Beep, beep, beep. I groaned and rolled over, hand searching aimlessly for the button that would cease the infernal racket. My fingers encountered the hard edge of the alarm clock and in one quick movement, tossed it to the floor. Unfortunately, the beeping continued. I sat up and looked around the room groggily. A dim light was shining through my curtains and I could hear the birds starting their off-tune orchestra.
I turned my blurry vision to the fallen clock and noted the time: 7:30. "Crap" I yelled, shoving the remains of popcorn and chips off my lap and trying to stand up. I'd fallen asleep in my jeans and they'd tangled in my sheets causing me to crash onto the floor. Karma from my clock. Fantastic. I unwraped my legs and stood up, surveying the room. The television was still blaring, there was a mixture of fast food scattered on the floor and on my bed and my window was open, an icy draught coming in.
Spinning around, I ambled over to the wardrobe, having decided against wearing the white singlet I'd worn to bed.I pulled out the first thing I laid my hands on; a red long-sleeved t-shirt with black straps over the shoulder area. I shucked the singlet and replaced it with the shirt, fairly sure that my jeans would suffice. I jumped over to my desk and scrambled together my books and notes before shoving them as one into my black rucksack.
A quick glance over at my clock(still on the floor) told me I had five minutes to get out the door or I'd miss my bus. Cursing under my breath, I wrenched open the door and took the stairs two at a time to the kitchen. My mom and dad had already gone to work, they trusted me to get out of the house in time, but there was a glass of juice and a muesli bar on the table. I downed the juice, took two seconds to recover from the brain-freeze before pocketing the bar and racing to the door. I sprinted down the street, my sneakers barely absorbing the impact, and skidding to a halt at the stop.
A bus soon came huffing and puffing up the street, even better, in all of town today was the day the school sent out the bus from the eighteenth century. It wheezed to a stop and I climbed up. And froze. The entire football time were lounging at the back of the bus, arms around the cheerleaders who wouldn't even bother to glance at a homeless person never mind me. Patrick was the worst, he liked nothing better than to make my life worse than a living hell. His friend Chad used to drive him and the worst offenders to school in his new convertable but they crashed it last week and now had to take the bus...with me. "Hurry up kid, I can't wait all day" grumbled the bus driver, sticking a meaty arm out to push me along the aisle. I almost lost my footing and grabbed the rail for support. I tried to regain balance but suddenly my feet were knocked out from under me by a quick, hard kick. I fell flat on my face and rolled onto my back, teeth gritted with pain. "Watch your step there Evil" jeered Chad, peeering around one of the cheerleader's pom poms which they seemed to carry everywher. "Yeah, we don't want to get nerd on the nice clean floor do we?" laughed Patrick as I stood up and hurried to my seat, cheeks burning.
What I would give to be the one to put Patrick Stevenson and Chad Ford in their places. I wasn't really a nerd, sure I got good grades and all that but that wasn't the reason people picked on me. No, people picked on me because they thought I was well...evil. Hence the derogatory nickname. You see, I was a little different from other people. I loved all things macarbe and despite my sane mind I came off slightly crazy. I had a speed freak laugh and a really wide smile as well as hair that seemed to be constantly static. I loved horror movies, serial killers and was interested in the occult. I was also short and rather skinny which is why I was beaten up as well as picked on. Fun eh?
A smelly gym sock sailed through the air and hit me in the face. I looked up and saw Patrick laughing and pointing. I flicked it away. If only Patrick had known what a foul fate was to befall him he would never have dared messed with "Evil" Ed.