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LinkKinuzuma13 posted on Jun 04, 2011 at 05:43AM
Okay. It starts off, from where Brotherhood ends, with the picture of Ed and Winry with their kid, and Al & Mei who are grown up. This all takes place after the initial conflict of Ed and Father. When Ed and Winry have their first child, they name him Mason(thats' me :D)after their brother who is away studying. Pop!

So Here are the rules;
1.No more then three characters per user
2.No killing a character without the owners consent or approval
3.Have Fun! ;P

Okay, next is the format for char posts and stories.




Age became a state Alchemist:

Do they have auto-mail: (Yes/No)

Hair color:
Eye color:

Types of alchemy mastered: (Up to 3)


Back-story(a.k.a. their life before the events in the RP):

Next is the story format;

There's no specific way you have to do this.

Okay! That wraps up the intro to the new forum, and have fun on it!
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---- (lol)

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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Mason Elric

Age: 16

Birthday: September 17th

Age became a state alchemist: 6

Do they have auto-mail: Yes, when he was four, he wandered into the woods, and was attacked by a wolf, and his right arm was torn off, as well as part of his chest. (How did he even live all the way through the attack? I DON'T KNOW!)

Hair color: Gold/Blond
Eye color: Gold
Height: 5'4'
Weight: 105 lbs

Types of Alchemy Mastered: Lightning, Blade/sword/ect...

Personality: He is kind and gentle, but is also very protective. He was always a timid child, but as he grew, he became a lot more daring and rebellious. He has one younger sister named Colline, and she looks up to him as if he were her own father. When he was 6, he and Ed were on a trip to central, when Mason ran off. Ed then found him in the hall for testing, in which he passed. Afterwards, he told his father that he'd secretly been reading his alchemy books from the old library. He stayed home until he was 10, and then left on missions, and came three times a year to visit; once for Christmas, once for Colline's spring break, and another to get his auto-mail changed yearly. His auto-mail is just like his uncle Mason's, including the extremely hard to find Enchanted gold grill part(the part on top of the fore-arm) And then one year, Mason didn't come home for spring break, and They've been wondering where he is, and while he hasn't come back yet, he is safe and sound in central, on leave from an enormous mission from Xing. He is currently traveling home. He is also nicknamed the Lightning-Blade Alchemist after his uncle, who is no longer able to use alchemy, and because of the alchemy he has mastered.
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Name: Mason Elric

Age: 16

Birthday: September 17th

Age became a state alchemist: 6

Do they have a
over a year ago Dearheart said…
I'd totally join in...if I had time to devote to role-playing. T__T Sorry! I hope you find some good players, though! And have fun!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Lol, it's okay. And yeah, i hope i find some fair and good players who don't overpower their characters. Happy Alchemizing-er-ish... Have a nice day!! :)
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Name: Emily White

Do they have auto-mail: Yes, her left leg (up to her knee) is auto-mail. She lost it in the car crash that killed her parents.

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'3
Weight: 95 lbs

Types of alchemy mastered: Ice and Fire

Personality: She sweet and kind to everyone, even people who probably don't deserve it. She can be shy, but she's not afraid to stand up to people. She's deathy afraid of water, since when she was 5 years old she saw her 8 year old brother Allen drown in a river accident. She believes there is good inside everyone and she doesn't like killing anything, that's why she's a Vegetarian.

Back-story: Her older brother Joey, took the death of his brother very hard and never was the same after that day. When Emily was only 6 years old he left and never come back. That day they all got in the car and went out looking for him. Her father never saw that train coming, when he did it was to late. That day not only did see lose her parents and her brother, she lost her leg and her sister lost both of her arms. Molly and Emily were split up and took away from each other. Emily was sent to a horrible foster family who hardly even fed her. Finally when she was 8 years old, Emily ran away looking after herself and teaching herself how to use alchemey. Now 16, she still doesn't know where her little sister or her older brother are, but someday she said she would find them and they will be together once again.

Their Ages:

Joey: 19
Emily: 16
Allen: 8 (R.I.P)
Molly: 12
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Name: Emily White

Do they have auto-mail: Yes, her left leg (up to her knee) is auto-mail. She los
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice. it's sad what happened to her family though. BTW, Mason is 16.
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over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
A blast fires through the forget "Shoot!" Emily cries out. "I was sure I could do it this time." She puts a strang ring onto her finger. Soon a fire ball forms in her hand. "Why can't I use my fire alchemy without this stupid ring? All I can do is shoot freakin ice at people, how am I going to find them if all I can do is make snow?" She flops on the ground and pulls out a locket showing a smiling family. She touches the face of a young blonde haired boy with eyes almost as green as a frog "Allen...I'm sorry...I..wish...I wish there was some way I could have saved you....I wish...I wish I could bring you back." Tears start falling down her face "Molly...Joey....we'll be together someday...I promise...are family isn't going to be apart forever." She closes the locket and puts it in her pocket. Emily hears a stick snap. "Who's there!?" She jumps up and starts stairing into the trees. "I said, who's there!?" She hears another stick snap and the sound of foot steps. Emily shoots a fire ball into the forest. "Show yourself, you chicken!!"

_ _ _

Done! :)
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason kept on running. It wasn't every day you ran into a giant chimera. He had eluded it so far, but he was well aware that any sound he made would be heard by the viscous creature. He was still running, when he saw a light ahead. "Yes! Out of the for-" He stopped himself as he realized what it was. He ducked just in time to evade the fireball. While he was regaining his balance, the ground started to shake. He took a sidelong glance behind him, and saw the chimers bursting through a bush just behind him. Mason began the chase again, and soon, was about to give up. But not before he burst into someones campsite. He was surprised to find the ground dip beneath his feet, and fell flat on his face. He looked up, and saw a young girl, who was his age, staring at him angrily.

"What are-" she was cut off as Mason grabbed her and shoved her into a bush. "Hey! What was that for?" she shouted at him.

Mason rounded on her and held her head down. "What are you doing?!" She hissed.

"Protecting you!" Mason whispered back. He raised his head over the bush as the giant chimera burst into the clearing. Mason froze, but the girl underneath him continued to squirm. "Stop! It'll hear us!" Mason said through gritted teeth.

"What will hear us!?" She shouted back. Mason cursed as the chimera found him, and began to advance. He slowly reached up to where his enchanted sword was hanging on his back. He drew the sword as slowly as possible, and stood up. The chimera was almost nose to face with him, when it stopped moving. Mason whispered to the girl to run, and she stood, but didn't go anywhere.

Mason: "Run!" he yowled as the chimera charged at him. He threw the sword up into the air, and clapped his hands together to spark the reaction he'd been waiting to use. His whole body was sparking with electricity, and time seemed to slow down. He looked up and saw the sword falling through the air, and then caught it. When he did, lightning coursed through the blade as well. He turned toward the chimera and blocked one of it's large tusks with his blade. He slid backward as the beast increased the pressure. He growled and pushed back, hoping to buy time for the girl to get away. Just as he was about to be knocked back, two icicles flew into the beasts massive eyes. It yowled in pain, and reared on it's hind legs. Mason looked behind him, and saw that the girl was still there. "I thought i told you to run!" He shouted at her. "It's too dangerous here!" But she just glared at him, and then anger changed to fear as the beast charged again. But this time, Mason wasn't ready. He turned and was surprised to see one of the beasts hooves bearing down on him. He tried to dodge, but he wasn't fast enough, and the very,very large hoof hit him in the shoulder, which made a sickening crunch. He bit back a cry of pain, and plunged the blade into the creatures side as it was running, so it would slice it. It peirced down to the hilt, and he stood as the blade move through the flesh with ease. He pulled it out when the creature came to a stop, and moved so it wouldn't fall on him. But, just as it was about to fall over, it spun around and, in a final effort to kill Mason, swiped it's bladed tail, slicing open Masons back. The chimera then fell to the ground, dead, and Mason fell to the ground exhausted from loss of energy.


I liked your first post. It kind of set the stag for Mason to come in.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Name: Daniel Wells

Age: 17

Height: 5'9

Weight: 176

Hair: Spikey and brown

Eyes: light brown

Alchemy: He has the power to reconstruct and deconstruct through his arms through special tatoos he has on his arms. His left arm is used to reconstruct and his right to deconstruct. He is able to change the composition of an objects atoms and its physical attributes. He can not turn fire into water though.

Description: His life has been an up and down experience for him. His father was an alchemist who didn't care much for the military. He trained Daniel how to fight and how to use basics of alchemy. When he was 13 his father and mother were brutaly murdered by multiple assains who had the power of some strange alchemy that when used was a blood red like color. His father killed a few before losing his life. In the after math daniel looked upon the bodies of his mother and father. In anger he marked himself with the same tatoos as his father did using a special ink created by his dad and certain tatoo markings that his dad mad through major studies of alchemy. He is now traveling, searching for his parents killers. He where's a short sleeve white t-shirt, with black pants and black shoes. His smile glints every once in a while because he haw very white teeth.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Kool, thx for joining.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Daniel is seen walking through the woods, he looks tired as though he is about to pass out when he sees something big moving through the woods. He chases after it, seeing that there is a large trail that the creature left. As he continued along the trail he heard what sounded like a fight. When he arrives to the scene, he sees that the fighting is over and a large beast is lying dead with a large cut in its side. Daniel also sees someone lying face down with a large wound on his back. He also sees a girl standing next to him.

Daniel: Daniel walks over only to have a fire ball shot at him. He doges to the left and quickly goes to her and grabs her wrist. "I'm not here to hurt you. I just want to know what happened."

Emily: She begins to lower her guard. "My name is Emily, he was hurt fighting that creature and protecting me. His wound is deep and if he keeps bleeding like this he will die."

Daniel: He looks over the body and then looks back at her. "I think i can do this but i will need you help." She she nods her head. Daniel puts his right hand on the and it begins to glow. "Now heat up the wound with your fire, we need to kill the bacteria in the wound." She does this and then something in the wound glows and it then it begins to seep out. He then quickly puts his left hand on the wound and it begins to seal. He then looks at Emily. "Does he have any more wounds?"

Emily: She quickly thinks for a second. "His shoulder, the creature landed one of his hooves on it. I think it may be broke."

Daniel: Daniel thinks. "Damn, this is going to be hard. If i can'ts see what bones are broke i can't reatach them. And even if i feel and see, they may not connect correctly." He looks at Emily. "There is only one way i'll be able to fix it. I'll have to make a cut to get acces to his shoulder. But i won't do that until he is concious. Besides the wound is not fatal." He sits back and waits for the person to awake. "By the way, my name is Daniel. Sorry for the informal cicumstances for us to meet."

There, i hope i didn't mess with anything.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Emily smiles at Daniel "It's fine, I'm actually glad you're here. I wouldn't have been able to save him myself and I really don't want another death on my han-I mean.....I really don't want to see people die."

Daniel stairs at Emily with suspicion, but he finally asks "How long have you been staying out here and how long have you been by yourself"

Emily starts counting on her finger and finally holds up eight of them. "About eight years now."

Daniel couldn't stop his mouth from dropping open "And how old are you!?"

Emily: "I'm 16, but I'm going to be turning 17 in October"

Daniel: "16!? That...That means you started leaving alone when you where eight years old!?"

Emily: she nods "That's right, I've been taking care of myself for a long time now" Emily raises her eyebrows "Why do you care?"

Daniel: "It just doesn't sound safe for a girl to be staying in the forget by herself."

Emily glares at him "Oh so just because I'm a girl, that makes me weak!?!?" frost starts forming around her hand.

Daniel panics "No, No!! That's not what I meant!! I-I just meant that...that maybe you should move in with a family member or a house or something!"

Emily eye's empty of angry and start to fell with sadness "I don't have a family, that's why I live alone. My parents died when I was only 6 and my brother died when I was only 5." Emily's minds begins to race, trying to decide if she trusts this boy enough to tell him about her older brother and little sister. She shakes it off and tells herself that's it's best not to tell him.

Daniel: "Oh...I...dang...I'm sorry, I didn't know. So...you're all alone?"

Emily shrugs "Pretty much, doesn't really bother me" big fat lie she tells herself.

_ _ _

Done :)
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Mason slowly opened his eyes, wondering where he was. He looked around, and saw a girl his age, and another guy who looked to be one year older than him. He slowly sat up, and pain instantly coursed up his spine.

"Gah!" Mason yelped in surprise. He tried to move his left arm to hold his back, but it hung limply at his side. He looked questioningly at the girl, and then at the boy by his side. His eyes widened as Mason remembered what had happened. "I've really gotta be more careful..." Mason whispered to himself.

Daniel: "Damn right ya do. My names Daniel."

Mason looked over at the girl. "I'm Emily"

Mason looked in between the flaps of his coat, and saw that he was bandaged. He sighed and looked over at the dead body of the chimera. He tried to stand up, but Daniel held him down.

Daniel: "Hold on. I still have to fix your shoulder. And by the way, Whats your name?"

Mason: "My names Mason Elric.Do you know healing alchemy?"

Daniel just shrugged. "I know enough to fix that shoulder of yours."

Mason nodded and relaxed as Daniel made the cut.

Mason felt a little awkward as he sat there, and tried to make conversation. "So," he said turning to Emily, "how long have you been out here by yourself?"

Emily just shrugged. "It'll be nine years in October."

Masons jaw dropped. "N-nine years!?!?" Emily just nodded. Mason flinched as Daniel jerked something into place.

Daniel looked up apologetically. "Sorry. It looks like it'll be hard to fix. You might even have to have it amputated, if it can't be fixed right."

Mason just smiled. "Is that right? Well no big deal." Daniel looked at him in surprise, as did Emily. They both shot glances at each other, and then they started scolding him.

Emily: "You're acting like it's completely normal for people to lose limbs!"

Daniel nodded his head as he continued to work. "She's right. You can't just dismiss this all as nothing." Mason sighed.

"I'm not dismissing it. It's just that it could be worse." Daniel and Emily both looked at each other, and then back at Mason.

"How?" They both asked him in unison. Mason chuckled.

"Well," He said, lightly lifting up his right sleeve, and pulling down his shirt collar. ",I could be that little boy that got mauled by wolves twelve years ago." Mason said sarcastically. "OH! Wait a minute! I WAS that little boy."

They just stared at him, in complete and utter shock. Mason went on.

"It's a good thing my mom's an auto-mail engineer. Otherwise I wouldn't be alive right now." Mason said slowly, thinking about that horrible night. Just the thought about those pointed teeth ripping into his flesh, made him shudder. "So, i see your leg is automail." He said turning to Emily. She looked up at him, and nodded.

"I lost my leg in the crash that killed my parents. Our car got hit by a train." Mason's jaw dropped again, and h struggled to close his mouth and swallow before replying.

"Well," Mason paused and scratched his head. "I'm sorry about that." Emily looked at him, and smiled.

"Don't be. It's not like it was your fault."

Daniel pulled out some cloth from his pack, and began making a sling. He fiddled with it for a minute or so, before finally tieing it off around his neck. Mason stood up, and put his cloak on, putting the left sleeve over his shoulder, and then grabbed his sword. He slung it over his back, and started to make his way out of the woods. Mason suddenly turned around, and Smiled.

"Thanks, you two."

over a year ago onix11 said…
Daniel got up quickly. "Your not honestly going to go out by yourself in that condition? Your arm is barely usable and your stomach will have bruising."

Mason: "I have to be going. I can't stay in one place for to long. Ecspecially the woods." Mason begins to walk.

Daniel: He gets beside Mason and grabs his good shoulder. "Are you sure you won't rest for a bit?" He has slight concern on his face.

Mason: He looks at Daniel and nods. "Trust me, I'll be fine. It's just a flesh wound." He shrugs daniels hand off and just smiles. "You don't have to worry."

Daniel: He thinks for a moment. "At least allow me to come with you." Mason looks at him again with confusion. "I'm just wandering around myself. Maybe where you are going is where i can find what i'm looking for." Before Daniel continues he looks over at Emily. "And if you accept my request, I would also like to ask Emily to tag along as well."

Emily: She looks up with surprise. "What?"

Daniel: He looks at bothe of them back and forth. "So, what do you guys say to a traveling trio?"
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Emily: "You....you mean you're asking me to go with you?"

Daniel: "Yeah, if you want to." Daniel stairs at her, hoping she'll agree.

Emily bites her lip "I don't know...I'll have to think about it. Can come back tomorrow? I'll have my answer by then."

Daniel nods: "Sure, I'll came back for you tomorrow" he smirks giving Emily a small punch on the shoulder "And don't think about running off, I have a nose like a hound and I'll track you down."

Emily laughes: "Don't worry, I want run off. Meet me back here around noun tomorrow and I'll give you my answer."

Danial nods, then turn to Mason for his answer "Well, what about you? Are you in?"

Mason sighs "Sure, why not. You can come along if you'd like."

