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sexy annnnnnnnnnnna
My Elsa Drawing
Frozen screencap
Frozen screencap
Frozen screencap
Frozen screencap
Frozen screencap
Frozen screencap
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The fans pick: I like him.
I like him.
I really like him.
The fans pick: Asabala2
The fans pick: I love him.
I love him.
I really like him.
The fans pick: I hate him.
I hate him.
I love him.
The fans pick: I really like him.
I really like him.
I like him.
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candycake5320 said …
<a href="" title="Free spellcasting" name="Free spellcasting"><img src="" alt="Free spellcasting" title="Free spellcasting" />
Free spellcasting</a> Posted 1 day ago
hirohamada said …
hi everyone, what do you think if we have Frozen Character of the Month? each month, we're gonna have a certain character that we'll have polls and games about her/him. Posted 4 days ago
WinterFirefly commented…
Great idea! But, once we run out of characters... I wouldn't like a whole pack of polls and quizzes about Bulda and the Trolls... :/ 3 days ago
3xZ commented…
^LOLz! Of course we won't XD Make it like in Disney Princess club. We used to have Princess of the Month and we included the songs and couples. 3 days ago
hirohamada commented…
not exactly, there's still Sven and Anna's parents. ;) and like 3xZ said, we can include songs or couples or perhaps you have more suggestion ideas? trolls or villains (including duke weselton + marshmallow + other "bad" guys)? 2 days ago
WinterFirefly said …
I want a cardboard cutout of the characters in my room... dunno why, but I feel like I need it xD Posted 5 days ago
emerald_32 commented…
You're not the only one. xD 5 days ago
WinxStellaStar commented…
Same...xD I'd like a BIG Frozen poster too. :D 4 days ago