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Frozen Between Elsa and Anna, who do you think was more hurt when Elsa started avoiding Anna for years?

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 emerald_32 posted over a year ago
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emerald_32 picked Both
emerald_32 picked Both:
Elsa shut Anna out for her own safety even though she wanted to spend time with Anna. She had no choice, she was really guilty about the curse and how she almost killed Anna when they were young. So she had to isolate herself from everybody.
Anna on the other hand was shut out with no memory of the curse, so she didnt really know why Elsa had avoided her. Its quite painful to experience that without knowing the reason behind it.
They were both badly hurt so I guess I will pick this choice...
posted over a year ago.
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PerryTheTeenage picked Elsa
PerryTheTeenage picked Elsa:
Because she knew exactly that she would be able to play with her again and had to treat her like that actively.
I'm pretty sure it hurt Anna a lot too, though.
posted over a year ago.
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carrieicecream picked Both
carrieicecream picked Both:
This is too hard to pick. I think both about equally.
posted over a year ago.
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Skunk-Kusai2003 picked Both
Skunk-Kusai2003 picked Both:
It's so hard for two beloved sisters to be separated from their children.
posted over a year ago.
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fluffysam picked Elsa
fluffysam picked Elsa:
she wanted to play with anna, but her powers were getting stronger, and harder to control. although anna didn't remember the powers, i believe elsa was hurt more
posted over a year ago.
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crw0733 picked Anna
crw0733 picked Anna :
Anna, because unlike Elsa, she had no idea why she couldn't be closer to her sister.
posted over a year ago.
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3xZ picked Both
3xZ picked Both:
Anna is hurt because she had memory that she has a fun and loving sister but now her sister never talk to her. And yet no one ever told her why Elsa always shut herself. I'm sure Anna is very sad when her parents are gone but her sister didn't comfort her... But I honestly think that actually Anna can play with maids to fill her loneliness.

While Elsa is very miserable because she is hardly control her growing power and she has to be in her room all days without talking to others (with parents sometimes). But luckily she can accept that since she is not that out-going like Anna.
posted over a year ago.
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Frozenfan picked Anna
Frozenfan picked Anna :
anna is sadder
posted over a year ago.
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peacebaby7 picked Elsa
peacebaby7 picked Elsa:
Anna did want to know why her sister was shutting her out, but I think Elsa was more upset. Elsa spent years of her life knowing she could end Anna's and her own pain of being alone and couldn't, and she had to live with a secret she couldn't control practically on her own.
posted over a year ago.