Hello! First off, I would like to start a little group of just talking about the anime. We post our opinion or other stuff in arcticles, and then we all comment on them. Here! I will start.

The first 12 episodes are amazing! It is very hearwrming as we vewers can see Takuto's and Mituki's relationship bonding more and more. With Takuto and Mermoko, their relationship is not changing at any way. Around episode 11 or 10, the shingami cannot get in. Takuto is determined to get to Mitsuki, no matter what. He even sends her a letter, off of Meroko's picture of him. The drawing dissapears. Meroko is crying, but Takuto dosn't care. This shows that their relationship will probbably stay as firends, and shingami partners.

Takuto's relationship with MItsuki is bonding. He cares for her, and she secretly cares for him. She is still involved in Eichi-kun though. Meroko sees Takuto's feeling of Mitsuki and even asks Mituki if she likes him. While in front of Takuto she says no. That is too bad. I hope they will start openly talk about their love for one each other one day.

I give the first 12 episodes 5.0 out of 5.0. The 1st 12 episodes were hilarous at some times, heartwariming, and touching. Everything I want in one package.

Izumi shows up in one of the episodes of the 12.