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Opinion by Moefan360 posted over a year ago
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I love fruits basket, I read the manga. I will never forgive the director for taking out Rin and Kureno! In the manga, Momiji is 1/2 German! He's not in the Anime! I also think that the voice acting could've been a bit better. Ayame's voice seems a lot deeper than expected, some other roles could've been better too, but, Shigure, Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru were perfect. The gigantic eyes of shojo did drive me a bit crazy... I'm pretty sure that they took out a few side chartetors too. I know they only had 1 season to work with, but I expected a little more out of this. Dispite all that, a better opening song would be impossible to find! It fit's the series to a T and I listed to the full Japanese version as I read the last chapter of the manga and I began to SOB! That's all I have to say.
Fan fiction by Mushii posted over a year ago
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"Hmm... I've seen this woman before. But ...?"
You're on you're way home from school.
"Na na na na..." you mumble.
"Hmmm... It's such a long way home to the apartment. I guess It will have to be the short way this time." you say to youreself and take the way down a little forest.

This forest looks nice, so quite and peaceful. I wonder if it's a cottage nearby?
The road gets smaller and before you know word of it, you're next to a rill.
Oh, a rill! I've never seen it here before. So beautiful. You look to the left and then to the right. I don't know which way...? I'll just follow the rill down, I'm sure it will lead me somewhere.

It seems to be a long way down. You take the way down and slip on a rock. "UAAAAAGGH!" THUMP! You're down before a tent. "Huh? A tent? Here, in the middle of nowhere?"
You take a few steps closer to it and look around you, to make sure that nobody is following you. Why am I doing this, it's only me anyway... You take you're head inside to look if it's somebody there. It seems to be only you.
Opinion by Mushii posted over a year ago
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"Cus We Looooove YUUUKI! Yuki, Y-Y-Yuki, Y-Y-Y-YUKII!"
"Finually, I never thought a subject could be so boring!" You stetch you're right arm and look at it. "I'm so sorry, Right-y... Just around six years more and you'll be free from writing ever again!" You kiss "Right-y" and smile a little.
"HEY, tell you're sliming little hand to stay the hell away from him!"

You turn around an look at a bunch of girls right before you. "Excuse me?" you raise the right eyebrown and stare a little at each of them.
"You heard me, snake! Stay away from Yuki, or you'll get with us to do!" one of the girls gets a little closer and pushes you.

"Don't... Touch... Me..."
You're eyes turn a little red and you look threatening at her. "Do... Don't think you can scare me with thoose eyes, sister!" she yells, so high that the whole school can hear.
"No, she can't, but I can BEEEEEEP you with electro posion waves..." This is an rare voice, you've never heard it before. You turn around and a girl with long black hair seems to be standing behind you.