoever was in that other car.

(Richard walks in)

Richard: How bad is she hurt?
(All heads turn. Audience oohs. Chandler lets go of Monica's hand and stands up)
Chandler: What do you want?

(The scene fades to a hallway, Joey is walking up to a door. In one of his hands he's carrying a bouquet full of roses. He knocks waiting for response. Jamie opens the door)

Joey: Hey, ::kisses her:: and these are for you.

(He gave her the flowers and walked in she walked into the kitchen to put them away. Her name is Jamie Christine Johnson. She's about thirty five or thirty six. She's a very pretty woman. Beautiful. Light brown hair, and hazel eyes. She's an elementary teacher at a school nearby. Anyway Joey walked in and sat down. She came out again with her stuff ready to go)

Jamie: Ready?
Joey: ::getting up:: Yeah. Okay so were gonna go out to eat, watch a movie then we head over to Monica and Chandler's. They are really excited to meet you.
Jamie: Really? I hope I make a good impression.
Joey: Okay here are some pointers: Clean up after yourself or Monica will kill you. Laugh at all Chandler's jokes. If Ross and Rachel are there, listen to any of Ross' boring stories, talk to Rachel, she is easily impressed...And Phoebe you can just ignore her, she's happy for me. At least, I think that's what she said....Anyway let's go.

(The scene then fades back to St. Vincent's)

Richard: I just wanted to see her.
Chandler: Yeah I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be here.

(Chandler's voice was cold. Sharp and cold)

Richard: I'm good friends with Monica. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind me being here.
Chandler: Oh yeah, she won't, but I do.
Ross: How'd you even know to come here--no, no, how did you even know she was in an accident? Your a stalker aren't you?
Richard: No! No. It's--be-cause, I'm--I'm the one who hit her.

(They all responded right after each other)

Ross: (Angrily) What?
Rachel: (Angrily) What?
Chandler: (Angrily) What? You were the one that hit her? You ran the red light? You?
Ross: (whispers to Chandler) You know he has a name right?

(Rachel pulled him away from Chandler)

Richard: I'm sorry---
Chandler: Yeah well sorry isn't good enough. Look at what you've done. (Angrily) Look at what you've done to her!
Ross: Richard, I--uh--I really don't think you should be here right now.
Rachel: If you care about Monica, just--keep your distance from her okay? Just for now until--
Richard: I--I'm sorry. There's nothing else I can say. If there's anything that I can help with--
Chandler: I think you've done enough.

(Richard walked away, in acceptance of his wrong
and while he had done so, Dr. Johnson had walked in)

Dr. Johnson: May I come in?

(Chandler's voice was tense and stressed like)

Chandler: Of course.
Dr. Johnson: When Monica had first come here we checked everything. We did every test possible. For, we have no record of her history. And something occurred when I did one of the tests.
Chandler: Yes?
Dr. Johnson: I found that--Monica--She's pregnant.

(A smile grew on Dr. Johnson's face however Ross and
Rachel just stared at Chandler's face. He was in shock)

Chandler: I'm--I'm sorry? Did you guys hear that? Am I--? Yeah um. How is that possible?
Dr. Johnson: What do you mean?
Chandler: Me and Monica can't have kids. She has an in-something environment and I have low stuff...?
Dr. Johnson: You can have kids Chandler. You guys just had a slight chance. A very slight chance. Almost impossible. However, that chance has been broken. Congratulations. Monica can go home tonight. Just make sure she rests her hand. When she wakes up, we'll cut off the medication. Actually we'll do that now. Just let me get the nurse. I'll need help. I'll be back.

(He smiled and walked out of the room)

Chandler: Oh my God.
Rachel: Congratulations sweetie.
Ross: Good job man. You guys did it.
Chandler: ::sitting down:: Ha, thanks guys.....
Ross: What's wrong?
Chandler: Nothing. Nothing it's just, it's a weird feeling-knowing your going to have a kid....Knowing, that it will be yours..knowing he or she's gonna look like you....It's a weird feeling...It's strange to me..Never felt it before....But I--I like it.
Rachel: ::crying:: Uh, I'm so happy for you guys.
Chandler: You gonna be okay Rach?
Rachel: ::wiping her face and sniffling:: Oh yeah, I'll be fine.
Ross: (whispers to Chandler) If Rach is like this already, I'm afraid what it's gonna be like when Mon finds out. ::his eyes widen::
Chandler: She'll end up choking to death.