As Mason and Daniel leave Emily's camp site, she walks into her tent and pulls out her locket again. She looks at the man wearing a tight black shirt and jeans with hair that almost looks like a palm tree. Then her eyes fall apon the woman who looks like an older verson of herself. "Mom...Dad...I...I don't know what do to. Should I go with them? Maybe they could help me find Joey and Molly...I mean...I've been looking for them for almost 9 years now...there is no way I'll be able to find them without help." She sighes, then crawls into her sleeping bag. "I've made up my mind, I'm finding Joey and Molly even if it kills me. I won't let our family be apart forever....Joey...Molly...don't worry...I'll do what ever it takes to find you." Emily closes her eyes and falls to sleep.

In the morning, she will give her final answer

_ _ _

Done!! :3
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason walked out of the woods, and sighed. It would actually be kind of nice to travel with people instead of just being alone all the time. He looked around and saw nothing but grass. Mason relaxed, and sat down for a minute. He kept thinking about how he would tell them that he needed to have his arm amputated. He shook it off, and got up, to walk home. He was actually quite surprised at hoe close he was to his home. He hadn't even realized it until then how close the forest was to his parents home. He wandered up to the front door and knocked. He waited for a few painful seconds, and then the door opened to reveal the grease stained face of his mother. She looked as tired as Mason remembered her to be, but when she recognized him, her eyes were full of life.

Winry: "Mason! You're home!" She said while throwing her arms around him. She quickly took him inside, and sat him down at the table. She dissapeared for a few seconds, and then reappeared with Masons father, Edward. They all sat and talked for hours, before Mason finally brought up the subject of new automail.

Winry: "Well then, I can make on for you."

Mason looked up in surprise. "I expected you to take that a lot differently."

His mom laughed. "Well, I get to do my favorite - well second favorite - job even more now."

Mason laughed. "Well then have a it."

4 hours later...

Mason was very anxious to get this over with. He was waiting for his mom to come back in with the amputator, and get the procedure started for his new arm, and his new right arm as well. She walked in all of a sudden, and sat down, with the amputator.

"You ready?" She asked bluntly.

Mason nodded. "Just do it."

Sh nodded, and hit the switch. The blade dropped down, and sunk into his shoulder. He felt it go all the way through, but didn't even flinch. Winry quickly grabbed three rolls of cloth, and wrapped them around his shoulder. Then she left the room to go and get the two new arms. Mason sat, and looked at the ceiling. When his mother cam back in, the procedure began. She slowly connected the nerves, while Mason thrashed around in extreme pain. He was immidiatley reminded of when he was being mauled. He relaxed when it was over. She then began to attach his brand new right arm. When she was nearly done with that, she pulled out a box, that was neatly wrapped in foreign looking silk. Mason looked at the package, and saw a look that told it all.

Winry: "It's a gift from your uncle Mason. It's the enchanted Gold Auto-mail grill that was given to him by general Maric. Masons eyes widened, and he reached out to grab it, but his arm as still too sore. He nodded at her to put it on his arm, and then he relaxed again as his mother went to work.


Mason was just about ready to leave. He grabbed his suitcase, and his sword, and headed for the door. He was reaching for the handle, when he realized something. He turned around, and looked everywhere. But he didn't see her smiling face.

He looked at his mother and Father with worried eyes, as he re-approached them.

Mason looked them square in the eyes and said; "Where is she?! Where's Colline?!"


Okay then Onix. Your move now. I was thinking that Colline is kidnapped by the bandits, so we could get a start on that story.
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
Link this is interesting do you mind if I join?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
sure, you can! it's nice to hav other people here!
over a year ago onix11 said…
Daniel is seen going about this new area he is in. He grabs a quick bit to eat do to the fact he is starving and then walks some more. Daniel thinks to himself. "I wonder how mason is doing. He acted very different as soon as we arrived." As he continued he seen a man running away from two strangers. He decided to follow and ran quickly behind.

man: "Look i don't have any money, just leave me alone." He is scard to death.

Bandit 1: "You know were not here for your money. You learned that when we killed your family." He is wearing a mask that covers only the top part of his face and i has two metal spikes coming out of it.

Bandit 2: This one has a mask that covers his whole face and is made to resemble a flame. "And so you decide to run away. And thanks for leading us here. A new town is always good for the trade." He pulls out a knife and stabs the man.

Daniel: He sees this and is furious at what just happened. "Hey, what the hell do you think your doing." He clenches his fist in fury.

Bandit 1: He just laughs. "This poor boy here is our buisness. now go or we will have problems." He smiles and puts on rings marked in alchemy. "And if you want to be a witness, we can just kill you." The man puts his hands to the ground and blades form and fly from it. Daniel quickly puts up his right hand and discharges energy of destruction to destroy the blades.

Daniel: He is surprised. "Alchemist? don't you serve the military?"

Bandit 2: "Are years of service were up. So we decided to leave and become mercanaries for hire. it pays a lot more and there is more vacation time." This one pulls out a handle with a trigger and a hole on top of it and a glove that he puts on his right hand with markings on it. He pulls the trigger and something clicks and a fire ball shoots out from it. Daniel Quickly drops down to dodge the flame. He then puts both hands on the ground and launches a stone pillar from it that heads straight for the two. The one with rings hits the ground and creates a metal shield that blocks the attack. He then touches the shield and it forms two blades. He then charges Daniel who is forced out of the alley way. Without a weapon daniel has to dodge quickly.

Daniel: Thinks to himself. "This guys is very well trained with swords. I won't be able to escape him much longer without something to stop him." Daniel is then forced up against a wall with a metal pipe. He dodges the blades and grabs the pipe with both hands. He quickly makes a cude sword and blocks the next attack. "This is better. But he still has an edge." He sees his opponent move out of the way. Daniel has barely enough time to move before getting hit by a flamethrower like attack.

Bandit 1: "Your out of your leauge kid. If you forget you seen anything that happened earlier we will leave you alone." He smiles big.

Bandit 2: "We don't care much for spilling blood that isn't on the contract. Its a deduction out of our pay." They both turn and begin to run away. "Pray that your name doesn't come up boy."

Daniel: "Who the hell were they. Oh no, that man." HE runs to the alley and sees the man is still alive. "Sir, oh lord this is bad. That was some messed up knife he must of used on you."

Man: The man coughs blood. "It's fine. Your lucky to be alive boy. The men you fought are a group of mercenary's who all have the power to use alchemy." He begins to pass out. "I'll be with my family soon. Take care boy." He closes his eyes and fades from the earth.

Daniel: Daniel shakes his head. "Maybe i should call the police." He then thinks a bit more. "No, the police will just mess things up. I need an alchemist to help with this." He then begins his search for mason. And after he gets mason, he will go and see if emily is ready to stay or go.

Ask if your confused about anything.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice post onix. I'll post tomorrow if i can. I want to spendtime with my family too, so i might or might not post within the next few days. Shadow, you can go ahead and post your char, and a story if you feel like it.
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
I'll jump in I guess. I'm not sure where everybody wants to squeeze me in but here goes.
Name: Charlotte Blair Wintercrest
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Blonde, Curly
State Alchemist: No
Automail: No

Charlotte was originally from a different dimention, when she was murdered she was brought to the Gate between her world and another. She was told that she was created for a specific purpose, and that she had to find out her purpose on her own. So she was hurled into a new world with a complete loss of memory from her past life. She arrived with what she thought was a gunshot wound, but a symbol started appearing around it, a welt on her chest. As it continued to come through it became clearer and she found that it was a transmutation circle. Unbinounced to her, there never was a bullet in her chest. It turned out to be a philosopher's stone. She still is unsure if she is human or immortal, but for the time being, she travels across the country searching for answers.

Charlotte is extremely protective of her friends and loved ones. though she is extremely wise, she can be quick to judge. She has managed to master psychic alchemy, where she can create objects with her mind. She has earned the title : The Paranormal Alchemist regarding her powers. Charlotte has reoccurring dreams about the day of her death, each time they become mre vivid and she learns more about herself than she had intended to. Charlotte has been seen passing through towns, traveling on her own and causing an uproar of suspicion throughout them. Her attire consists of dark wash cut off denim shorts that are belted at the top, her shirt is simply a black camisole. She wears brown boots with her hair pulled up into a pony tail, a few strands trickling down the sides o her face. She has being watched by the military because they believe she could be an important asset if she were to join them. She doesn't trust people very easily and can be very violent if provoked. She is highly skilled in th field of Mixed Martial Arts because she believes she needs to protect herself and doesn't want to put the burden of somebody else fighting for her on them. She may seen like a pissed-off teenager, but that's only skin deep. Nobody has ever looked deep enough to find out who she really is, truth be told, she doesn't even know who she really is.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
I like it. Welcome to the club!
over a year ago onix11 said…
Who's turn to post?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Pumpkinqueen, shadow or elricluv. Or i can just go again, if it takes too long to figure it out.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Pumpkinqueen asked me to skip her, so here it is.


Mason ran out the door, and through the dark fields alone, for many minutes. He could see the lights of the train station in the distance, and he ran even faster. He had to find Daniel. When he got to the train station, he was out of breath, and panting hard. He found the train to central, and began to board it, when a man in a whit uniform stopped him, and held out his hand.

"Ticket please!"

Mason scowled at the man. "I don't have one." The man leaned down to be eye to eye with Mason, which pissed him off.

"No ticket, no train. Sorry shorty."
Mason grabbed the man by the collar, and dragged him back down again.

Mason: "Look, idiot, I'm a state alchemist! You'd better let me on that train right now, or i'll beat you into the cement!"

T. Shoufer: "I don't think so." He snapped his fingers, and bunch of heavily muscled men in masks filed out from behind the walls of the station. Mason released the man from his grip, and promptly punched him in the face. Mason heard the satisfying clank of metal on his jaw, and turned when he was sure the man was knocked out. He raised his right hand, and placed it on the grip of his sword. He eyed each of the men suspiciously, and let his gaze fall on the one who had two swords strapped to his back. He pointed to him, and motioned for him to come forward. The man smiled devilishly, and before Mason could do anything, he raised his hand to speak.

???: "Before you say anything, let me speak to you alone." He signaled for his men to go back into their original positions. "Now, Mason, My name is Conan. I'm the leader of the Mercenary group known as The Alchemic 55. We are Alchemy assassins for hire, and i have come to complete my latest assignment." Mason narrowed his eyes, and tightened his grip on the handle. "My high master's ordered me to kill you." Mason looked at him in confusion.

Mason: "High masters? But you just said that..."

Conan laughed. "I meant to say that I'm the leader of the UNIT called the Alchemic 55. Sometimes i get all of it kinda mixed up. The high masters have put a bounty on all of the current alchemists heads. The two that are the highest are you, and Daniel Wells."

Mason Snorted. "And you actually think you'll be able to catch us?"

Conan lifted a finger, and pointed at Mason, his tone suddenly becoming more serious. "I would lose that attitude if i were you. It wont help." Conan lifted his hands to the handles of the blades, which had been made with alchemy, and drew them. He smiled devilishly again, and let out a deep cackle. "Now lets have some fun!!!"

He charged at Mason, who pulled the blade form the scabbard, blocking the attack. He pushed Conan away, and thrust his sword forward. Conan smiled, and leapt high into the air and landed on Masons shoulders. Mason was caught by surprise. He looked up, and saw Conan staring him in the face. Mason was brought to his knees under his weight, and felt a snap.

'Crap!' Mason thought. 'I shouldn't be fighting with this auto-mail! It was installed less than a week ago!' He brought up his right arm, and slammed Conan in the side of the head, knocking him off of Masons shoulders. Mason stood up, and regained his composure. Conan stood, and immidiatley backed away. He still had that smile on his face, as he sheathed his swords, and placed his hands on the ground. A big metal lance appeared in his hands, and he swiftly threw it at Mason. Mason turtle'd it to the ground, watching as the lance sailed above his face, and into the wall behind him. He flipped up onto his feet, and sheathed his sword. Conan looked at him in surprise.

Conan: "Giving up already? I thought you might."

Mason smiled. "Not quite." Mason clapped his hands together, and placed them onto the lance, and put grooves into it. He pulled he lace out of the wall, and into the ground in front of him. He put his hands together again, and sparked his lightning. He felt it course up his arms, and after a brief moment, grabbed the lance. The lance had a tremendous reaction to the lightning, directing it off the tip, and splintering the rock above his head. Mason pulled the lance out of the ground, and hefted it across his shoulder. Conan could merely watch in amazement, as Mason propelled it forward with tremendous strength. While Conan was blinded by the lightning, Mason unsheathed his sword, and charged after the lance.
Mason followed until he was a few feet away, and caught Conan in the leg. The lance had missed it's mark by a hair, but that was enough for Conan to do the unthinkable. He placed his hands together, and onto Masons back, reopening the previous wound, but only managed to get it halfway, before Mason shocked him.

Conan: "Gah! Damn you! Another time. We'll finish this another time!"

Mason slouched as they all dissapeared into the shadows. He stood, and winced at the pain in his back. He walked up to the bench, and sat down. He put his hands together, and placed them on his left auto-mail shoulder to fix it properly. He sighed, and waited for the next train to central.

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over a year ago ElricLuv said…
Charlotte sat alone, she heard the ruckus to the side of the train station, though she paid no mind.   "Men in white suits, the kid's  got a Bounty on his head."  She crossed her legs and watched as the men took off into the shadows of the long-gone train. The blonde boy whom the men were previously fighting with, ambled over to the bench where she was currently seated. He fidgeted with his steel prosthetics, clapping his hands together and creating a spark, alchemy. The leg was now in better condition, though his face was still grim. "Alchemist huh?" His head whipped around to find a blonde girl, she sat nonchalantly, speaking to the wind. "Who wants to know?" His eyes scanned her cautiously, falling upon a symbol on her chest, it was a red transmutation circle, glowing a bright purple. It stood out against her ivory skin like a bruise. "I'm known by many names. "The Paranormal Alchemist", "Central's Most Wanted", and most recently, "God's Lost Child." What you want to call me is up to you."  Mason stared at the woman who was eerily familiar. He pushed that thought from his mind and flooded it with even more questions. "Charlotte Wintercrest" She outstretched her gloved hand, making eye contact with him for the first time. "Mason Elric." She froze, her hand never connecting with his. "Elric?" Mason nodded dumbly, not really sure where she was going with this. "I have heard about you. Edward's son." Now Mason was regretting choosing this specific bench to retire on. "I haven't seen him in ages. How's your old man?"  His eye twitched, who was this woman? How could she know his father? She looked to him with hopeful eyes, then remembered. "Oh. Allow me to explain. I was brought here from a different dimension with a purpose to fulfill, and I never age. I traveled with your father for years. He was my best friend." Mason sat for a few seconds to digest what had just been fed to him, then burst out laughing. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'RE INSANE! BWAHAHAHA!" Charlotte scowled at the disbeliever, unsheathing a switchblade and tossing it into the cackling teen's automail shoulder. It stuck into one of the joints, his arm fell limp to his side. "Hey! You-" she smiled and opened her palm. Her originally green eyes glowed an eerie red and the blade was withdrawn from the piece  of iron and  landed back into her hand, flipped closed. "What the hell did you do to my automail?!" She chuckled lightly to herself as she spun it around her finger and slipped in back into the loop of her belt. "Might want to have your mom, Winry Rockbell look at it. But maybe I'm wrong since I apparently don't know anything about you." She cocked an eyebrow in his direction. "What do you think?"  Mason sighed and clapped his hands once again, returning his automail to it's usual state with a flash of light. "What the hell are you?" He asked in fascination. "Well. I'm definitely not human. So I'm thinking immortal..." This time he looked to her with believing eyes, zoning out for a moment to catch up in all of the information presented to him. Charlotte bumped him  with her elbow and pointed forward. "Train." 
over a year ago john17 said…
I thin ill join seeing how u invited me link.

Name : steven cobalt

Age 20

Age became an alchemist: 13


Hair color :brown

Eye color: a deep bronze (family trait)

Hight: 5ft 8in


Types of alchemys mastered:minaral / earth

Personality: has a very warm and open personality always wanting to learn new things and meet new people.

