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Fringe Fan Clubs On Fanpop ~ A Guide To All The Fringe-Related Spots On Fanpop

Guide by misanthrope86 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
To avoid duplicates and to help with club promotion, I thought I would gather up all the Fringe clubs on Fanpop in one big list.

So here they are:

Fringe (duh)

Characters ~
Olivia Dunham
Walter Bishop
Peter Bishop
Astrid Farnsworth
Charlie Francis
William Bell
Sam Weiss
Ella Dunham
Lincoln Lee
The Observers
Phillip Broyles
Nina Sharp

Relationships ~
Peter & Walter
Peter & Olivia
Astrid & Walter
Alternate Olivia & Lincoln
Peter & Altlivia

Actors ~
Anna Torv (plays Olivia Dunham)
John Noble (plays Walter Bishop)
Joshua Jackson (plays Peter Bishop)
Seth Gabel (plays Lincoln Lee)
Kevin Corrigan (plays Sam Weiss)
Leonard Nimoy (plays William Bell)
Orla Brady (plays Elizabeth Bishop)
Anna Torv & Joshua Jackson
Georgina Haig (plays Henrietta Bishop)

If I have missed any (possible since not all of these clubs were easy to find... Give spots proper keywords when you make them people!), just comment and I'll add them. Also, if any new Fringe clubs pop up, please comment here, just in case I miss them. Thanks!
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joe655 said:
There is so much that you can get from this fan club. They have done such a great job with it. The options are endless with this. fundraising ideas
posted over a year ago.
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You forgot Nina Sharp
posted over a year ago.
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There wasn't one at the time of making the article and no one told be about the club until now.
posted over a year ago.