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Gabriel "Sylar" Gray Opinion Article

Some Of Sylar's Best Quotes:

Opinion by Miss_Dreamer posted over a year ago
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- "This is usually the part when people start screaming."

- "Turns out you're the villian, Peter. I'm the hero."

- "I remember you. You're like me, aren't you? I'd like to see how that works."

- "I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering you yours."

- "I am the natural progression of the species."

- Sylar: "You're broken."
Brian Davis: "What?"
Sylar: "Suresh was right, it's so clear now. How it all works...pieces fitting together. It is in the brain."
Brian Davis: "So you can help?"
Sylar: "Don't worry Brian...I can fix it. It's an evolutionary imperative." (crushes Brian's skull with a rock)

- "That was for the haircut.!"

- "I believe in fate and karma and I'm not just saying that 'cause you're Indian."

- "The watchmaker's son became the watchmaker... It is so futile!"

- Nathan: "Brother versus brother. It's almost biblical."
Peter: "My brother can't walk through walls! Who are you?"
Sylar: "An old friend. The guy they blamed for blowing up New York. But you and I know the real history, don't we Pete?"

- "Give me that damn list so I can sink my teeth in!"

- "Hello, Chandra. You helped me to discover my potential. You made me this way. I can't control it. I don't want to..."

- "Maybe I don't have to be special. That's okay to just be a normal watchmaker. Can't you just tell me that's enough?"

- "All you have to do is stop time before I cut off his head. Do you think you can do your little trick before I can do mine?"


- "They mean nothing. They're innocent. There's no gain, so why would I do it? What possible reason could I have for killing so many?"

- "Don't worry. You might actually do some good before you die... Starting with that list."

- "We're more powerful than they are, more important. We're special."

- Sylar: "You're not even listening."
Virginia Gray: "I am listening."
Sylar: "No. You're making a tuna sandwich."

- "I can hear you dialling 911!"

- "I had a kind of epiphany about it this morning. Are you familiar with Abraham Maslow, the peak experience? It's, um ... A single moment that takes you out of yourself. Makes you feel very tiny or very large. To some extent, one with life or nature or God. Like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together. All this time, I was trying to fight it. Deny it. But there is no shame in having this ability, is there?"

- "Then I discovered something. A kind of peace. A sense of purpose that can only be described as destiny."

- Sylar: "And yet here I am, alive and well and as soon as I get out, I'm gonna collect one more ability from your daughter. Sweet, innocent--"
HRG: "That's enough!"
Sylar: "Ripe, indestructible--"
HRG: "I said that's enough, Gabriel!"

- "Please! What would I want with YOUR brain?"

- "Hmm. So this is what you really look like. So silly, trying to be something that you're not."

- "I underestimated you. You really are extraordinary. Just like me. (bashes Michelle’s head) You were right, I am going to get my abilities back, starting with yours."

- "I know you don't understand me. But, I wanna tell you why I am helping you. It's that delicious power. You see, when I get my ability back, I'm gonna kill you. And your sister. And I'm gonna take it all. And, if I don't get my ability back, it's not a total loss - Maya's learning quickly; she's a shiny new toy, and she's all mine."

- "I'm back!"

- "Theres a bed over there, (pointing to Molly) stay put, (pointing to Maya) stay calm and (showing gun)..remember."

- "Sylar (to Mohinder): So this is your.. Laboatory, huh? (laughs) i killed that artist, Isaac Mendez, (showing) right over this very spot."

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OMG awesome list!
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
thank you!! <33333
posted over a year ago.
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Great quotes!
posted over a year ago.
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NeonGlo said:
a couple more:
As three office workers burst into the room carrying birthday goodies, Sylar rises with bloody hands from the birthday girl's dead body and says with pleasure, "Cake."