Background: he grew up im a rich family that beleved that alchemy was a sin,but steven was fasinated by it and secrtly lerned it from his butler in the woods on his family land . But when steven was 13 his father caught hi and fired the servent and disowned,his son but out of love did not cut him off from the family money but in stead limited it. Steven then went to central and took his alchemist exam and failed it 3 times. At age 15 the took it agin and pasted and receved the code name the gem alchemis.
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over a year ago john17 said…
steven is sitting asleep on the train
???:excuse me sir. sir?

steven eyes half open:go away, this isnt my stop. leave me be. he turns and faces the window.
???:no i was asking if we can sit here

???:forget it we will go find some were else to sit

steven: wait u already woke me up might as well join me give me some compiny. sit sit .(he first looks at the boy hes a little shrimp of a boy about 5ft3 with blond hair a sword then he turns to the girl shes about 5ft6 and blong hair with emrald eyes she cant be olde than 16)

charlotte: hi my name is charlotte Wintercrest

mason:and im mason elric and u are

steven opening his all the way: im steven cobalt and a state alchemist just like you

mason how u know that?
steven points: the watch and the sword on ur back that makes u the Lightning-Blade Alchemist am i correct?

mason yes but wait u said u were named steven cobalt as in the welthy cobalt family

charlotte:yes he is part of them look at his eyes its a rare family trait. but what i dont get is that the cobalt family beleves alchemy is a sin .

steven:well thats true so im not aloud to go home ever but i still have the money so it all works out. oh and my code name is the gem alchemist master of minarels .(he lits his hands and shows tattos he uses for his alchemy.)would u like a demenstration?

mason: sure plz do

steven:ok he pulls out a steel coin and makes a fist a found it and electricity sparks in his hand then he opens his hand and revels a pile of rusted iorn.

mason ok whats so speicl about that

steven: u didnt noticed i boke it down to its basic elements and minarals mostly iorn and some nickle.thats my alchemy i break things down to there most basic elements and minarals i can also rearande the amout of an element ir minal to change its composition.

well thats all i got ill fix it if i mess thing up

this is stevfens trans mutaton circle if u want to know
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steven is sitting asleep on the train 
???:excuse me sir. sir? 

 steven eyes half open:go away, t
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Emily wakes up and yawns "Well, todays the day." crawling out of her tent she dumps a small bag of rice into a bowl and puts it over a fire. "Well, that's the last of the rice. I guess it's back to collecting fruit again." As the rice cooks Emily crawls back into her tent and starts packing. "Ok I got my winter clothes, the rest of my money, and....my locket. I guess that's everything." Emily looks down at her worn out clothes and bare feet. "I really need to buy some new clothes. But I would actually need more then 10 Yen to do that." Emily sighs putting the locket around her neck and steps outside. Looking around the forest, she thinks to herself "I wonder where Daniel is, he should have been here by now." Sitting down, she starts eating her breakfast saving some just is case Daniel was hungry.

_ _ _

Sorry it's not that long
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason stood and continues to look at Steven. Mason decided to sit down, as id Charlotte. They all sat in silence, before Mason broke it with an awkward question.

Mason: "So, why are you never allowed home?"

Steven sat up and looked at him with surprise. "Excuse me?"

Mason: "Sorry, it's just that you said..." Mason trailed off, and looked at Steven again.

Steven smiled. "No, it's fine. My parents were always against me learning about alchemy. But i secretly took lessons from my butler. He taught me in the woods around our home, but eventually, we were caught. They expelled my butler form the residence, and my father disowned me. But for some reason, h is still letting me tap into the family riches. I've been travelling for awhile now, looking for something."

Mason was intrigued. "What are you looking for?"

Steven just sighed. "I don't know, but i will when i find it."


Sorry, really short post guys. I gotta help put my room back together, so ya.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
Name:Edward Newgate


Age became a state Alchemist:19

Do they have auto-mail:Yes, right arm and middle of his chest.

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Red

Types of alchemy mastered:Earth and Water

Personality:Loyal, Independent, Will fight for less fortunate, Friendly

Back-story(a.k.a. their life before the events in the RP):An Ishvalan who had to work for everything as a child. Lived with his three brothers and two sisters in the ruins of Ishval. After the death of his brothers from roaming bandits, he and his sisters traveled to Xing and there learned Alchehestry. At the age of 15 he finally traveled to the Northern Amestris to study Alchemy and combine the two. The three worked at Briggs until Edward was recruited into being a State Alchemist at age 19. The name chosen for him was the Red-Eyed Alchemist.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Welcome aboard!
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
Good to be aboard! What's going on in the RP right now? How should I join?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Hmm... Well, you could start out having him at the train station when we get off, or he could be walking around the woods near where Emily is... You can decide, if you want to. :)
over a year ago sonoboreas said…

I sat quietly at the train station watching the people shuffle back and forth through the busy station. I was awaiting the incoming train, or more importantly, two of its important occupants.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice :)
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Ok guys. Heres the current posters in their turn order. If you have a problem, you can message me, and i'll change it. The order is:

And finally shadow, if he ever decides to post a char and story.

However! If nobody has posted within 5 days of their own turn, if you ask me, then you can skip them. Does this sound fair to you all?
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over a year ago ElricLuv said…
big smile
Sounds good to me.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
Yeah, sounds great.
over a year ago john17 said…
Im kool with that
over a year ago onix11 said…
sure. I think i got skipped though.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Daniel arrives in the woods, he is searching for Emily. He knew he had gotten a bit lost on the way to meeting her. He then smelled food and knew where she was. He walked to her direction and seen that she had her things packed and she was ready to go.

Daniel: He sits down in front of him and she offers him the rice. Daniel shakes his head. "You eat it. You'll need the strength. And it's good to see you again."

Emily: She smiles. "It's good to see you too. Where is mason at?" She was curious on where he was.

Daniel: He just looked a bit down. "I was wondering that myself. I fought these weird people in town and thought that mason could help me figure out who they were." HE stood up and extended his hand. "So the true question is. Are you wanting to come and travel with me." He puts on a smile and patiently waits for her response.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
In, my next post, Im going to incorporate Masons birthday!!! He'll be 17!
over a year ago john17 said…
name:giles riker

age 40(is in supriingly great shape for his age)

become alchemist :12

eyes:gray blue

type of alchemy: blood alchem

personality:seems warm but is crul

background:was the teacher of steven cobalt and his personal butler. he was fired after he was caught eaching steven alchemy.years later he deviloped his own form of alchemy and be came a state alchemist code name scarlet alchimist

theres som mistakes like the triangle at the bottom.but giles has one on each shoulder.the top is the top of this pic
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name:giles riker

age 40(is in supriingly great shape for his age)

become alchemist :12

over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Emily grabs Daniels hand and smile. "Yes, I want to travel with you."

Daniel pulls her up and smiles back. "That's great, welcome to the team." Daniel looks at Emily's small backpack raising his eyebrows. "Is that all you have?"

Emily shugges "Yeah, I pack light. It's easier for me to move around if I don't have a lot of stuff." Daniel walks over and picks up her bag. Emily walks over to him "You don't have to carry it, I can get it. It's not that heavy."

Daniel hands the bag back over to her, then turns around picking up the bigger bag holding the tent and sleepingbag. "Ok, you can carry that. But I'll carry this one."

Emily smiles and puts the backpack on. "So where do we head now? Maybe we should start for the train station, Mason maybe there."

Daniel nods "Good idea, lets go." Daniel starts leading the way thoughs the forest, Emily close behind him. Emily looks over her shoulder seeing the only home she's had for the last 9 years fade out of view.

_ _ _

Done! :)
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason silently got off the train, seeking a warm area in the station. He quickly decided, that the best thing to do, was to go and find Daniel, so h pushed the thought of warmth aside. He followed the path to the woods, assuming that Daniel was already there. He had been right. While he had been searching on the wrong side, Daniel and Emily had emerged behind them, and nearly scared him to death. Mason turned and smiled at them.

Mason: "Hey guys. I see Emily decided to come? Well, that's nice to hear." Mason kept smiling until he could barely hide the flinches of pain from his back. He winced, dropping his suitcase on the forest floor. Mason made a weird face, and Charlotte stepped forward to grab his shoulder.

Charlotte: "You okay?"

Mason flinched again, but turned to her, and nodded. "Yeah..."

Charlotte snorted. "No you're not."

Daniel sighed. "What happened this time?" Mason scratched his head, embarrassed.

Mason grumbled, but didn't complain, as Daniel set to work, re-sealing his back injury with he help of Emily's fire. Mason flinched as he felt the heat, but was otherwise okay. He stood up, loving that it felt better. Mason grabbed his suitcase, and hefted it over his shoulder. They all four then started back to the train station to find Steven again.
Sorry. I had a lotoooot of homework. But don't worry, when my next turn comes around, it'll be Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch longer. Later guys!
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
Who's turn?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Onix, and then you.
over a year ago onix11 said…
As there walking Daniel has a large grin on his face. He thinks to himself "All these cute girls that are actually cool. It's so awesome."

Emily: She looks over at him with a bit of a questioning stare. "What are you thinking about Daniel?"

Daniel: He sort of trips when he hears her. He quickly thinks of a response. "Well, what i was wondering is, how do you always seem to get your self beat up so often Mason?" Emily and Charlotte both elbow him in the stomsch. He holds it for a second, regaining his breath. "What i say?"

Mason: He laughs a bit. "It just seems that trouble finds me wherever i go. And by the way, Some strange people want you dead as well."

Daniel: He looks a bit confused. "That's strange. The last people i met said they didn't want to kill me, only people they were hired to kill."

Charlotte: Charlotte changes the conversation. "Where do guys think Steven is. Last time we seen him, he was at the train station."

Daniel: He puts his hands behind his head. "Hopefully he is a cool guy and not a downer." At this, both the girls elbow him again. Daniel gasps. "Geez, can you warn a guy before you do that." Mason laughs at this as they continue on their search for steven.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
ElricLuv it's your turn.
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
Yeah I know,.sorry, I haven't been on in a while. Here goes.

Charlotte couldn't help but wonder why these strangers had taken her into their group. Normally.she would be running from the law or constantly wondering through towns and arousing suspicion. Loud steps startled the team of teens, though they continued to walk, Charlotte Hung back, readying her blades from her belt in her palms.

"what are y-" Mason was quickly silenced when two military men turned the corner to face the group of kids.
"That's her!" Bellowed one as the other scanned their faces.
"You're under arrest for harboring a fugitive!"
Charlotte ran at the men, slicing the guns from their hands with her blades, she flipped onto her hands and kicked them both square in the face with her boots. Watching them almost fall to the ground. She dropped into a splits and tripped both of the men . She flipped back onto her feet and kicked them away from her aquainances.
"Tell your Colonel....." She tried frantically to catch her breath . "To quit half-assng his search parties!"
The two men scuttled around the corner. Emily backed away from her as Daniel threw his hands in the air and rushed to her.
"That. Was. AWESOME!" She cocked her head to the side and caught her breath. "You're not freaking out?" He laughed and shook his head, putting an arm around her.
"Of course not! You're.pretty cool." It was then she realized that she had joined them as a stranger, and had became a friend.
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over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Great post. :) It's John17 turn now.
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over a year ago john17 said…
steven: walks away from the train station. guess ied better see what that old mans up to . he walks up to the road to a small house and knocks on the door a old man anwsers

???:yes. who is it?

steven: sir i know u havent for got ur ownly student

???:ahh steven cobalt how have u been

steven:fine giles i just wanted to know if the cimara we made was doing

:giles: im sorry sir but it died a year ago>

steven:oh owell well then just one more question ?


steven y haven u let me in?

giles looks at the door as if to siglal steven theres some one be hind :no reson

steve: ah i see (he puts his hand on the wall and ti expolods in to sand knocking the guy be hind it to the ground) who r u?

giles:hes a member of a group called The Alchemic 55 hes an alcemist as well

steven:ahh well then old man u getting old u cant take on one little man.

giles:ya i can i was just waiting?

sudenly the guy gets up and pulls a knir fe and charges gile. gile puts his hand out and the knife gose in to his hand

steven:well thats intresting

man:whats wrong with u two? (he jumps back) i stabed your master and u didnt budge and he let me stab him

giles: well my turn (his hand starts sparking the blood forms into a claymore sword)my name is giles riker and im an the scarlet alcheist (he stabs the man it the shoildter then to the wall pinning him then hie knocks him out wit a pnch to the face.

steven leave after the man is arested he travels up the road and sees mason and otheres.
over a year ago onix11 said…
i think it is sono's turn
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Yea, but he hasnt been on in a long time. :\ Should we skip him?
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
Well, we all were warned that there was a possibility that some people might get skipped, so I would give him one more day, it seems like he just might be busy and can't get on right now. That's just how I feel.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Yea. Five days. It's been two, so he still has time, but if i get irritated, then we can just skip him.
over a year ago ash24trendkil said…
Name: Ash Takeru

Age: 17

Birthday: May 25

Age became a state Alchemist: 8

Do they have auto-mail: Yes, on both arms

Hair color: Black with bright red highlights
Eye color: Bright Yellow with black around it
Height: 6' 2"

Types of alchemy mastered: Water, Basic, and Healing

Personality: An aggressive, protective, softy that hates the day he became a State Alchemist. Ash loves to draw, read, and listen to music. He is a very quick learner so he can beat anybody in mastering any alchemy.

Back-story: Ash was just a young boy that was learning alchemy from his older brother, Edward Takeru. Ash loved his brother with all his heart, so he wanted to be with him all the time. Months after Ash's first alchemy lesson he broke both his arms in a car accident but his arms never healed so he got auto-mail replacements from Winry in Rush Vally. Then 3 years later Ash became a State Alchemist but then his older brother Edward died. Ash was devastated. Ash then ran away from home and went to find a new teacher. He met Edward Elric. Ed taught Ash basic alchemy and Ash quickly mastered it. Ash then taught himself healing alchemy and mastered it as well. He already mastered water alchemy from his brother. After he mastered them, Ash then vowed to find his brothers killer. Ash has been searching for years and still can't find the killer, but he has not given up and won't.
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over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Steven: "Hey guys, I finally caught up to you."

Daniel: "It was about time, finally we can get the gang moving."

Charlotte: "So where are we heading now?"

Emily: "The-The cemetary?"

Everyone looked at her.

Steven: "Why on earth would you want to go there?"

Emily: *looks down* "Nothing, just never...never mind...it..it doens't matter.

Everyone just looks at her for a few moments then keeps walking.

Mason: "I think we should head for Central, Colonel Mustang said I should meet him there today anyway."

Daniel: "Sounds good to me"

From the back of the group Emily pulls out her locket. She thinks to herself "I...I wanted to visit your graves....I...wanted to see you before I set out with them....Mama...Papa...I...miss you...so much." Tears start to slid down Emily's cheek.

Charlotte: *looks over her shoulder at Emily* Awwww sweety, you're crying. What's wrong?"

Emily: *quickly wips her eyes* It's nothing, I promise...I just got something in my eye....that's all."

Charlotte doesn't looks like she believes her, but she keeps on walking. Every once in a while looking over her shoulder at her.

As they reach Central, the guards let them in. They walk down the hall to Mustang's room and as they open the door, someone yells. "Surprise!! Happy Birthday Mason!!" Roy, his whole team, Mason's parents Edward and Winry, and even his uncle Al are there. Roy starts blowing on a noise maker. "I LOVE PARTIES!! I just knew I had to through you this party! I had to make your father have it here!" Ed glares at him "Because he's my kid and I wanted it to be at the family's house." Roy laughes "But where's the fun in that! Plus Mason has people after him, it's safer here." Winry goes up and hugs Mason. "Happy Birthday dear." Ed ignores Roy and walks over to Mason doing the same. "Yeah, Happy Birthday." Mason smiles "Thanks guys, Oh!" Mason turns around holding his hands at Daniel, Steven, Charlotte, and Emily. "These are my friends, this is Daniel, Steven, Charlotte, and Emily." Everyone smiles at each other and say it's nice to meet you.

After a few hours, Everyone has had something to eat and Mason has opened his gifts. Suddenly the door burts open and Mason's uncle Mason comes in. "I'm so sorry I'm late, something held me back." As he looks around the room his eyes fall abon Emily. Mason's eyes get big and he sucks in a lot of air. "E-E-Emily?"

_ _ _

Done! :) Since Mason's uncle was like Best Friends with Emily mom and since Emily looks so much like her mom. Mason would think he's seeing her and think he's crazy since Emily's mother is dead.
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over a year ago ash24trendkil said…
Ash was in Central, heading to Fort Briggs when he saw a banner that said "Happy Birthday". "I wonder who's birthday it is? Maybe Mustang knows."

As Ash walked into the lobby he saw Mustang, Winry, Edward, and a group of people. Mustang say Ash and yelled, "Ash come in here and say hello and happy birthday to Mason Elric, Edward and Winry Elric's son."

Ash was shocked to what he just heard. "Son? Ed why didn't you tell me you had a son." Ed glared at him and said, "Well since you never asked I never told you."

Ash was then ambushed by Winry hugging him. "Hey Winry how have you been." "I've been great, what about you." Ash pulled Winry off of him and replied, "I'm good too. Still looking for my brother's killer though." Mason and the rest of the group looked shocked at what Ash said.

"Your brother is dead?" asked Mason. "Yea but it's been hard trying to find his killer." Ash said as he look down. "Dad I'm just wondering how you this guy." Mason asked. "Oh, well I taught him everything he knows about basic alchemy.

"You taught him?" Mason asked shocked. "Yeah, why?" Ed asked confused. "And Roy, how do you know him?" Mason asked angry. "Well since Ash is a State Alchemist, I gave him his code name."

"What is his code name?" one of the people in Masons group asked. "Mustang please don't tell them my code name. I hate it because it is so stupid and generic and not like me at all." "It's the Average Alchemist." Roy said happily.
Ash glared at him. "I told you not to say it." Mason's group giggled. "Just call me Ash. I very much prefer it." Ash said as he shook his head with annoyance.

