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Opinion by kaitlynlovesyah posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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Hey all you hunger games fans!!!! I'm writing a review on what I think of gale Hawthorne in the hunger games. He is stunningly sexy in the movie. I think we can all agree on that. In the book, Gale Hawthorne is a hunter who meets The young Katniss Everdeen when he is 14. So basically they become close friends and then become hunting partners. So when someone makes a joke about kissing Katniss he gets mad and decided that he likes her. But, she doesn't know this until the second book, Catching Fire. In the end, they overthrow the Capitol and eventually Katniss and Peeta go back to their homes. Gale decides he will get a fancy job in district 2 so Katniss and Gale never really see each other again. It's quite sad to me. In the end of it all, peeta begs Katniss for children and they have 2 kids; a girl and a boy. It's heart aching for me because I am deffinataly team gale and will always be.