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How Elsa got her powers - the theories

Opinion by Annabethandco posted over a year ago
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The biggest question about Frozen? How did Elsa get ice powers. Over the past few weeks, I have observed many theories have got her powers. Please note that none of these are mine, but I can't find the original source. If you came up with one of these, tell me and I'll credit you.

1. Elsa was born on the Winter Solstice

We learn that Elsa was born with her powers in Frozen. That seems to suggest that there was something 'abnormal' about her birth. Maybe, like one fan suggested, she was born on the 21st of December (Winter Solstice). This would connect her back to the theme of ice and winter.

2. Elsa's mother (or other family member) was cursed

Elsa definitely cursed so... Was somebody else? Perhaps her mother? If so, I'd love to know why.

3. Elsa's mother was fed a magical plant

In Tangled, Rapunzel get her powers because her mother ate a magical power when she was pregnant. It is possible that the same thing happened to Elsa's mother.

However, I doubt this would be the case in canon. Disney wouldn't make it so close to Tangled.

4. Elsa is related to Jack Frost

Ok, this theory would never be true in canon, but it's fun isn't? Who didn't enjoy the Frost family theory (the one that said Elsa was Jack's daughter)

This concludes my article. I hope you liked it :)
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Good article! I don't like to think about it though. I just say that she was born with the powers and that's it, but the theories are very interesting!
posted over a year ago.
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She could've been born with the X-Gene (common in X-Men lore).
posted over a year ago.
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I think I would be able to agree with 'The Winter Solstice' theory most. But related to Jack Frost? I don't think THAT would happen. Jack is from Dreamworks, Elsa is from Disney.
posted 12 months ago.
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Nice article! I don't really care how Elsa got her powers, I'm easily satisfied with the "born this way" explanation (which also does wonders for the Elsa's-powers-being-a-metaphor-for-homoose­xua­lit­y theory), but it's interesting to see all the theories.
I like the Winter Solstice thing, that's kind of cool. Or maybe there was a particularly harsh winter, and her parents made some sort of deal with the Devil that would end the winter, but result in their firstborn being sort of winter incarnate. I dunno.
posted 12 months ago.
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girly43 said:
maybe, she was related to jack frost! that would be so cool.
most likely her mother was cursed. :/
posted 9 months ago.
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I think that since Rapunzel had a cameo in the movie her parents died going to Rapunzel's wedding cause it all happened around the same time then they died in the storm but they would probably only go to her wedding in the first place if they were related or good friends right? I think that Rapunzel was the king and queens niece and Elsa's and Anna's cousin. that would result in Rapunzel's and Elsa's moms being sisters and Elsa's mom left the kingdom probably cause she was second born and her sis was already getting married and taking over corona so maybe she decided to explore then she found her way into Arendelle. maybe the soon to be queen of she was there looking for her true love and something happened and she became cursed by a witch or something that gave her wintery powers. Then she met her true love or the king and when he discovered she was cursed his only thought was to break the curse so he found the magic trolls and maybe it was true loves kiss that would break her curse so he broke the curse and they got married and had Elsa but she was born with magic cause her mothers magic wasn't completely gone it was still in her blood and that would also explain why in the movie Elsa's dad new what to do cause he asked the trolls for help with the queen. But Elsa was never told how to break the curse probably because she was too young to have a true love and they decided to wait but then they died and Elsa never went back to the trolls cause they scared her after she accidently hit her sister . It was an idea I got after jumbling up a bunch of theories off the internet so its most likely not correct but you never know!
posted 7 months ago.