" Any way, I have to get on with what I was doing and happy birthday Mason. Bye everybody." Then Ash left Central of to Fort Briggs to see if he can find his brother's killer.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Done:) srry if I skipped someone
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Now who?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Me. I'll do it tomorrow morning, i just want to enjoy my Sunday. :/
over a year ago Leleu said…
Hey this roleplay looks cool. Can i join in?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Sure! You're welcome here.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Name: Yoshimo Tagachi

Age: 17

Age became a state alchemist: 14

Do they have automail: Yes one in his right arm and one on his left leg.

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 1.80m (sry dont know how much it is in pounds)

Weight: 75kg (dont konow that too)

Types of alhemy mastered: Steel

Personality: He is very kind, gentle and calm, but he can be transformed into a killer if any of his friends are hurt. He loves o talk whit people and to read.He is very limited in his alchemy abilites however he has more than 200 points of qi and he can beat anyone just using his intelligence and some of his alchemy skills.He can solve te ost dificult math and science problems as if it were othing and thats what gave him his title. Also he is name the Steel alchemist because all of his metal techiniques are based on making anything into pure steel. He also have the abilitie
to while dreaming see a little of the future.

Backstory: Yoshimo was a very good boy who had a very good family. However when he was only six his entrie family was brutally assassinated by 4 assassins. Yoshimo doesnt remember that momente right except for the horrible smell of blood and from a guy whit an ouroboros tatoo on his right hand sayng something like "Dont kill him... he may be useful to us in the future". He was then taken by a family who adopted him. His foster family was very kind and his foster father was one of the best meal alchemists in the country. He then teached Yoshimo how to use it. But one day he learned about human transmutation and tried to transmute his biological mother. However, he lost his entire right arm and 75% of his left leg. After losing both limbs he saw what he created. The creature called his name several times before dyng. His foster father rescued him and then took him to resembool to have his automail made from the best of all automail mechanics in the country. Winry Rockbell.His father after leaving him there expeled Yoshimo form cimitting tabbo. In there he met Mason and both of then became very good friends. When he was 12 he decide to become a state alchemist. In there he met Ash and both of them became friends too due to their similar stories (the murde of Ash's brother and Yoshimo's family. After gaining their qualifications they decided to begin their quest together since the assassins may be linked. Yoshimo and Ash decide to go to Fort Briggs to look for clues about their assassins. However, Yoshimo recently had a dream in where eveything he could hear was the name of Mason Elric and lot of blood in a dark room. He thinks that maybe Mason is going to be the assassins next target or maybe someone very close to him. Thats why he must find Mason and protect him so that Mason doesnt need to have the same experience he and ash had.


Sorry if i messed up some words. I did this future reading abilitie not for Yoshimo to become overpowered but to help on developing the history. However if you guys dont like it i can take it off this skill. Also since Yoshimo saw the truth he doesnt need to use any transmutation circles to do alchemy so he just clap his hands and go to the fight. Also as i said before his ailities are limited and he need to use all of his intelligence to win. Thas all. Sorry ofr the very bigo post. Hope you guys liked my character. Also thats my second account i removed my first one Leleu.

over a year ago Leleu2 said…
In the part it says"one of he best meal alchemist in the country" meal is metal i forgot to put the t on it sry :P. Also in the part "after getting theyr qualificatiion" it is his since Ash gained his when he was still 8 and Yoshimo nly when he was foruteen. Sry for this mess :P.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Please everyone make sure you post in order, we don't want anyone to get skipped. If you don't know your ordre, please ask. This is the posting order, try and remember when it's your turn.


Since Link got skipped, it's her turn.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason stared at his Uncle is Awe.

"Uncle!" He cried, like a little boy, and sprinted to hug him. His uncle smiled, and knelt. Mason flung himself around him for only a moment before pulling away, and engaging in conversation. Emily looked on in disbelief. She knew she'd recognized Mason from somewhere. His uncle had been in Many pictures with her mother, and he was the spitting image of him. She smiled as she remembered seeing his uncle with his pure white smile, along with Her father in a picture together. They stopped their conversation as his uncle eyed Emily. Mason turned and smiled at her. The uncle got up and inspected her.

Uncle Mason: "I thought you... were..." He stopped short, not sure that He should say anything, but pressed on. "Taller maybe? Or were your eyes a different color?" Mason stepped in, placing a hand on his uncles shoulder.

Mason: "You can cut the act. We get it. She looks like her mother."

Uncle Mason looked relieved to have somebody tell him that it wasn't really her. "You look exactly like her. The hair, and eyes and everything." His face darkened as he looked down at his feet, and everyone starred in astonishment. The expression left as soon as it came, and he perked up, as he remembered what he had for his nephew. He pulled up his bag, and handed it to Mason. H smiled, and pulled out a large box, containing a finely crafted sword from Xing. His eyes widened, as he lifted it, feeling its perfect balance, and swinging it a few times.He turned still starring at it, and thanked his uncle-completely sincerer. They continued to talk about how Emily's mother had been before the current Emily was born. Suddenly, a group of men in masks burst through the door, and Mason instantly knew who they were. He leapt up, and pulled out his katana. They all surrounded his uncle in the utter confusion, and, pointed their alchemy guns at his face. He rushed to help his uncle, but as stopped as one of them placed a hand on front of his face. The man looked suspiciously at him, and signaled to his boss. Conan turned around, and smiled.

Conan: "Well, what do we have here? An imposter, maybe?" You know what to do." Two men each pulled out a handgun, and pointed it at either of them.

Random Masked man: "The real Mason Elric has an automail chest. The bullet will bounce off of whoever is the real one." Masons eyes widened. He looked at his uncle, who was merely eyeing them.

Mason: "You forgot one thing. Only the real Mason now can still use Alchemy. My trademark alchemy, that is." He clapped, and placed his hands both on the handle of his katana. Th man in front of him stood back, and fired a round. It hit him square in the chest with a solid CHINK. They instantly knew it was him, and started jumping. Mason dimmed his alchemy, but before he could do anything, he was stopped by the sound of someone coming in. He looked to his left, and there in the door, was his old friend Yoshimo Tagachi.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Link said since she got skipped that it's my turn, I'll post later or tomorrow.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Yoshimo rolls his eyes "You always like to get in trouble don't you." Yoshimo runs at them forming his arm into a knife. Roy and his team charge at them to. Roy snaps his fingers almost frying one of them. Mason jr. fights Conan himself, from behind him a Masked Man was about to stab him. When all of a sudden the man gets stabbed by to ice spears. Mason jr. turned around to see Emily. "You idiot you almost got yourself killed." Mason blockes one of Conan's hits. "I was kinda busy." Emily helps him by firing spears of ice at Conan. Who finally runs off with his remaining men. Ed wips his forehead "Well...that was close."

I few hours later, Mason jr. uncle Mason leads them all outside. Saying he had something to talk about with Emily.

Setting on a bench, Mason motions Emily to sit next to him. Mason Jr., Daniel, and the rest of the gang sits in the grass looking up at him. Mason sighs "I....I knew your mother since we were little.....and...she was my best friend....I miss her more each day. Seeing you....brings back memories....and I wish...I really wish I could turn back time to....and relive thoughs memories....the good and bad." Emily looks at her feet. "Mama spoke about you aften....I remember her talking to Papa about you....I remember you from pictures...but I hardly remember meeting you." Mason looks up at the sky. "You were so little, around 3 years old when I last saw you. The day we took this." Mason pulls out a photo and show it to her. "That's you holding on to your father.....you and him...were really close...anytime I came to vist you were up his heals, reacting up to him. After that picture was taking...I..I went on a two year trip...you mother sent me a letter a year later saying Allen had died...I wish I would have came back after that letter.....but I didn't....I stayed another stupid year...and....that year....they.....they both died" Mason's voice broke on the last word, Emily's eyes start to fill with tears. "Did you know....Mama didn't die right away...the doctors actually thought she would make it. Papa....Papa was the one who died right away....he....he took the full inpacked on the crash." Emily voice started breaking, but she went on. "The doctors said his neck broke....he told me...that he didn't die in pain...trying to make me feel better. I got to see Mama after a few days...all her cuts and wounds were cleaned up...but she looked so pale....and like...life less....the doctors said when she first came to, the first words that she said was my father's name....Mama loved Papa so much....they...they are always together....always....even when Papa played with use...he'd leave every few minutes to the porch where Mama was watching and kiss her.....that how I remember them...being with each other...never apart. That why the doctors think she died....she...couldn't bare the idea of being without him.....they promised to always be together...that's what she said to me the last time I saw her....she...told me to take care of Molly...and...then I had to leave to go to bed...and the next day...she...she was gone." Emily puts her face in her hands and starts crying. Mason jr. and the gang hang their heads. Mason puts his arms around Emily, trying to keep his voice from breaking. "It's ok, it's ok....they...they wouldn't want you to cry...they would want you to hold on to the happy memories..." Mason moves Emily up so she'd look at him. "I tried to adopt you and Molly...I really did....your parents said they wanted me to take you, Molly, Joey, and Allen if he was still alive if something happened to them...but the Adoption House wouldn't let me take you...I even put up a fight for you...put I lost." Emily eyes glowed. "Do you know where Molly is!?" Mason nods "Yeah actually I do, last time I heard Molly was in Ishval. Her foster parents are docters, so I think they're helping the sick and wounded." Emily quickly stands up. "Then we have to go now! I promised Mama I would take care of Molly and I sooner I get her, I can start finding Joey. I'm not losing the only family I have left." Mason puts his hand on Emily's shoulder. "I know, I know. I want to help to. But we have to plan these things out. We can't just run to Ishval." Mason jr. and the gang stand up, saying at once. "Then lets get started!"

_ _ _

Saddness, I actualy cried writing this. :(
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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Sry for skipping the order before. To be honest I knew about it I just forgot to ask about it. I'm really sry. :P
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
It's fine. Often if people just ask me, if they feel like posting, ill let them. Its really no big deal.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
If it isnt any problem i would like to be the next one to post so i can show how my character works. There are lots of dirfferent ways to interpretate the same character and i want to show the way i tough he would act. After this I'll only post on my turn. By the way thank you all for letting me participate in this roleplay. :)
Also I'm new to fanpop and I'm glad I met you guys!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Glad to meet you too. You can post next, definitely. You dont necessarily, HAVE to go on your turn, its just there to keep things on order, so i can keep track of your characters is all. Just say the word and you can go anytime.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Emily still cryign looked to the guy who appeared to help then against Conan. "Oh, thats an old friend of mine. Here let me introduce him to all of you. Thats Yoshimo Tagashi. I met him in my house in Reseembool. It was my mom who made his automails. Yoshimo these are my friends, Steven, Daniel, Charlotte and Emily." "Nice to meet you all" said Yoshimo whit a big smile on his face. "You havent changed at all have you mason? Picking up fights all the time.Im glad you' re safe." "And what about you?" said Mason jr."Still worryng about your friends". Emily was still observing Yoshimo. It seemed like if he was hiding something. "I cant trust him" she said to herself. Everyone decided to go to Mason jr uncle, Mason, place to plan what to do next.

In Masons house they decided to just rest for the day and plan what to do on the other day. It was around 3:00 am. Everyone was sleeping whit the exception of Yoshimo. "I dont want to dream about that again. I cant sleep." he said to himself. Suddenly he heard the sound of someone crying. "Who is that?" He followed the sound and stared at Emily in her room whit a photo of her sister on her hand. "I'm so close to finding you now. I'll not give up until i find you and Joey. I miss you all... so much...". Memories of his past suddenly surfaced to his memory. "Hey" Emily turned around and saw him staring at her. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "I heard someone cryng so i came to see who was the one. Could you please stop cryng? You're annoyng me" "What? How can you be so cold about something like that?" "I'm not being cold I'm just being honest" "When i saw you back then I kenw i couldnt trust you. You are a heartless person whit no emotions! I hate you! I lose my entire family and you say my crying is anooyng you? I knew that" "When I was only six my entire family was murdered by a group of assassins." Emily suddenly interrupted by Yoshimo placed both hands on her mouth as a reaction to the shock she had listening to this. "I cant even remeber that day correctly. Its sad you know. I cant evem remember my biological parents face. After this i got adopted and learned metal alchemy form my foster father. However after trying to transmutate my biological mom I lost my right arm and left leg. As a result I got expelled from my foster family." "If all of this truly hapened to you.... how could you say that my crying was... annoyng you... you.... should be able to understand." "And I do. I was just like you in the past. However... I noticed that crying wouldnt solve anything. You should stick to the good things. For example if all of this didn't had happened to me I wouldnt had met my best friend Mason. Also have you tought of the possibiity that they are in a better place?" Emily's eyes glowed. No one ever said such things to her. "Also, do you think that they would like for you to only remember about that incident?" "How do you know about it?" "I heard you talking about it whit Mason's uncle." "Yeah... you were there..." "Also you may not have noticed but you made very good friends. Especially Mason jr. They really care about you. A lot." Yoshimo stopped for a moment. "Well I think I've said enough. Sorry for bothering you" When Yoshimo turned around Emily jumped up and grabbed his arm. "Do you... promise me... that you will help me... to find my sister and brother?" Yoshimo stared at her. He remembered how good it was when he got adopted and how it was good to have a family."Of course! You can count on me!" After this Yoshimo went to his room and Emily grabbed the photo of her parents. "I tough I was the only one who was all alone... I tough I was the only one that had no family... but... he is all alone too... Im glad someone like me exists" After that she fell asleep while Yoshimo couldnt stand anymore and also fell asleep.

"That dream again... How could I... oh yeah... I fell asleep... couldnt hold anymore. But this time it was different... This time i saw someone... dying..." Everyone was having breakfast and suddenly Yoshimo appeared. "Hey, Yoshimo, here take a sit." said Mason jr.. "Mason" said Yoshimo "I need to talk whit you particularly right now!"


I placed this thing betwen Yoshimo and Emily just to give a bit of drama and love to the history (which I think is essential to a good story.. Since both of them had similar story lines you know, losing their families, I tough it would be good to make that scene. Hope you guys liked my post.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice post.
over a year ago onix11 said…
So, who's turn is it?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
over a year ago ash24trendkil said…
After Ash left for Fort Briggs he thought about what he found the day of his brothers death. He thought about the note he had seen on the corpses body. Ash couldn't remember the whole note but he did remember that it said, "... and if you get a alchemy teacher I will kill them to so don't even think about it." He wanted to remember the whole note but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't remember. The only thing that Ash has to remember Ed was the necklace he had given Ash for his 5th birthday. It has made by alchemy in the shape of Ashs transmutation circle. The one thing that he hated more than anything was how people talked about his brother. They keep saying that he was a terrible alchemist and that he couldn't protect himself at all. Even though Ash was stronger than his brother, Ed was just practicing when he was ambushed.The whole reason that Ash hasn't resigned from the military yet is the simple fact that he wouldn't be able to get anywhere to find the murderer.

Ash finally arrives at Fort Briggs with a warm welcome by Olivia Armstrong. She was just standing in front with her sword in hand and looking ready to fight. She was expecting a muscular man but was disappointed by the sight on a skinny 17 year old. The thought of seeing how well Ash could fight was what made her not attack him. "Welcome to Fort Briggs Ash." she said as her and Ash roamed the halls. "This is where my soldiers train. And here is the mess hall. And here are my soldiers. Soldiers welcome Ash, here to the greatest fort in Amesstress." "Sir. Yes. Sir. Welcome Ash, to Fort Briggs." Ash was surprised by how many people were in front of him. "So, I guess I will just ask then. Do any of you know a person by the name of Edward Takeru?" The soldiers just answered with a no except for one. "I do Ash. Me and him were good friends." "That's great. Do you know anybody that would hold a grudge against him?" "The only person I can think of is Dr. Yomiko that is now in Ishval." Ash just ran out of Fort Briggs and headed straight for Ishval. Ash was finally going to be able to avenge his brothers death. He was finally going to be done with the wild goose chase he has been on.

i guess Ash and the gang are going to meet in Ishval
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Good post Leleu2, very cute. But me and Link both agree that Emily is going to end up with Mason. It's still cute to have them be close and bond with each other. But in the end Emily is going to end up with Mason.
over a year ago onix11 said…
Daniel is seen on the roof of the house. He has a small piece of metal in his right hand. A small flash happens and it turns into dust. He then puts the dust in his left hand and another flash occurs. This time, the dust turns into a harmonica. Daniel plays a slow and mellow song, that rang out through the quiet night. He did this only because he could not get to sleep. Sleep, it was probably one of the last things on his mind. As far as he could tell, everyone had been in some horrible tradgedy causing them either emotional or physical damage. His thoughts soon carried over to Charlotte, he knew there was something very differrent about her and he couldn't figure out what. But he liked that. It was something he enjoyed, figuring out people. He continued playing his harmonica while pulling something out of his pocket. It was a stone colored in blood. "This was the only thing those people left behind. And i'm not sure what it can do. The real question is, should i show this to these people i've only meet?" He contimplated what to day. He stopped playing the harmonica and sat up real quick. "I've got, i'll ask Charlotte. Maybe she'll know something about this. Right, tomorrow i get closer to finding my parents killers."

