Friends Google pays tribute to Friends with character Easter eggs, favorite ?

Pick one:
Ross / Clicking on that triggers a soundbite of Ross yelling "Pivot!"
Rachel / you’ll be brought to a Google image search of “The Rachel“ haircut
Phoebe / black cat pops up on the screen, and Phoebe sings "Smelly Cat “
Chandler / you’ll see the duck and the chick from the famous season 3 episode
Monica / Click the soap bucket icon and a sponge will wash Monica’s name
Joey / you’ll see some of Joey’s favorite foods pop up on the screen
&# 34; Friends glossary&# 34;/ calls up some lingo from the...
"Friends glossary"/ calls up some lingo from the show, such as "transponster"
 laurik2007 posted 1 month ago
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