(Dr. Johnson had walked in with the nurse and they removed all the treatments. Then Dr. Johnson woke her up)

Dr. Johnson: Monica? Monica?

(Her eyes opened)

Dr. Johnson: You can go home now.

(She couldn't speak much. Her voice sounded hoarse)

Dr. Johnson: She'll be in a little pain for a few days. Here's some Ibuprofen. Pain killer. For her wrist. Two tablets every eight hours if needed. Make sure she eats something before taking them.

(Chandler took the medication)

Come back on Friday. I need to check her bandages and replace them if we need to. And also come back on the eighteenth for your sonogram.

(Even though she was weak she could still hear. Her
eyes were bloodshot. When she spoke, she spoke as if forcing something out of her mouth)

Monica: I'm--sorry--wh--aht?
Dr. Johnson: Chandler, I'll give you the honor of telling her, I must be on my way anyway. I have a patient on the third floor who is peeing like crazy. It's chaotic. We like have no time to rush him to the bathroom so we just have him under a bucket right now...Well I'll be on my way.

(He left the room and closed the door)

Monica: What's going on?
Chandler: Honey, your pregnant.
Monica: How?
Chandler: They did tests on you and they found out you were. They did an ultrasound and everything.
Monica: Oh my God. Oh my God. Were having a baby? Were having a baby!

(Chandler went to go hug Monica. Ross and Rachel just stood by watching them and how happy they were. They left after everything was taken care of. They came home happy. Monica was still bandaged but she was able to walk. She just couldn't use her left hand. They all went inside and relaxed in some way. Monica checked on the twins while Rachel put Emma in their bedroom. Judy and Jack left as soon as they came home. They talked to Monica asking her how she was. When she told them she was pregnant, they went ballistic. Judy was in tears by the time she left. Then Chandler and Monica laid back on the couch while Ross and Rachel shared a chair. They were finally resting. They were talking about the baby when Phoebe, Joey and Jamie walked in. Seeing the bandages on Monica's arms and face they all went into panic)

Joey: Oh my God Mon!?! What happened?
Chandler: I'm sorry I didn't call you guys earlier. I knew you were busy. But Monica got into a car accident. She's fine. She just has some bruises and cuts. But we found good news out of all this.
Phoebe: What?
Monica: I'm pregnant.
Phoebe and Joey: Oh my God!! That's great!
Joey: Aw, I'm so happy for you guys. Oh and I would all like you to meet, Jamie. Jamie this is everybody. That's Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, you've already met Phoebe. But yeah guys this is Jamie.

(They talked for hours. Everyone loved her. She was perfect. After Joey dropped her off at her apartment and came back they all started talking about her)

Joey: So? What do you guys think? Joey material?
All: Definitely. She's perfect Joe.
Joey: Oh thank God. It means a lot to me guys. I'm glad you all like her. This has been such a great day. You two are pregnant, I'm in a serious relationship, this day couldn't get any better.
Chandler: ::going to fridge:: It CAN Joe.

(Chandler took out kiwi-lime pie for everyone. Joey's eyes were practically headlights)
Joey: YES!

(End credits)

Chandler: Was the pie good Joe?
Joey: Very. So you guys really like her?
Ross: Oh my God Joey If you say that one more time I will take a permanent marker and write it on your forehead. YES, we like her.
Joey: Really?
Ross: Really.
Joey: (teasing) Really, really?
Ross: Shut up! NOW.
Joey: Looks like someone's jealous cause they didn't get pie.
Ross: I'm not jealous, if I eat that I die.
Joey:...........You almost had me there!

(They all Roll their eyes)

(Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane credits)