He suddenly hears someone yelling. "Finally that damn music stoped. It was lame as hell." Daniel stood up and yelled back. "Shut up! This kind of music is great and it soothes the body and mind." Suddenly lots of people start yelling. "Yikes, time to go in. He goes in through the window to where he is resting.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Thanks for the comentary pupkimqueen but i didnt did that scene so Yoshimo and Emily could end together. I just tough that since they both had similar stories it would be good to make that scene. What I meant from love tough, was simply the best word i found to describe what booth of them hold in their hearts. Also , Yoshimo has a foster sister who will appear later on the history, and since they arent biological related, she kind of loves him more than a foster brother. . I tough of sayng this later, but it was a good time to tell you all this, so you guys dont think I have any intentions of making Yoshimo and Emily to end together. Just made that scene so they booth could be good friends in the story. Also the last thing Yoshimo wants now is to fall in love. Oh, by the way, nice to meet you pumpkimqueen.
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
Alright, I guess I'll go.

Charlotte groaned in her sleep , her chest feeling like her heart was knotting up under her cold flesh.
She sat up quickly and examines her chest; a transmutation circle on the center of her chest glowed an unearthly red color, sending  pulses throughout her body.
"No..." She leapt out of bed quickly. "No; no dreams tonight." Te blonde had woken pretty quickly; considering she wasn't a morning person.   A light breeze brushed past her face; along with a subtle symphony that grazed across her ears lovingly. 
"What the hell....?" She cocked a suspicious brow and cautiously left her dorm room. 

She wandered down a narrow corridor for what seemed like hours; nodding off every now and then and snapping her head back up. 
"Cant sleep; no ......d-dreamssss....."  A stir of angered voices startled the half asleep teen. 
"I don't wanna fight anybody right now." She groaned; annoyed. Though she continued down the hall in her black night gown that came down barely past her mid-thigh. It was laced at the top; she would have thrown on something less racy;  but she felt like she wouldn't run into anybody at this time of night.  

Daniel lied in his bed; his door wide open. His mind was  wondering through a field of dreams as he fiddled with his harmonica. 
"Well I thought I was doin' a pretty good job." He pouted, pondering the previous insults to his musical skills. 
Soft treading echoed through his dorm and bounced off the walls; eventually filling his ears with the noise. 
"Wha-" He sat up halfway and steadied himself on his arms. A  petite silhouette was visible against the moonlit corridor. It was slightly slumped over as it ambled down the hall;  getting closer and closer to his door. He rose from his bed situated near the window and met the figure halfway. He was met with a blonde girl; her tresses cascaded down her shoulders and fell into her half-open emerald eyes. 
Was this who he thought it was? The girl who took down two men of the Military by herself?  
"......Charlotte?"  Her head snapped up; revealing her flushed face and wide eyes. Her irises looked more like giant gems  than eyes. Daniel put his hands on her cold shoulders. She seemed to be slightly shorter than him; her boots must have added at least a couple extra inches. Dead eyes store back at him. It was now that he realized that she was barely clothed; goosebumps prickling up on her arms.  Upon further examination; upon her chest was a glowing human transmutation. 
He gave her an inquiring look and pointed to her chest. 
She rolled her head around on her shoulders.
"Oh." She yawned and stretched out her arms, pulling them above her head; and that wasn't the only thing she pulled up. Her dress had uncovered her by accident; Daniel turning away bashfully. He pulled off his shirt and threw it over his shoulder to her. Once on; it covered all the way down to her knees. 
"Thanks......um...?" She really hadn't became acquainted with her yet; they still were practically strangers. 
"Daniel." Charlotte nodded and scratched her head. 
"I'm-" Daniel finished for her. 
"Charlotte." Said girl cocked her head and started to walk past him. 
"Yea." She was almost to his room now; now was the time to ask her about the red stone in his pocket. 
"Hey!" His masculine voice called to her from behind. He rushed to her side and pulled her into his room. He closed the mahogany door behind them.
"Answer my question."   She remembered his previous question about her symbol embedded in her skin. 
"You wanted to know about the circle, didn't you?" She had made herself comfortable on his bed; resting her head on a nearby banister. 
"You see..." She stopped and chuckled to herself.
"Youre gonna  think im insane." He gave her a dead stare with an equally dead tone of voice. 
"No. Continue." She laughed and rolled her eyes lightly.
"I'm not from here actually. I probably shouldn't even exist here today."  She had succumbed to the alluring fabric spread across the bed; she laid down and stretched out her legs. It was then that Daniel realized that he was still half-naked. He quickly threw on an old black tee; Charlotte borrowing his favorite one.
"So....I am from an parallel dimension,  where I lived a carefree life with my mother, younger sister and boyfriend. It turns out, you do keep your enemies closer than your friends. I was killed at the hands of my love." A tear slid down her cheek silently as she continued with her story. 
"I was brought to the Gate Of Truth once I passed, finding I had acquired an alchemy symbol in exchange for a bullet wound. Turns out, the Military is after me all because of that, because I was shoved into this world to find "my purpose" " Daniel was leaned back in a red recliner; intrigued by her story. "And because I have something that nobody else I know does. I have been hunted down for the damn thing, only to find that my body had dissolved it." Daniel retch into his pants pocket and pulled out his stone. He held it up to the moonlight that spilled in from his open window. Once Charlotte caught sight of the mysterious gem; she bolted out o his bed and got as far away from him as possible. 
"What's wrong with you?" An addled Daniel inquired. She had pressed her back against a wall as he approached her. 
"Get that away from me, I can't come in contact with one."  He scowled bitterly and shoved it back into his pocket. 
"What is it?" She calmed down and walked around him cautiously once more; returning to his bed and still eyeing his pocket. 
"It's what's called a Philosopher's Stone. Its basically a shortcut for alchemy. You now can ignore the laws, it's made of human souls." 
'Human souls', that hit him hard. 
"That's what the military was after me for." She touched his hand and stared at him intensely. 
"Promise me you won't do anything irresponsible." He nodded truthfully. 
"I'd hate to have to kick your ass." She gave a small smirk as he threw it right back at her. 
"You? Kick my ass? That's a laugh. Your too short for that!" He laughed heartily as he received a hard blow to his abdomen. He was sent across his room, tumbling onto the floor. 
"Damn, girl. That stone is workin' for ya." 
" Now, who's too short to kick who's ass?" She said smugly as she curled back up onto his bed. 
"Uhm, that's where I sleep." He tapped her shoulder, light snoring following shortly after. 
"Damn." He leaned back in his recliner and retired there. Little did he know, Charlotte wasn't really asleep. 
over a year ago john17 said…
steven is walking up a long hallway to a large door he knocks

???: enter

steven enters a room with a single desk a man is sitting behind it

steven:general mustang sir (for people that dont know at the end of fma mustang is promoted to genaral)on my way here i visited my teacher major genaral giles riker code name scarlet alcemist and he was attacked but a man an alchemist from some organization called alchemy 55. we were able to nutralize him. the organization it assassins for hire mixed with alchemy is a very dangerus combination.

mustang: thank u briadier genaral steven cobalt. how did u nutralize this man ?

steven sir u dont have to speak to me formaly. and my teache nearly cut off his arm and then knocked him out he should be in jail at this time also they have atacked several other people in cluding mason elric jr. sir may i request to stay with mason to keep an ieye on him as a senior officer and as a friend?

mustang: i was going to sugjest it but if u see any one of suspistion i want u to report it to me.

steven:yes i will oh and if i find that thing u asked me to find then what

mustang: if u find a philosipher stone i want u to destroy it ur specil alchemy is perfict for it seeing how ur gem and minaral alcemy cant be duplicated with out ur notes whitch u destroyed. the last time some one tried they be came petrified in stone and then crumbled.

steven:yes sir i will destroy every one i come across and what about the people thathave them?

mustang: to make a philosifpher stone u must sacrifice many human souls it is a very terable cration i want u to aresst anyone with one. make sure u tell the others to look for them as well so u can destroy the stones.

steve: very well (he leaves and gose to find mason)

there you go for to night
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Man this story is really getting good. By the way, nice post john17, onix11 and ElricLuv. Really looking forward to the next post. :)

over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
sonoboreas it's your turn and then after him it's ash24trendkil's turn.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Sonoboreas hasn't posted in a very very long time. I say its best we skip him for the love of the story.
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
I agree. Lets move along with our story.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
So, ash, it's your turn.
over a year ago ash24trendkil said…
i know im just feeling lazy today i'll post tomorrow
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Can't wait for your post ash. :)
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Same here. :)
over a year ago StarsGoBlue said…
Hey guys; I know it's not really my turn, but would it be cool if I added an OC? I'm new to this club.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Sure go ahead. Your welcome to post anytime, as long as you ask me. The order is only there to help me keep track of things.
over a year ago StarsGoBlue said…
Okay, thanks. :)

Name: Blair Ravenhearse
Age: About 10
Species: Demon
   Blair haunts the forest she was killed in; which resides adjacent to a railroad, where she was killed. Her mother always abused her and Blair had ran away one day, coming to this railroad crossing. No sirens, no whistles, no lights. Nothing to warn her about the oncoming train. She was taken to tue other side and granted immortality; IF she was to become a demon. She sold her soul and was bonded to the surrounding forest and railroad where she met her seemingly peaceful doom. She had always been a sad child and was only made more melancholy from her abusive childhood. She now is in control of the whole forest and can manipulate it into anything she would like. When the sky turns a crimson, and the tree bark starts to peel off and disappear into thin air, that's when you need to get out of there. That's when she opens a portal to hell and summons demons to kill the trespassers. She is sometimes referred to as the "Corpse Candle." from the creepy aura that emanates from her body. She has long, pin straight  deep brown hair, pale blue eyes and usually appears wearing a white dress that almost matches her skin tone. She was an angel turned demon and may never be brought back to the light. Of course, with a philosopher's stone; anything's possible. She's after anybody with the blood red stone. If you happen to trespass and be in the possession of one, chances are, you won't make it out alive. She is able to possess any human body and create a seemingly perfect fantasy to lead them to their demise, she needs sacrifices for a stone she wants to create herself. She wants to come back and feel the love of a mother once more, though she hides behind an angry, angsty mask. 
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
O.o Creepy......I like it!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Sweet. You can post an intro story if you like. :)
over a year ago StarsGoBlue said…
A cool breeze whipped through the trees of  
her forest. A train whistle echoed throughout the dark morning.
 "I'm sensing mortals." A hollow voice said aloud. It stained a bloody stain into the quiet virgin morning. The squealing of train wheels on the tracks sounded through the creepy forest. 
"How foolish." The voice spoke once more, sounding like a mixture of many different voices meshed together. 

*On The Train*

The usually quiet train was bustling with young children on a field trip to find out how a train station was run. A small blonde girl was perched at her window as her peers ran around amongst her.
"What are you doing?" A tiny voice inquired as they sat down beside her. It was a boy the same age as her; with dark brown hair and almond eyes.
"I was told there was a ghost girl here." Her voice was uneasy  as her classmates overheard her conversation.
A bossy girl pouted and put her hands on her hips.
"Your a  big fat liar!" The blonde girl shook her head as the rest of the kids ran to look out the misty windows. 
"No, the older kids talk about it on my bus all the time!" 
The opposing girl stood firm and pouted once more.
"Fine! Show me this ghost then!" She stomped over and pushed kids put of her way to get to a window.
"Children; I assure you, there is no ghost. It's just a story." 
They continued to watch the trees pass by for about five minutes. 
"Told ya there was nothing!"
Then, out out of the blue; the train slowed down and the kindergarteners began to panic. It stopped before a small clearing where a girl was visible. She stood out against the dark morning with her bright light.  The lights on the train began to flicker and eventually, they died along with tue engine. Wails of panic spread throughout the train as they rushed to their teacher; who was just as afraid as they were. A bright light illuminated the room, the girl from before appeared before them, coming closer to the group of children. Suddenly; she stopped and spoke.
"Leave. I am sensing a new presence. A group shall pass through here that is actually worth my time. If you value your lives you will never visit here again." and with that; she was gone, the engine came back to life; the lights came on, and the train lurched forward and began to move. The children all cried, save for one girl, who smiled bravely and said: 
"I told you she was real."

I'm not sure where you want to go from here...
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Wow... something tells me that this group is our group...
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Im scared. I'll bet anything that Leleu2 is right. Anyways, i think its Ashes turn. He should be able to post sometime today, from what he told me. :)
over a year ago ash24trendkil said…
As Ash runs towards Ishval, he comes to a forest. He stops and stares into the mysterious forest. "I remember this place all to well. I can't believe I found it." As he trails off, a girls voice comes from the forest. "If you value your life leave." Ash chuckled when he heard that. "I've been here before." he said as he sits next to a tree. "I would think for a demon who rarely get visitors, you would at least remember a guy like me." "What do you mean mortal." the voice said confused. "Do you remember a group of kids on a field trip to a train station? You know the one in the back of the group?" Ash asked calmly.

"There have been many trains come through here with the same intention. The only one that I actually remember sparing is-" she was said before being cut off. "Is my train." Ash said standing up. The girl appeared in front of Ash angrily. "Blair I know it's you. You can't hide yourself forever, especially not from an alchemist." Blair was shocked to see the that a mere mortal found out who she was.

"How do you know who I am? I don't remember telling you my name." "That's because you didn't. I just remember your voice from when you were runover by that train. It was on the news." With that comment, Blair broke down crying. Ash ran over to her to comfort her. "All I ask now is that you tell me what you want to make you happy."

Blair look at Ash and smiled. "I want a philosopher stone." Ash was shocked but then smiled back. "Luckily for you I have one." Blair grabbed it out of his hand thanking him. "I picked it up getting here. You can have it." She then left Ash to leave the forest peacefully. "I'm glad I got to help out another person." Ash said as he walked away. "I'm glad I made someone happy."

Blair is going to be mad when she finds out that the philosopher stone is fake but that was my plan. Anyway that's the post.
FullMetal Angel
over a year ago StarsGoBlue said…
"Happiness." Blair spat as she clenched the stone in Herndon white hand.
"More like misery." She smirked and sensed an approaching presence. 
"And misery enjoys company." 

"Ugh. Who wants to carry me?" Charlotte trudged beside Daniel.
"Where are we going, Mason?" Emily inquired innocently; not even acknowledging Charlotte's plea. The blonde male fiddled with his map in his hands.   
Daniel noticed Mason's ridiculous notion of locating themselves on a map; and stepped over to peer over his shoulder.
"Dude! It's upside down! Do you know how to read?!" 
"Could ya shaddup and actually be useful for once?!" Mason snapped back shrewdly. Emily tried to play mediator and calm the two boys. Charlotte stood at the edge of a forest and stared upward at the dark accumulating clouds. A light wisp of air brushed past her face and blew her hair around softly. A small voice spoke to her; it was an inaudible sigh. Rain began to come down in sheets; earning a group groan from the teens behind Charlotte. They continued to argue as Charlotte became fed up with their constant bickering. 
"Hey...." She said softly. They continued to talk. "Hey!" She said a bit louder. She had had it; she wailed at the top of her lungs. "HEY!" They paused as a startled crow flitted from the  top of a nearby oak. 
"Cmon you guys." Charlotte began to walk into the woods; but paused when a light rustling echoed through the woods. They all stopped in their tracks and readied themselves to fight with the unknown noise.  
A teen boy emerged from the trees and held his hands up in defense. "Calm yourselves." He approached Daniel and stuck out his hand. 
"Ash." Daniel took it and exchanged his name also. And introduced the other friends. 
"Your not really going that way are you?" He asked as he folded his arms. Emily nodded.
"Yes. Why?" He decided it was best not to tell them, so he shrugged and continued on his way. 
"No reason. Have fun...." He chuckled under his breath. 

Blair examined the stone closer and impaled her finger on the sharp end of it. A large transmutation circle made of blood was in the center of a large  clearing. A dead body was lying in the center, blood still fresh. She brushed her blood on the forehead of the corpse and created another small transmutation circle. And she placed the stone in the mouth of the body. Blair walked to the edge of her circle and began her transmutation. She was hoping to place her soul into the body with the stone, and stay bound to it. Light flashed around her and she felt light headed, everything was going well until the circled became red. The stone dissolved and the body became dust. 
"A fake?" She said to herself. Her eyes grew wide. 
"A FAKE!?" She bellowed violently. The teens at the edge of the forest could hear a loud scream. 

"What was that?" Emily hid behind Mason and peered over his shoulder. Charlotte shook her head and began to walk into the forest.  The others followed with their weapons drawn. Once they were inside the treeline; the rain became blood. Daniel touched his head where a warm drop of rain had landed, it was blood. 
"What the hell is going on...?" 
Emily began to shake and clasp onto Mason.  A light song drifted through the trees, Charlotte being drawn to it. 
"Hey! Where are you going!?" She began to sprint into the darkness, leaving the teens alone in the darkness. 
"Charlotte!" Daniel called after her. She had already dissipated into the blackness. He tried to run after her but was stopped by Mason's firm grip in his shoulder. 
"We'll find her. Now lets stay together." He nodded reluctantly and began to wander through the forest, with the  pair in tow.   

