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The fans pick: Both
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She's okay
The fans pick: This movie will be way better than Tangled.
This movie will be way better than Tangled.
I think it will be just as good as Tangled.
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WinterFirefly said …
Hey everyone~ I see that the people I used to hang out with are gone from this club now...
So, I'd like to meet the lovely new people :3
Heya~ My name is Holly and I've been Fanpopping since December 2013. I have a lot of fandoms, mostly Disney and about The Legend of Zelda (it's a nice game, why not try THEM out)

Okie that's me :3 Would you care to introduce yourself, please? Posted 11 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
hi! im 11 years old! but i dont think my parents would let me say my name....sorry! i have been fanpopping since april 2015! and yes im SUPER new to all this. but i know a lot about fanpop already... i think! LOL! but nice to meet you! 10 days ago
Ariana_Grande27 commented…
Me to I'm new .lot.ol,o. L?l.l.olp 5 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
LOL, right............. im actually 11! 1 day ago
Simmeh said …
HEY! HEY LISTEN! Posted 15 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
HEY!HEY!LISTEN! what?? 15 days ago
WinterFirefly commented…
Is it just me or I remember Navi from Zelda... I think it's just me. 14 days ago
Simmeh commented…
@WinterFirefly Yes! XD 13 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
sorry, did i miss something? 13 days ago
WinterFirefly said …
I'm baaack! I miss you guys so much :3 What's been happening? Posted 18 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
uh, where have you been? i dont even know you........does anyone here? wait are you the maker of this club? 17 days ago
Simmeh commented…
They're my mom. 15 days ago
Elsafrost11 commented…
oh, nice to meet you too, WinterFirefly! i a kinda recent........ 13 days ago