Anna & Rapunzel
I will be comparing Anna and Rapunzel. I will break their designs down, so I can compare different features. Now keep in mind that I am a straight guy who loves Disney, so if my opinions, or descriptions aren’t that good then I apologize.

Number 1 - The Eyes:


As you can see, Rapunzel and Anna have surprisingly different eyes. Rapunzel’s eyes and more round, and have a pointed finish, whereas Anna has more square-shaped eyes. Anna has bigger and darker eyelashes than Rapunzel as well, and the color is obviously different. Rapunzel’s eyes are more suddle, and Anna’s are striking.

Number 2 - The Eyebrows:


Now the eyebrows are a bit harder to talk about; the image I chose is not the best, but Rapunzel’s eye brows are (usually) thinner than Anna’s. Anna has thicker eyebrows.

Number 3 - The nose, mouth, and face:


Anna’s nose is a very circular, button-type nose. Rapunzel’s is more realistic looking, it is pointier compared to Anna. The mouths are also a big difference. Anna has thin, most likely painted lips, and Rapunzel has bigger lips. The skin tone is different too; Rapunzel has a more tanned color and Anna is more pale (which is odd, considering Anna has been in the sun way more than Rapunzel, but then again, Rapunzel was born from the sun…technically) Anyway, back on topic! While Rapunzel has a few freckles along the nose, Anna has many more, making her, well, a ginger!

Number 4 - the chin, and face shape

Chin,face shape

As you can tell, Rapunzel and Anna’s faces end in a different way. Rapunzel has a more pointed chin, her face is longer, but still more round than most Disney female characters. Anna has a rounder face than Rapunzel. Her face is more like a circle (like Merida from Brave)

Number 5 - Clothing


This is not what people compare between the two characters, but I thought I should talk about it anyway, since it is part of their design. Rapunzel is in light colors, such as Purple and Pink. Her dress is in the German style (since Tangled takes place in Germany) It is very similar to the style of Snow Whites dress, since that movie too, took place in Germany. There is puffy shoulders, a corset, and elbow length sleeves. The dress is also covered in flower designs. Anna’s dress is completely different! Anna has on Purple, blue, black, and pink. Her dress is another more detailed design like Rapunzels, because in CGI why not? Anna’s dress is in a Norwegian/Scandinavian style, since that’s where the movie takes place. There is a cape, mittens, a white under shirt, black boots, and a black top. Anna also appears to have flowery designs, but only on the bottom of the dress.

Number 6 - Hair, and overall appearance


Rapunzel and Anna obviously have different hair. Rapunzel has 70 feet of blonde, magical hair. She has a signature “hair swoop” which is reminiscent of Ariel gravity defying bangs. Anna has a significantly less amount of hair, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Anna has two braids, of strawberry blonde hair. She has four hair strands that separate on the right side of her head. Fun fact is that Anna and Belle are the only Disney Princesses two have hair that is not super long or super short (Cinderella being on the super short side, because she is marketed with her hair being short and up)

Overall, Rapunzel and Anna have similarities for sure, but they are not exactly the same! Rapunzel has a suddle look to her, her hair is obviously the best part of her design, but everything else is still amazing. Anna has a more striking appearance with her eyes, and eyelashes. Anna has less hair than Rapunzel, and possibly being of step down from this crazy CGI hair (Rapunzel and Merida) but her hair is still pretty cool and unique.

Hope this helped you see how they are not exactly the same! I think that Anna will be a great new addition to the Disney family! And keep in mind, that at one point people said Ariel and Rapunzel looked exactly alike!