A strange gurgling noise startled the group of teens, Emily grabbing Mason tighter.  Strange footsteps sounded through the woods. Suddenly; the trees surrounding them began to rustle and the bark peeled away, like a dead layer of skin. Little did they know, they had entered a cesspool of demons. A hissing noise surrounded them on all sides, a large form stepped from the shadows. It gurgled once more and came closer. A light came forth, revealing Charlotte sitting on a tree stump with a small girl in her arms. She was singing a sad song. 
"Heres a lullaby to close your eyes. Goodbye. It was always you that I despised. Goodbye. I don't feel enough for you to cry, oh well. Here's a lullaby to close your eyes. Goodbye."  She was rocking back and forth with a brunette child in her arms.  The child was sleeping with a blood-stained dress on her small form. 
"She thinks I'm her mother." Charlotte whispered. 
I'm so excited about what you guys will come up with next! This is fun! :)
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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Nice post StarsGoBlue.Really liked it. Things are going to become a lot more serious now. I just wonder if my character are whit you guys or not since he didnt apeared on this post. Well, anyway whos turn next?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
over a year ago StarsGoBlue said…
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Nah, no need to apologise Stars. This things happens sometimes. Im not offended honestly. But I cant find a way to put my character in this scene and I have a test now,and i cant think about this stuff now, so if it isnt any problem I would like to have my character in that scene. Well need to go to the test. By the way nice to meet you StarsGoBlue. I love making new friends. :)
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Well, im looking forward to your post Leleu, and yours ElricLuv. Cant wait to read them.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Can't wait to read the next post. :)
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
Who IS next?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Leleu2, and then you.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Hey everyone I know its already two days and you guys are waiting for my post. Its because I had a test and some other things to do and I couldnt think about it back then. But Im free today, I'm just thinking about what to write. But the next time you guys enter here my post will be there. I promise.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Cool. :) Can't wait to read it!
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
"What? Mother?" said Mason. "Shut up, or you're going to wake her!" Suddenly some trees began to move. Everyone looks back whit their weapons drawn. Out of the trees a familiar face appeared. "Come on you guys can't be serious. I only get to sleep ten minutes and I am left behind?" "Yoshimo!" Shouted Mason. "What? He wasnt whit us?" said Daniel. "Sorry Yoshimo we forgot to wake you up" said Emily. "Nah no big deal. I had some things to do in town before leaving so I think it was actualy convenient being 'left behind'." "Come on guys shut up!" said Charlotte. "Who is that kid charlotte is holding?" "We dont know" said Mason. Yoshimo suddenly looking at the child fell a chill going trough his sipne. "What happened?" asked Mason. "Do you remember... that particular talk we had back in your uncles place?" Mason suddenly becomes serious. "That talk huh?"


"Mason we need to talk partcularly right now!" "Hey calm down man! what happened?" "I dreamed about it." Mason stares at his old friend face. He suddenly get up from the chair."Come on lets talk on my room." "Hey whats the big deal?" said Daniel. "Sorry Daniel we cant tell you." said Mason. "Hey come on, we're a team. No secrets right?" "I told you we cant tell you!" Mason shouted angry. "Sorry...its just that... you guys must not know about it... it will be better this way... come on Yoshimo..."Mason and Yoshimo go to Masons room and then they lock the door. "Come on tell me." "I dont know from where to begin" said Yoshimo " do you remember that because I saw the gate... I not only lost two of my limbs, but also gained the abilty of... reading future?" "Yeah of course." "I... dont like it since all of my dreams are about bad things.... bad things that happens... always happens..." "Yoshimo go to the point." "This time I... I saw someone dying... and ... I'm afraid it may be someone related to us or... maybe even one of us..." "Hey hey hey! Youre telling me that soemeone close to us is going to die?" "Yes and Im afraid... it may be someone related to Emily or... you." Mason flinched. "Come on we may be able to change it wont we?" "Im sorry but... everyone related to my dreams independently of my interventions... died."
"What do you mean" "We cant change the future. Never."


Everyone began staring at both Mason and Yoshimo not knowing what they are talking about. "Yeah I do remember that day... future cant be changed something like that you told me. So what about it?" "I dont know how... but... this kid... is related to it" "What?" Mason asked. "I dont know if she is going to kill or going to get killed or if someone she loves will die but... she was in my dream... Im sure of it..."


Somewhere in a unknown place:

"Master..." "So... what about it?" We located your... I mean we located Yoshimo Tagashi the Steel alchemist." "good now everything that we have to do is to find that girl... what was her name? Oh yes, Charlotte." "No need to worry master... She's whit him." "Serious? Hmmmmm... then we are lucky.... very lucky indeed.... " "Sorry matser but... hy do you want us to kill everyone whit the exception of Yoshimo and Charlotte?" "They are important to our plans..." "Why?" "Yoshimo opened the gate and came back alive... he lost two of his limbs... his right arm and left leg... but he came back whit a reading future skill. He is critical to our plans. But Charoltte is even more important." "Why?" asked the mysterious man. "She came from another dimension. She saw the gate and passed trought it. She also have a philosophers stone. Yoshimos little adventure inside the gate of truth is nothing compared to her... both are important... but Charlotte is far mor important than him... This doesnt mean you have to kill him tough.. I need both of them... alive..." "We also found Mason Elric the Lightining Blade Alchemist... What to make of him?" "Kill him and everyone who try to help him. We dont need him." "What about Ash?" "Ash? Oh yeah I remember him... I killed his brother..." "So?" "Dont hurt him for a while. I'llthink about it..." A little of the moonlight came trough a window revealing the mysterious man, to be Conan, and a little of his Master, his face still covered by the darknees. "Ok master... I'll go scout them once more." "Go" Conan then left the place. "Hold down a little... you'll be able to see him soon" the Master said looking to someone in the middle of the darknes. He then standed putting his right hand up, the moonlitgh revealing a tatoo of ouroboros.


There you go... Hope you guys liked it!

over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice twist :) Looks like there are still homunculi after all.
over a year ago ash24trendkil said…
this is going to be fun
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
"Quiet you guys! Honestly" Charlotte whispered harshly as the child in her arms squirmed. Daniel quieted the group as a tiny immature voice spoke.
Charlotte's eyes grew wide while the girl sat up and leaned against her shoulder, her eyes still closed. Panic pulsated through each of the teens as they kept their eyes locked on the kid.
"Ma-" Blair opened her eyes and gazed at the group with half lidded eyes. She scanned them all; then her eyes flew open.
She screamed as a whirlwind tossed the teens away from her.
The blood rain started back up again. Blair was now levatating while her eyes glowed white.
With a violent jerk of the arm; a powerful gust of wind was sent to them, along with flashes of light and an electrifying pulse. They all passed out.

"Ow. Damn it..." Mason struggled to sit up. He found himself bound to a large clearing, and each of his friends were located in a large circle. His hands and feet were strapped down tightly by a glowing light, those being the only source of light besides the moonlight above. A few candles in the center of a circle. It was then he realized, he was part of a human transmutation.

Charlotte watched the small child play with a doll she had concocted with alchemy. She had returned to a regualar child; if you could even call her "normal". Her tiny fingers traced over the doll's eyes. She smiled and clapped her hands together and a flash of light occured. Charlotte looked down from her small tree stump and watched as an few more dolls were created. They all eerily resembled her friends who had mysteriously dissapeared.
"See Mama?" Charlotte looked down at the figures at her feet.
"We can have a great big happy family." She moved the Charlotte doll and the Daniel doll around.
"See? Here's you...and here's daddy."
Charlotte blushed and widened her eyes as words stumbled clumsily out her mouth.
"Um, a-a-a-re you sure you-u wa-ant a daddy...?" Blair nodded and looked up at her "mother".
"Yea. My real daddy left me and mama when i was four."
"Oh..." Was her only response.
"And then this girl and can be my sissy and these boys and be my brothers. I always wanted siblings."

~Charlotte's Thoughts~
Why is this child so powerful? What could have made her so angry? Where are her parents?

"Come on mama." Blair tapped on the tip of Charlotte's boots.
"Play with me." Charlotte knelt down and picked up the Daniel doll and picked at its hair, then traced its smile.
"It's strange she thinks he's my....." Her face turned crimson.
"H-h-husband..." She gulped loudly. She shook the thoughts from her head and looked back to the rest of the dolls.
"Hey Mama. Let's go see our family." Charlotte rose with the doll still in hand, shoving it in her back pocket.
"What did you do with them anyway?"
Blair giggled and took Charlotte's hand.
"You'll see."

They came to a clearing with a large circle and her friends strapped down to the grass.
"B-b-blair....what have you done?"
Blair giggled and walked her to the outer edge of the circle.
"Here's Mama."
Charlotte shook her head and tried to wrench her hand free from the demon girl's grasp.
Emily cried as she struggled in her intrapment.
"Oh my god-" Charlotte put her hands over her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes. Blair grinned.
"Well, Mama. Its your turn now."
WIthout any warning, Charlotte was thrust onto the center of the circle, levatating above the candles.
"Sorry Mamma, but if you wont help me without me asking, I'll have to do it without your consent."
"What is wrong with you!?" Blair laughed as Charlotte's transmutation circle lit up.
"I knew it! A Philosopher's stone!" She cackled wildly and began her transmutation. Suddenly; Charlotte felt light headed; then she fell limp. Blair's eyes glowed, then suddenly her body wasd distorted; flying into Charlotte's body.
"CHARLOTTE!" Daniel Wailed.
Suddenly; Charlotte came back to life, her body shaking from a new soul in her body. Her feet contacted the ground and she silently snaked along the grass. Her eyes had become white and glowed against the dark night. The bindings dissapeared off the teens as they cautiously sat up.
"Finally. A Philosopher's Stone." The demon smirked and felt the power course through its vains.
"Charlotte?" Yoshimo inquired standing up and rubbing the welts on his wrists.
"Hahahahahahaha! No." She whipped around and flung him into a tree. The others covered their mouths as he made an attempt to stand up. They fled to help him. Save for Daniel, whom Charlotte was glaring daggers at. A voice from inside her mind spoke to her. 'Kill him. Kill daddy. He will be happy with us, Mamma.' Her eyes returned to normal for a bit as she spoke aloud.
"No. I wont. You can't make me!"
Her eyes glowed once more and she advanced to Daniel at a break-neck pace, pinning him to a tree with a blade to his neck.
He scanned her features, her face said 'loathe' but her eyes read 'sorrow'.
"You don't want to do this." He gasped as the blade was pushed further to his throat.
"Oh, but I do." She grinned wickedly.

Emily helped Yoshimo up and turned to Mason.
"How do we stop her?" Her voice was uneasy.
He gulped.
"I-i don't know..."

"Charlotte, please." Daniel pleaded and placed a hand on the blade.
"I know this isn't you. Blair, i understand you want a family."
Her eyes softened and gazed up at Daniel, tears started to form.
"I understand your pain of losing family. But taking lives isn't going to ease your pain."
The girl dropped the knife and collapsed onto her knees, Daniel following her motion. She began to weep, the rain above ceasing.
"I-i-i....I just want to be loved."
He stroked her hair and shushed her.
"You'll be okay. You just have to pass on, go to heaven. Tha's where your family is."
Suddenly, she fell limp again and the sky above lightened. The circle dissapated.
"Is she alright?" Asked Emily, helping Yoshimo hobble along with Mason.
"I don't know..."
A sudden breath of life startled the group and Charlotte fell onto his shoulder.
"I-i-....What happened? Where's Blair?"
"Mama?" A voice rang out beside her. There stood Blair, gazing up at her 'mama'.
"Im sorry. Can i stay with you? I will keep you safe Mommie." Her blue eyes pleaded with her. She turned to Daniel.
"And you, Daddy."
Charlotte nodded and embraced the ghost girl, Watching her dissapear into thin air.
"Where is she?" Mason inquired.
Daniel rose to his feet, helping up Charlotte.
"Beleive me,"
She looked to her side, seeing her 'daughter' standing loyaling with a loving expression on her face.
"She's here."
I Think this one is really sad. :(
Charlotte and Daniel are the only ones who can see Blair btw.
Can't wait to see what happens next! :)
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
"See? Here's you...and here's daddy." ROFL that's so cute! XD Daniel and Charlotte are SO cute together!! X3
over a year ago StarsGoBlue said…
big smile
Aww I actually cried when I read this; but I think it was perfect. I love what you did with Blair. Good job!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
AWWW! I cried! Nice job ElricLuv! :D
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
big smile
Thanks everyone! I greatly apreciate it. :) Who's next? Im so excited!!!
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Yeah really great post ElricLuv!!!
over a year ago john17 said…
is it just me or did people forget steven? lol
over a year ago onix11 said…
I have no idea who's next. I guess it would be who was after elricluv if i'm not mistaken.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
It's John17 turn now.
over a year ago john17 said…

steven up the road beside a woods: "where are those kids at.man genaral mustangs going to burn me to a crisp. how in the world did they git away from me."steven feels a weird energy coming from the woods he runs in."this feeling it feels like a philosipher stone"
he runs into a clearing where he sees the group."whats going on here?"

mason:it a long story"
steven:well tell me as we walk"he helps lead them out the woods
"oh befor i forget genaral mustang has asigned me to watch ove yall and protect you from alchemy 55 and or anything else that come on the way.he also wants me to tell u that if u come acrost any pholosipher stones tell me so i can destroy them.

Charlotte:how can u destroy a philosipher stone?(her hand secretly hiding the one she has)and what happens to the people that have them?

steven good thing u asked i brought the one to show u just in case u were curious(he cups he hand around it sudenly the red light starts shining through the gaps in his fingers it the turns blue and then little sphears of light scatter out and shout to the sky)"you see philosipher stones are made of human souls my alchemy lets me revers this prosses(he opens his hand and thes a little black roch that turns to ash after a second)alowing me not to blring them back to life but to at least relese the souls at move on.and anyone that has one shal be arested on the spot genaral mustang dosenot want anothe incedent like the one we had befor with king bradly." but enoght about work lets go.

Dainel: go where?
steven well you all look like uve been drug through hell and back. i knoe a nice hot spring hotel around here.ill pay

emily:ive neve been to one of thos be for wait how can u aford all of us.

stven reaches up and take off his sun glasses reveling his pure bronze colored eyes:well u see im extemly rich anualy my family ownes this hot spring hotel.

they all arive at the masive hotel

and steven and mason go to the mens hot spring.

steven: there was a philosipher stone in the woods with yall today
mason how did u know that!?
steven: i was born with the ability to feel the presence of souls in extream pain .when it comes to philsopher stones i can only feel them if thre being used.so what really hapened out there today and u do i feel a strange aura around danel and charlotte? almost like another person?

i know short but i felt like the team needed some r&r
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
As the gang relaxes, back home Mason's uncle comes inside from his weekly vist to his brother Ed's house.

As Mason walks down the hall and glances at a picture on the wall. One of himself, Emily, Daniel, Al, Ed, and Envy all smiling at the camera. Mason strocks his hand down Emily face. "....Emily..." His mind flashes back to the time he heard about their death and when he went to her grave.

*10 years ago*

Mason digs his hands into the dirt infront of Emily's grave, tears sliding down his face. Ed standing beside him. "She died trying to keep her family together...and...she's not alone....she's with Envy." Mason shacks his head. "He promised me he'd keep her safe! HE PROMISED!!" Ed looks at his little brother sadly. "Three of their kids are still alive....her daughter....she looks just like her." Mason turns to him, tears in his eyes. "But...she's not Emily...she...she's gone...and I'll....never see her again." Mason reaches into his pocket and pulls out the same locket he gave Emily for her Birthday all thoughs years ago. "....Emily...please...don't leavw me...I...I need you...please." Ed looks at his brother. "...after all this time?......you...you still have feelings for her?" Mason turns his head and looks at him and says simply. "....Always."

Mason mind flashes back to the current time and signs. "...Emily....I couldn't save you....but...I promise...I promise on my life...that I will keep your children safe....you can count on it." he places his hand over his chest, feeling the locket hanging around his neck.


