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Review by Dadog5 posted over a year ago
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Okay so just as a warning I am just going to blabber 'bout random stuff on fringe.
Last episode on Fringe, season 2:
First I screamed really loudly when Olivia and Peter kissed!
I was beyond happy that they both know they like each other!
Then I screamed again when they showed the real Olivia trapped by Bad Walter! I really really really hate him!
The bad walter, not the good one. I like the good one, that's why he's the ' good one ' XD.

Peter and Olivia:
For a while into the first season, I didn't really think much 'bout the two of 'em. Then once it got closer to the end of the first season.
( and me being who I am) I started realizing some things 'bout them. And from then on I was secretly wishing that something would happen to the both of them.

UGH when I read that it doesn't start till september, I freaked!
Or as you could say, I screamed.
I mean why so long?! I hope August goes by in a flash!
Opinion by delena4life posted over a year ago
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Okay so in the last episode Peter and Walter were trying to stop some mystery man from the other side from crossing over. Later it turns out he did cross over but they're being awfully mysterious as to the identity of this guy. I'm thinking it's the Walter from the other side and he found out his son is still alive and well on our side!!!! This will cause even more friction between Peter and our Walter because Peter will be forced to pick between his real father or the man that raised him!

Just my opinion but let me know what y'all think!
Opinion by sfj posted over a year ago
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A lot of discussion has been made since the begging of the second season of FRINGE concerning the ratings of the show! Some people even stated the possibility that FRINGE might be cancelled due to its low(...!? -ahh...ok) ratings. However as J.J. Abraams stated, FOX has been very supportive to the show!

Well, if you aske me, it is certain that for the past few weeks this "case-of-the-week" formula that the show had became a bit tiring! FRINGE certainly has a main story line and i'm sure that all the Fans wanted to see more developement around that!

Episode 2x15 "Jacksonville" was an awsome episode because it actually gave a huge development around the main story line of the show!

Olivia (Anna Torv) is now aware of Peter's (Joshua Jackson) Origin. Walter (John Noble) is about to tell the truth to Olivia (Episode 2x16 "Peter") and we'll get to know how did all happen and in what way William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) and Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) were involved.