"Okay, technically I'm a serial killer."
posted over a year ago.
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Here's one: Claire: are you gonna eat it?
Sylar:eat what?
Clair: my brain.
Sylar: eat your brain? Claire thats disgusting.
posted over a year ago.
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anu_0615 said:
sylar is the real hero plus he's so funny and smart
posted over a year ago.
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Awesome list! My favorites:

"I'm a natural progression of the species. Evolution is a part of nature, and nature kills. Simple, right?"
The whole back and forth between Sylar and Noah when Sylar's locked up, baiting Noah that he's going to kill "sweet...ripe" Claire when he gets out. Pure Sylar! Awesome.
"I believe in fate, Mohinder, and karma, and I'm not just saying that because you're Indian." :D
"I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering you yours."
"This is usually the part when people start screaming."
"Turns out your the villain, Peter. I'm the hero."
Telling Alejandro that he's going to kill him and Maya. Sexy...!
Sylar: "I let the babysitter go home early. Don't worry; I'm taking good care of the little one." *strokes sleeping Molly's hair*
Mohinder (over the phone): "If you touch Molly...!"
Sylar: "Shhhhh. We don't wanna wake her."
Claire: "Are you gonna eat it?"
Sylar: "Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting."
Sylar (to Noah, after regenerating): "I got that from your Claire."
Noah: "You son of a bitch!"
Sylar (to Elle, after turning a gun to gold): "Look what your daddy used to be able to do."
Noah (to Angela): "You expect me to work with this monster, after what he did to my daughter, your granddaughter?! He attacked her, he nearly killed her!"
Sylar (to Noah): "She can't *die*." Hahaha, I love this. Typical Sylar. What an awesome jackass!
Elle: "We can't take what we want anymore!"
Sylar: "Says who?" *grabs her and they kiss* Ahh, Gabrielle! Sylar and Elle are the best Heroes couple. Bonnie and Clyde with superpowers! :D <3
Sylar: "Shhhh, it's not gonna hurt a bit. *Sue's lie detection activates*
Sylar *grins and shrugs*: "Got me! That's a lie." *rips her head open* Hahaha, HELL YES SYLAR!!!
"You must be Mary Campbell or Current Occupant." Don't ask me why, I just love that.
Luke: "That guy was gonna shoot you in the head, I mean I could have just let him."
Sylar: "And I let you live, which is kind of a big deal for me!" Hahaha loved Sylar and Luke's little not-a-road-trip.
Luke: "Wow. So you're like a serial killer."
Sylar: "I'm not a serial killer."
Luke: "But you have a pattern. You go after specific victims. You collect mementos."
Sylar: "Okay, technically I'm a serial killer! Now that we've established that, why shouldn't I just rip your head open right now?" :D
"You made him sound like Mr. freakin' Rogers!"
Luke: "Why are you doing this to me?"
Sylar: "Because you're here and I need to express how I feel." Oh, Sylar. How I adore thee.
*whistles along to Del Shannon's "Runaway"* "Oh, I love this song." Me too, Sylar! Me too! God, Sylar even likes awesome music.
*to Danko, watching James in Danko's form* "He's a better you than you!"
Danko: "If we do this...if we succeed...you'll be the only one left."
Sylar: "Funny how that works."
*after being stabbed in the back of the head by Danko* "That hurt." The look on Danko's face is priceless!
"Because Nathan...and by Nathan I mean I...have a date with destiny tomorrow." God I love this man.
Sylar: "Everybody dies. Well, almost everybody. Papa Petrelli, Mama Bennet, Mr. Muggles. What's your brother's name, Larry?"
Claire: "Lyle."
Sylar: "Lyle, right. He's gonna die too." Just love all the banter between Sylar and Claire!
"Did I tell you I got to meet my real dad? Boy, was that a disappointment." Sylar's got some seriously messed-up childhood issues!
Sylar: "Maybe you'll even love me."
Claire: "I'll keep trying to kill you, for the rest of my life."
Sylar: "Well, everybody needs a hobby." Hahaha, such a badass!
Sylar *chuckling after killing Nathan*: "Oh, Claire's gonna be so mad at me." :D
"Harder to get rid of me than you thought, isn't it? It's because I ooze charm." Hell yeah he does!

Well, I'm sure I'll think of a thousand more later. Sylar's the best character ever!!! I'm so in love with him.
posted over a year ago.
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My new favorite is
"I am nothing like you. I'm a hero."
posted over a year ago.
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Sylarfan said:
I love Sylars Quotes!
posted over a year ago.
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Heya said:
You forgot the Quote from the last episode on Heroes season 3, "That hurt." That was when that evil dude, Danko, shoved a metal thing in the back of his head, then, Sylar came back alive. Muahahahahah!!!
posted over a year ago.
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migle said:
loved it...
posted over a year ago.