So sad! Poor Mason! T.T
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Hey guys, I made this club for all are OC. :) link Please join. :D
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
Alrighty, now who? I really like where this story is going.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
I think it's Link's turn.
over a year ago StarsGoBlue said…
She told me it was yours, must be she didn't see your last post. I'll let her know.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason sat in the hot spring, and sighed. Steven had gotten out sometime ago, leaving Mason to his thoughts. He was blushing, thinking about the demon forest, and how Emily had held onto him during then. He sunk lower into the spring, the hot water coming up to just under his Chest automail. He had both his arms up on the edge to keep them from getting wet. He normally wouldn't care, but since it was hot water, he kept them dry. He then thought about his feelings fro her. He was only 17, so he didn't know for sure if it was there. He wanted to know of she felt the same. But he had other things to focus on right then. He picked himself up lazily out of the water, and grabbed his towel. He opened the door to the locker room, and grabbed his pants. He pulled them up, and then put on his shoes. He was about to put his shirt on, when he finally realized how much the flaps of his shoes bothered him. He scowled, and tucked them underneath his black skinny pants. He grabbed his grey sleeveless tee, and slipped it over his head. He grabbed his cloak, and stopped. He had tucked his long annoying flaps under his pants, so why not wear something else over that shirt for a change? Instead, he took his cloak, and clapped his hands together. When he placed them onto the cloak, it shined brightly for a moment, and when it dimmed, there-in place of the cloak- was a turquoise flannel. He smiled and pulled it on, rolling up the sleeves to Elbow length. He pulled on his belt, tucking in his t-shirt, and grabbed his watch. He pulled the towel over his head as he walked to the bathroom, drying his hair. He set it down when he looked into the mirror. His hair was slightly longer now, and he detested it. He pulled out a pair of barber scissors, and began to snip. Luckily, he'd gotten a good amount of barber training, when he'd had nothing better to do in Xing. When he was done, he was neat and tidy looking. Just to add more of a so-called "boyish charm", He ruffled, and then half combed his blonde hair, leaving to cowlick in front alone. He walked up the stairs to his room with Daniel and Steven. He was walking down the hall, when he bumped into someone. He looked up, and immidiatley, his blood froze. It was Conan, of the Alchemic 55. Mason drooped his bag, and jumped back. He reached for his katana, but it wasn't there.

"Shit!" He hissed through gritted teeth. Conan smiled, and advanced on him.

"Well now," he shouted gleefully. "What do we have here? an stray Alchemist?" Mason stood, and backed away slowly. Conan kept coming, Mason raised his hands, and readied himself. But Mason was grabbed from behind, by two other masked men. Conan bent down, and came face to face with Mason.

"Now, lets get you back to Insanity." He smirked and signaled his men. Mason realized the only thing he could do, no matter how much it ate at his pride, was to scream for help. He took in a large breath, and screamed at the top of his lungs.
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Hey, I know I souldnt ask about it but can i post nest? I tough of something really cool now.
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Hey sry for it but what I would add in my post I think I'll wait a little more for it so I dont want to post next anymore. Also I really want to see what the next person will post so... Anyway, whos next?
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AAAAA, I know you guys may be mad at me since this is my third post in a row... but i cant hold it, what I was going to post is really cool. So can i post next? I will not post a fourth time and sry if I made one of you mad for it.
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Lol I don't mind if you post and I don't think Onix or Link will mind either.
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I think its a good idea to let you post next. :) Dont be sorry.
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Thanks! But could you guys just wait like for 3 hours and a half for my post? I have some things to do now. But I promise it will be worth the wait!
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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Ash was in his room thinking about the chase against his brothers killer. "Brother... I'm so close now..." "So there you are." Ash turned himself to the door only to see a familiar face. "Yoshimo?" "Man you went to Briggs whitout me. I cant believe you did that." "I told you that I was going without you if you didnt arrived in time" "So whats the news?" "I have a lead tothe murderer ofmy brother. Maybe he is even the one who killed your family too." "Whats his name?" "Its" Ash is brutally interrupted by the voice of someone screaming for help. "Whos that?" Asked Ash. "Mason?" said Yoshimo.


"Someone help me!" shouted Mason. Conan grabbed him by his neck and tossed him in a window. Mason then fell whit his back to the ground. "Aaaaaaa! My back! Damit!" Conan jumped from the same window and began walking in Masons direction very slowly along whit his two men. "What do you want from me?" aked Mason. "Me? Nothing. Actually I have business whit someone who spent years in your house and is like a brother to you. Someone named... Yoshimo Tagashi?" "What do you want whit him?" "I dont want nothing... I'm just a servant following orders. And you are in the way so... my master asked me to kill you." Conan then grabed his sword. Mason looked to the sharp sword that was about to kill him. "Please dont be mad at me... Its nothing personal actually..." suddenly Conan raises his sword. "Damit. I cant die just yet." "Why not?" asked Conan. "IfI die here... Yoshimo will be mad at me as hell!" "Unfortunately its not up to you to decide your fate" Mason tried to move. "Damit my back! I... I cant move." When Conan was about to slice Mason he closed his eyes. Then he heard an impact like metal against metal. He opened his eyes and betwen him adn Conan was a big wall made of pure steel. "A wall made of steel.... that means..." Conan looked back seeing Yoshimo Tagashi whit his both hands in the ground. "Phew. It looks like I've arrived just in time." "Yoshi!" shouted Mason. "Well well... the mouse fell into the trap." "If you touch Mason again I swear to God I'll kill you!" Conan started to laugh. His two men looked at Yoshimo too. "What do you think you alone can do against me and my servants?" "Who said I came alone?" Conan stopped to laugh as someone punched his face and he fell to the ground. "Ash!" shouted Mason. "Man you are just like Yoshi told me. Always in trouble. Couldnt you just take a rest after that incident in the forest?" "I had no choice. He came after me!" Conan rose and stared at Ash whit a mad face. "Kid youre not the one I'm after. Step away..." "Ha! Dont tell me youre scared?" Conan heard two screams. he looked to his right side. Daniel and Charlotte were there along whit Emily. His two servants were unconcious on the ground. "Damit. I'm outnumbered. This is a fight i Cant win." He then looked to Charlotte. "So shes the one whit the philosophers stone. Shes not as strong as me but whit her friends she will be able to defeat me." He then turned to Yoshimo. "But him... his alchemy is limited and master will be mad if I dont kill Mason or bring one of them. Hes my best option." Mason stood up after some time and ran to Yoshimo. "Yoshi I forgot my weapon back inside." "Thats not a problem" Yoshimo clapped his hands and touched the ground. A part of it became gradually into a steel sword. He grabbed it whit one of his hands and gave it to Mason. "Thanks man" "Yo're welcome." Mason tossed his sword into the air and clapped his hands. Suddenly his body became involved in a type of electric aura. He then grabbed his sword before it hit the ground.His sword gradually became dominated by the lighning of his body. At the same time Yoshimo clapped his hands and formed his right arm, the one made of automail, into a knife. Conan gigled. "Iknow it may look like a cowards action but... I'll be retreating.... for now." "Like I'll let you!" said Mason. He then began to ran in Conans direction. He swinged his blade but Conan dodged it. "You may be strong.... but you lack speed." He then began running into Yoshimos direction punching him on his belly. Yoshimo falls to the ground coughing blood. Conan then grab him by his hair and throw his face on the ground knocking him out. Conan then looked back as he saw two ice bolts caming in his direction. "Sttuborn girl." he said to himself dodgin it. "Damit" said Mason. "Lets go Charlotte!" said Daniel. Charlotte agrees whit a nod. Conan then grabs Yoshimo whit his right hand and put his left hand on the ground." You know... I'm actually very good whit destructive alchemy." As he said that a big explosion ocurred blasting everyone back leaving a big smoke after it. "Yoshi!" shouted Mason. The smoke disappeared and Yoshimo and Conan where nowhere to be found. "Yoshi! No... he cant be..." Everyone goes close to Mason askisng if he was alright. Mason suddenly had a flash of the past in where he and Yoshimo sweared to be best friends. A tear came out of his eyes rolling torugh his cheek and falling to the ground. "Damn you Conan.... Damn you... Bring him back... BRING HIM BACK YOU ASSHOLE!" Everyone looks down as Mason shouted in agony and cried in sorrow.


Yoshimo woke up. He looked to his sides. "Where is everyone?" he said to himself. Then he remembered about his fight against Conan. "He knocked me out...dammit! But... where am I?""Oh you finally woke up." Yoshimo looked back. From the sahdows Conan appeared. "You asshole! Where am I? Why did you brought me here?" Conan gigled. "I'll wont tell you little fish." "If you wont tell me I'll make you!" "Heh, try it." "Enough!" Yoshimo flinched. He became terrorized by that voice since he didnt knew from where it was coming. "Whos is that?" "I'm sorry Master Zoem" "Master...Zoem?!" He then noticed a man caming out of the shadows. "Leave me alone whit him""Yes master." Conan then disappeared in the darknes. "Its been a while... My son..." Yoshimo then began to tremble as the man revealed his face. A man appearing to have 60 year old but being 10 yeas old younger,whit a long auburn hair and green eyes. "D-dad?" He then stared at the man. He was sure of it.It was his father. "Dad! Oh my God I tough I would never see you again!" He then began to run in his father direction to hug him. Suddenly a red flash appeared near his father tossing Yoshimo against a wall. "Dad? why... why you did this?" "My son... I tough of many ways to tell you this but... there isno other way..." Zoem took the bandage of his right hand. "What are you doing dad?" "Itstime for you to know... the true meaning behind your existence." He then showed his right forehand. Yoshimo went into shock. He remembered about the day his biological parents were killed. "Dont kill him... hell be useful to us in the future..." was what the leader of the murderers said. And the same leader had the same thing Zoem had in his right forehand. A tatoo of ouroboros. "No... it... it cant be..." "Yes my son... I killed you parents..." "But why? They... they didnt deserved to die..." A tear came out of Yoshimos's eyes. His father standing right in front of him whitout sayng a single word. "You... you were the one who saved me from despair... the one who gave me another family... who gave me a new life made me forget hat day..." His heart began to hurt. He then filled whit hatred stood up. "Why you did that?! Why?! I loved them so much! Why did you had to kill them? Why you" "Yoshi..." He was interrupted by someone who said his name. He felt a hand grabbing his pants."Yoshi... why... you did that to me... I... who gave you birth... and loved you... more than anything else in the world..." He them saw the creature. It was the same he transmuted yeras back in the attempt to recreate his mother. "No! Youre not my mother!" "Oh but she was... before you turned her into this... thing..." said Zoem. "No! This thing isnt my mother!" Oh but she was... now look at her... you said you loved your parents... if you truly loved them... why you did that to her? "The creature began calling Yoshimo several times. He then panicked. "No! I'm sorry mom I'm sorry! I swear to God I'm sorry! Please dont be mad at me!" He them made an atempt to freem himself "Let me go mom please!" "No... I'll wont..." He then kicked her head and backed up agains a wall sstaring at her. "Yoshi... You must save me... please... dont leave me... like this..." He then began to cry. He had lost control. "PLEASE MOM FORGIVE ME! I JUST WANTED TO SEE YOUR FACE ONE MORE TIME! PLEASE forgive me... forgive me..." he fell to the ground cryng and screaming. Conan reappeared. "Whats happening? I cant see anybody." "Its just an illusion. Soon the illusion will end and he will be unconcious. Tie him up and bring him to my room" "Yes master." Conan then looked to Yoshimo while he was cryng and screaming for his mother forgiveness.


There you go... Hope you guys like it!
over a year ago onix11 said…
Daniel was standing there with the rest of the group. He was shocked at what had just occurred. He walks over to were him and Charlotte left the other two assailants. As soon as he got close one of them glowed in a red lightning aura and was preparing to launch a massive attack. Daniel stood in a daze, he has a flashback to when his parents were killed and all of the red he seen. Particularly the red auras that the assassins had. He snaps back and in time to see the lightning ripping up the ground in front of him. Before it makes contact, the strike is stopped by an invisible force field.

Daniel: He looks down and sees Blair standing next to him. "Thank you."

Blair: She smile. "Your welcome daddy."

Daniel: He looks at the enemy and notices he is about to attack again. Daniel is quickly upon him with his right hand around his throat, choking him to death.

Masked man: He gasp for air. "Please don't kill me. I have information that could be very useful to you." He looks at Daniel only to see his eyes have a demonic look in them. "Wait, you remined me of-" His sentence is cut off short as Daniel's right hand explodes with energy and the man's throat is ripped to pieces.

Mason: He looks at Daniel in confusion. "Daniel...you killed him?" He still didn't understand. "We could have used his help."

Daniel: He looks back at everyone. Emily jumps a bit and Charlotte is stunned at what had just occurred and Daniel's look in his eyes. "You still have one more left to interrogate. Come and get me when you find out were they took Yoshimo." He walks back to the building and slams the door.

Ash: He looks around at everybody. "I thought he was supposed to be the calm one of the group. So, who wants to go see if he's up to talking."

Steven: He is standing next to the door. He was looking around, person to person. "What the hell happened." He looked at the dead body of one of the assailants. "Did he do this?"

Emily: She looked up with some sadness. "He killed him in cold blood. And none of us know the reason why."

Inside the house

Daniel: He is sitting in his room looking at the floor. His eyes in a daze as his mind travels to the past.

4 years ago

Daniel is looking at his home which has been lit on fire. His father dying before his very eyes. Tears streaming down his face. He looks up to see the men responsible charging, all of them having red auras about them. "Give us the command boss and will finish the kid." One of the men walk up. His stature clearly showing he was the leader. "No, this boy is nothing. He's no threat to us. Let him rot and die here alone." As the men walk away Daniel Looks back down to his father. His eyes changed from sadness to pure rage.

In the present

Daniel is still on the bed. He sees his hands are bleeding because he was squeezing them to hard. "I now know who was responsible, and when i find him and his friends. I will end them."

over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Good post onix11!
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
ElricLuv it's your turn. :)
over a year ago john17 said…
nice posts guys
over a year ago ElricLuv said…
could you skip me, I have a lot of homework. Sorry.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
That's ok. :) Then I guess it's your turn john17.
over a year ago john17 said…
skip got lots of work
dont forget to use steven so i dont fall behind
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over a year ago ElricLuv said…
The remaining teens all looked to Charlotte.
Mason: well, youre the closest to him, you guys have a kid for gods sake.
She looked to the door where he had entered and rubbed her arm awkwardly . Blair had stayed by her mother, looking up at her with pleading eyes. She eventually strode to the door and entered.

"Daniel?" She called.
He was sitting on a small crate in the dimly lit room. He just looked down at his arm and flexed his forearm. He never aknowledged her presence.
"Daniel, are you alright?"
He just nodded and exhaled loudly. Her eyes flickered across his body, dancing upon his shady features.
"Why are you here?"
"I was worried." Her voice was dwarfed by his gruff speech. He looked to her.
"Don't need to. I can take care of myself."
Her eyes glowed with the tears brimming on her eyes.
"I just didn't want to see my friends get hurt anymore."
He continued to look down at his feet and ponder.
"I just-"
"Just, stop."
Dainels voice startled her.
"Stop trying to help me, stop trying to fix things because you can't. You don't understand."
He was standing up at this point, towering over her and pointing a finger to her chest.
Was she could muster. She nodded and thought about.what her purpose was, was she even supposed to be here? She turned and walked out of the house with tears running down her face.
Daniel began to resent what he had said.
"Charlotte, wait....." She turned to face him.

I know its short, but I felt like I needed to post.
over a year ago IchiRuki15 said…
Name: Jynx
Race: Homunculus
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Black
Height: 5"6'
Weight: 110
Attire: Black lace-up boots with black and white striped socks underneath. A black skirt with tattered layers and a black top with spiderwebbing across it.  Her gloves are looped around her middle finger by a silver band and they are also spiderwebs. Her hair is short and dark and usually sits at her shoulders.   She has black Alchemic symbols that glow white whenever she uses her powers. Her Ourosborous tattoo is in the small of her back, which is visible. 

History: She started out as a troubled teen; her parents were always fighting, her father told her she was the reason they always fought, her mother was always beaten.  her only escape was her boyfriend. Though, as bad as her life was, she never once touched drugs or alcohol. She had vowed never to even attempt them, she didn't want to het caught up in something she couldn't handle. Though she already had. Her father's wrath had grown so strong that he murdered his wife. His daughter had seen that horror and he quickly killed her also, fearing jailtime. After a while; he felt great guilt and tried to bring his daughter back. He had never attempted alchemy before and made a complete mess. Thus, Jynx was created, for before she was brought back, she was told that she constantly brought bad luck where ever she went. She was told she was the reason for her parents constant feuding. So now she creates pandemonium and tragedy in wake.  When she died; she still was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel Wells. So now she follows him, wishing ue would realize that she is still here and that she loves him even in the afterlife.  Her past name was Jaquline Tybalt. She took on her new name "Jynx" from the reason mentioned before. 

Abilities: She can manipulate and curse and place hexes upon people. Her powers depend on her moods, anger is her most powerful. She is skilled in mixed martial arts also. 

Any questions? Just ask. Thanks. :) 
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Hey IchiRuky15, I just have a question: Since Jynx is a Homunculus is she related to Zoem, Yoshimo's father? If you dont know who this is just read my post on page 6. Thanks.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Welcome. =) Good to have a new face around here. Turns out Homunculi still exist after all.

