Just an idea of what Luna could look like...
I lowered my gaze to my paper and checked out the first question "How many trigonometric ratios are there"? I racked my brain and came up with an answer. There were 6 ratios. Grinning, I bent my head over the page and set to work. The quiz was easy; every question was multiple choice and it was simply a process of elimination. Finally, I reached the last question. It wasn't multiple choice and it looked tricky. In bold letters it said "What is the radian measurement of 45 degrees"? I gulped and checked the clock. I had five minutes left.
Glancing over at Charley, I spotted him staring at his paper, mouth open in shock. He hadn't even started. I fought back a smirk and turned my head to my paper. Soon enough I figured out that the answer was (PI)/4. I stretched my hands above my head and relaxed. I still had two minuted to go and I turned back around to Charley who still had his jaw almost hitting the ground.
"Okay, time's up folks" announced Mr Smith as he hobbled around, collecting papers. "But I-" started Charley as our wizened teacher snatched up his paper. "No excuses Brewster" he snapped as he moved onto the next desk". "Yeah Brewster, no excuses" I mimicked, earning a faceful of Charley's notes. Sniggering, I turned around and fixed my eyes on the chalkboard. Mr Smith was back at his desk, all of the quizzes neatly stacked in front of him.
There was a soft knock at the door. I looked over and felt my face turn bright red. It was Luna. Luna was a girl who was in the year below me and as soon as she stepped inside the school gates, I had been completely in love with her. She had soft, white-blond hair that she dyed with black streaks and pure green eyes. Her skin was like porcelin and her eyelashes were long and a deep black. She was also a bit shorter than me, which was rare for girls, who usually towered over my small frame. She was thin and usually wore clothes to show it. Black and pink seemed to be her main colours and she liked to break the social codes by adding skulls. She was an outcast. Just like me.
"Sorry Mr Smith" she said shyly "Ms Candice told me to bring you these". She stepped forward, her pink combat boats hitting the floor heavily. "Thank you Miss Blackthorn. I've been waiting on these new charts for a long time. I was very impressed with your exam results! Mabye you could tutor a few of my students" he replied taking the small package from her arms and making a point of staring at Charley. She blushed at the compliment and her eyes flashed up to mine. She went even redder and hurried out the door.I sighed and stared at that door for the rest of the lesson.
Mr Smith handed back our pop quizzes as the bell rang. I got a perfect score and quickly tucked my paper into my pocket to avoid my nerd image from inflating. Charley wouldn't show me his result but the angry look on his face said it all.
"Thank you Mr Smith, have a good weekend" I called as Charley and me made our way outside. "Alright" I heard his vague reply. Good old Mr Smith was already immersed in his algebra charts. "That bastard!" Charley exclaimed as we got out of ear-shot "Why didn't he tell us he was gonna spring a pop quiz"? I looked at his paper and began to laugh "Well that's the point to a pop quiz Brewster: to surprise you"! He glared at me. "Thanks teach" he replied sarcastically. Just then I felt someone push past us. It was Amy.