BTW, apparently, the words going around that I'm a girl, and I'm here to say that those Rumors, are completely.........TRUE.
over a year ago IchiRuki15 said…
Yes, Leleu2, If that's alright. And thanks LinkKinuzuma13. :)
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Yeah, no problem IchiRuki15, after all I like the idead. To tell you the truth, I really like your character. Welcome, and nice to meet you. :)
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
By the way whos turn next? Its been a while since the last post.
over a year ago ash24trendkil said…
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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Well, I think you should make an intro post for your character and we still have StarsGoBlue turn, so I think you should do it Ichi. But I think we should ask Link first dont know.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Yea, Ichi can go. I'd like to see an intro post, just because i think you're good at writing. I just read to on on Brotherhood, and it's really good. Keep it up. =)
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Yay I'm really anxious for your post Ichi. :)
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
You going to post Ichi?
over a year ago onix11 said…
i think its safe to say that someone else should post and then ichi can post sometime along the way.
over a year ago pumpkinqueen said…
Guys we're just going to forget about Jynx, since she's probably never going to post again. We should just forget about her and move on.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Why she isnt going to post? I was really anxious for it... Well anyway whos turn now?
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over a year ago IchiRuki15 said…
Well, Pumpkinqueen, that was extremely rude. Its safe to say I dont enjoy you. But I have finals for college, so yea, Ive been busy. Thanks for jumping to conclusions. Anyway, to the rest of you, I will post eventually, probably Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for being patient the rest of you.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Well, if you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at me. I's my fault and i was the one who said to skip you. Pumpkinqueen was just the one to post it before i did. I'm sorry about this, but you can't blame us really, we had no idea you had college finals. Again, sorry about the misunderstanding, and please, don't blame Pumpkinqueen.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Well it was just a misunderstanding. Let's all forgive each other and keep up the good story. Also Ichi can i post your character on my turn? Its because since Yoshimo got captured and Jynx has relations whit his father I guess its good for her to make an appearance now.
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IchiRuki15: I will say it again. Frankly I could care less if you liked me or not, we all were getting tired of waiting for you and we weren't going to wait forever. If you're not going to post untell that long, I don't know why you joined in the first place. We skip people on here who don't post in a week, it's been two weeks since you last posted, so we weren't going to wait any longer. Also I really don't think we were being rude, if any of us were it was you for making us wait a month for you to even say what you were doing.
over a year ago john17 said…
no need for drama just write the story thats y were all here right
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Hey guys this is just a game for us to have fun and not to begin fights for things like that. Of course two weeks for a post is very long, but c'mon, it's just a game, and Ichi is having college finals, and it's very hard for him to find a time to even turn on his computer. But, on the other side I also don't think that pumpkimqueen has been rude, she just said that since you didn't posted in two weeks, she and most of us tough that you wouldn't post. She was just being honest that's all. So, what about we just forgive each other and "re-start" the story?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nah, We don't have to re-start, we can just continue, and bring Jynx in at another time. =)

So, Leleu, your turn.
over a year ago IchiRuki15 said…
Yes, go ahead Leleu. And pumpkinqueen, I will be the bigger person and apologize, I'm sorry for flying off the handle and freaking out. Okay, I only said I didn't like you because I Was stressed out. I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me, and if not, that's your loss. So I hope we can all just get along and I feel like I screwed up the story with my drama and I am just really sorry. I can't say it enough, and I can't get you to believe me if you don't want to. So if we could just get on with the story, it would he nice. If you all want to throw my character in later that's fine with me. And again, pumpkinqueen, I'm sorry. And I wasn't angry because you skipped me, honestly, I don't care. What upset me was that you told everybody to just forget my character.
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Lets just forgot about all this and move on, lets not stop the story over something like this.
over a year ago onix11 said…
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where's the posts?
over a year ago coole440 said…
Name: Linau

Age: 17

Age became a state Alchemist: 16

Do they have auto-mail: (Yes/No) Yes right arm left and right leg.

Hair color: Flaming Red.
Eye color: Gold.
Height: 6/9
Weight: 141

Types of alchemy mastered: (Up to 3) Liiquid and flame.

Personality: Snappy (I.E Bad temper) Loner angry alot and can be mean.

Back-story(a.k.a. their life before the events in the RP): Lost both her legs in a train crash started because of a band of thieves she was stolen and forced to be a slave she tried to bring her mother back and made a Hurmonculie that she later killed she lost her arm because of the try human transmutation Ed got her into the army after he saw her roming around her automail legs malfunctioning and her right arm gone. Now she is a large help to the army.

Can I join?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
YES. I love it when new people join!! (Roy: I LOVE Dogs!!)
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Everyone was outside,thinking about what just happened. "Geez I hope Charlotte is ok. Daniel semmed really upset." said Ash. Emily turned to Mason, still on the ground thinking about Yoshimo. She went to his direction. "Are you ok?" she asked nicely to him. "Oh my best friend just got kidnapped and I'm on Conan's blacklist. Yeah I'm fine. Thanks for asking." Emily then stared to the ground a little. "You know he is a very nice person. I think I know why you guys are best friends." "What?" "Back on your uncle's place I was crying and he comforted me. He is a really nice person. Just like you. Whit the exception that he is more calm than you. But you know... You guys are really close. What happened when you were young?" "Well..." They were all interrupted by someone yelling. They all went inside and saw Charlotte and Daniel in his room. They noticed the rest of the group staring at then. "Will finish this later" said Charoltte. "Hey everyone, I need to talk to you guys." They all turned around and there was Steven. He invited everyone to a big room. "Everyone take a sit... Well I think you all know why i invited you all here..." "Its because of Yoshi... isnt it Steven?" asked Ash. "Yes... but it isnt only about Yoshimo.... it's also about us..." "What do you mean?" asked Emily. "Well I'll go straight to the point... We in the military tough that alchemy 55, was behind only Mason and that they simply wanted to kill him because he was a problem for then... But then I ask you guys... Why did they captured Yoshimo, instead of killing Mason?" "Because we were all there and he was outnumbered" said Daniel. "Wrong. Mason was a bait to bring Yoshimo to his trap. He didnt had the intention of killing Mason on the first place. Everything he wanted was to capture Yoshimo. That doesnt mean that he dont want to kill Mason tough, and the rest of us..." "But... why would they capture him?"asked Charlotte. "Well he has more than 200 iq points which means he is a genius and he is one of the top on the list to rule this country someday because of his strong will and leadership..." "That means?" asked Mason." "that means that alchemy 55, has a plan and for that plan Yoshimo is essential. He also opened the Gate of Thruth and that makes him very special. He also has very limited alchemy which means that it isn't difficult to defeat him in 1 on 1. But what scares me is the other part of theyr plan...." He took a long breath and then he sit on a chair. "Conan is strong enough to defeat all of us single-handed but he dindt. Which means that... It's not just Yoshimo who is important to then... One of us here is too." "WHAT?" shouted Mason.
"Yes that's right. He just captured Yoshimo because he dindt wanted to fight and hurt the other subject. I also have a very good clue of who this could be...." He then stared at each one of Mason's friends. "It coul be Ash, Emily... or Charlotte."
They all looked at each other. "Everyone whit the exception of the next subject will be on theyr blacklist. Problem is we dont know which one of you three is the next subject... Everything we know is that the rest of you will all be on theyr blacklist and will be killed by then." Everyone became scared of what they heard. "So we armed a scheme to rescue Yoshimo and protect you all. We will make a search perimeter and try to discover the direction Conan went whit Yoshimo. Since he was carrying him he can't be that far. And I will stay whit you all to provide support. I also have someone I'd like to introduce to all of you." A girl whit flaming hair and golden eyes entered in the room. "This is Linaus. She will help me on my task of protecting you all." "Nice to meet you all" said Linaus. No one said a single word. They were all too shocked to welcome anyone now. "Now why dont you guys go get some rest?" "No way, I'm going to help whit the investigation." said Mason. "Oh no you won't." "Excuse me?" "You guys are not allowed to leave this place. It is safer that way." "Safer? My best friend is out there probably being tortured right now, and you think I can have the luxury of being 'safe'?"I'm sorry but I'm leavin RIGHT NOW!" "Oh no you wont" said Steven again. Mason stopped and turned to face Steven. "Do you know how I lost my arm?" "No, and I'm not interested on it" "I was a young boy and I was playng hide and seek. I tough that the forest would be the best place to hide and then I got attacked by a wolf." He was squezeing his hand so hard that it was bleeding. "He ripped my arm off. He was going for my head but then Yoshimo appeared and saved me. He brought me back home and saved my life. I... I souldn't even be here right now..." He looked down. "When 3 big boys where bullyng me he was the one who kicked their asses! Of course he used a bit of alchemy but he saved me! Back on my birthday party in Central he appeared to help me agaisnt Conan. And now he sacrificed himself to save me! DO YOU REALLY THINK I WANT TO BE SAFE?!" He gave a big punch on the table breaking it in half. "HE SAVED ME ALL THE TIMES HE COULD AND I NEVER COULD RETRIBUTE! DO YOU THINK I'LL LEAVE HIM WHIT THAT CRAZY MAN?! NEVER! THIS TIME I'LL SAVE HIM AND RETRIBUTE EVERYTTHING HE EVER DID TO ME! AND YOU'LL WONT STOP ME!" Steven was shocked of what he saw and heard. "Mason listen to me..." "IF YOU TRY TO STOP ME I'LL DESTROY YOU!!! YOU HEARME?! HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR?!" He stared at Steven for a while. "Good. I'll be leaving right now. if any of you wants to help me you're all welcome." he then left the room. "Mason?!" shouted Emily who began running on his direction.


"Where... am I?" Yoshimo opened his eyes. He was in a chair completely tied. "You finally woke up." He looked up and there was his father Zoem. "YOU DID THAT DINDT YO, ASSHOLE?! YOU MADE ME SEE THAT MOSNTER!!" "Calm down my son" "IM NOT YOUR SON!! NOT ANYMORE YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!!!" He then began screaming. He felt like 1000 volts of electricity where passing trough his body. "When I was young I looked just like you. I was stupid and let emotions took the place of reason... How shameful." "Just give me a favor..." "What is it?" Tell me... why you're doing this to me..."
Zoem tooka deep breath. "When you Emily Daniel and Ash were born they said that you all had great capacity. I knew that each one of you would become the strongest alchemists in the country and you all were a threath to my plans. Then I had to do something about it. Then I discovered that you all were learning alchemy from your parents." "Dont tell me..." "I killed Daniel's father and Ash's brother and faked an accident that killed Emily's parents." "YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!! I'LL KILL YOU I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL!!" He then felt the 1000 volts of electricit move trough his body for a few seconds. "I didnt had to kill Mason's parents tough because he couldnt become stronger than me. But I never tough he was a genius of alchemy and that he would master his uncle's unique lighining-blade alchemy... I guess that all plans dont go 100% as we would like for it to go... and now instead of using him to my plans I'll have to kill himand also Emily and Daniel because they didnt became what I tough they would... how shameful of me..." he then walked around the big dark room for a while and then stopped. "When I went to kill your parents I noticed that you would become a great leader someday... and then I adopted you... but you werent good whit alchemy... then i decided that I would let you do the human transmutation." "So... you left that book there on the middle of the corridor... on purpose?" "Yeah... I tough that you would become stronger... but you didnt. But then I saw your ability to read the future and then i've made a special part for you in my plan." "What plan?" " Dont worry you'll know when its time... Did you knew that philosophers stones can be made not only from human souls but also from human emotions?" "What?" "I created one using your hate and regret... it was so black that even in the ligth it was hard to see... and then..." "Come on dad I told you not to tell him about me!" A boy came out of the darkness. Yoshimo was surprised but at the same time terrorized. The boy was exactly like Yoshimo. It semmed like he was looking in a mirror or a twin brother. "What the...""I extracted half of your soul and placed it inside the dark philosophers stone and i created him. He is the bad you. He is your other half. I call him Yusuke." "Hey Yoshi, I mean myself, how are you? Still criyng because of our litlle mommy huh? Come on I'll tell you a bed story." "No... this... this cant be possible..." "Oh but it is" said Yusuke. "I'm just like you, but if you love, I hate, if you want to save, I want to kill... Your best friend is my worst enemy." said Yusuke. "I also made this from your parents soul and theyr good emotions." said Zoem. He showed a white philosophers stone. "What the?" "Its made of the love your parents had for you..." The stone suddenly flied to Yoshimos hand. "It looks like your parents still love you after all... but this stone is mine." As he tried to get closer to Yoshimo a big white flash ocurred sending Zoem back. "I see... I'll wait for your parents to cool down and for you to get back to your mind... it's just too much information for someone of your age. Let's go Yusuke." "Bye myself!" said Yusuke. "Keep an eye on him." Zoem said to somenone in the dark.Yoshimo suddenly realized that he was up on his feet and that had no chair in there."Another illusion..." he said to himself. He then noticed that someone was staring at him. "Who are you? Show yourself!" A person came out of the darkness. He then stared at her and he saw a young girl whit pink eyes and black hair. He was shocked. He knew who that was. "Oh my God... You... You are Jaquline Tybalt!!"


I had so much to put in the story after so much time that i had to summarize for it to not be so big lol. I just couldnt miss the oportunity to put Jynx and Linaus in the story. It just semmed like the right place for new characetrs to join! Also when Yoshimo was younger, he tried to save every single one of the persons he saw dying on his dreams, problem is he couldt and Jaquline that is now Jynx were one of then, thats how he met her. Hope you guys liked it!
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OMG, Leleu, that was amazing. But Both of Masons arms are automail, and i saw the one line where it said his hand was bleeding from squeezing so hard. Just thought i'd let you know that. =)
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Emily ran up to Mason as he got to his room "Mason!?" Mason doesn't pay attention and just starts packing his things. Emily grabs his arm. "Mason! Listen to me!" Mason turns around. "I'm going after Yoshi weither you like it or not." Emily tights her grip on him "Mason...Please think this through...you can't just run out by yourself! What...what if they're out there waiting for you? You know they're going to kill you. I....I won't let you go!"

Mason pulls away from her. "I don't care, I can't leave Yoshi alone with them! I don't care if I die along the way, I owe him for saving me and I won't leave him!" Emily stakes her head, trying to fight back tears. "Mason...don't say that....I...I won't let you get yourself killed....I...I won't..let you go....I'll..I'll fight you if I have to." Emily puts her fist up in a fight stance.

Mason stares at her and finally shakes his head laughing. "God what am I going to do with you." Emily opens her mouth to speak, but before she could Mason pulls her in and hugs her. "Thanks for the cunsern....but I'll be fine...don't worry, ok? I'm an Elric, we always pull through. I'll be back soon....I promise....I'll be back soon with Yoshi." Emily clings to him. "I....I want to go with you....I...I won't let you go by yourself....please...I...I feel so useless half the time....atleast...atleast let me help you and...." Emily voices trails off as she was about to say protect you Mason sighs and leans back to look at her. "Fine....but..if I say run you run, if I say hide you hide, if I say leave me and take care of yourself you do so. Understand?" Emily nods slowly. "I...I...understand" Mason grabs his backpack. "Good....lets go then."
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Linau was confused she had no idea what to do she started zoning out thinking about him she didn't think about anything else she couldn't its like he pulled her into him whenever she was alone he almost killed her and now he wanted her back..Linau started swaying and droped on her knees on the ground her legs making a small clank snaping her out of her thoughts she stood up and walked over to a tree and started leaning on it thinking about her past suddenly she couldn't break out of her thoughts and stood there just a blank stare at another tree (Which wasnt much of a stretch from her usual expression)
"LEAVE ME ALONE GO AWAY I HATE YOU!!" the man in the shadows spoke it was like ice in the veins she couldnt move " But I love you Linau" "NO I HATE YOU!!" The man grabbed Linau's chin and spoke right in her face "No you dont you cant hate me." He threw her across the room.
Linau snapped out of her day dream and started examing her arm.
Sorry it took me so long I kept having to think of things X)
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A deepback stab

masonwith packed bag is heading down the hall way but,it is stoped by a steven "come with me mason.and dont worry im not stpping u"mason follows close behind to the court where the fight took place ."why arnt you going to stop me steven?". "well I saw the emotion that u showed me about you wanting to save him.so this is what imgoing to do im going to help tou find them (he bends down and picks up a peble,and tosses it to mason look at this.its not found in this area that is from a hight altitude so ther high up and near miniral poor soil so maybe near a mountan range
"nice work,ok lets go "mason lokk excited." "wait a minite its way to quiet were are all the employes" the rest of the groupel show up" whats going on guys"says charlotte. Alow.me to anwser that "aman steps out "i am the scarlet alcemist stevens teacher and I cam to cheak on you"steven"thats alie they sent the other one to help us why are you really hear and why do u smell of blood?" "ah steven why do ask so may questions"suddenly a thin needle like spick shoots out theground at msons stevnjumps and knocks him out the way and the goes up stevens right cheek and across his eye ."shit why are you doing this giles" "because im a member or alchemy 55 .oh and I killed all of you all ur employes sonow then im afraid I have to kill you all" steven slams his hand in to the ground droping everyone in to an under ground cave"all of you run ill cetch up later" masonllet us help you"steven "sorrybut I cant do that he tought me I know hhow to deal with him but hes still very powerfull and he could take you all down slowly. Anyway mason I thought u had a friend to save now run"he closes tje hole up."well how heroic of you steven"giles puts his hand on the ground and blood stats trikleing in from the hotell where all the dead employes are.steven touches the ground and it all turns to sand around him.

How will this figjt play out maste vs student