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The fans pick: Robb Stark
Robb Stark
Jon Snow
The fans pick: "What the fuck's a Lommy?"
"What the fuck's a Lommy?"
Arya: "Lots of people name...
The fans pick: Bronn
The Hound
The fans pick: Viserys Targaryen portrayed by Harry Lloyd (season 1)
Viserys Targaryen  portrayed by Harry Lloyd (season 1)
Roose Bolton  portrayed by Michael McElhatton (season 2,3,4,5)
The fans pick: Myrcella dies first, then Tommen.
Myrcella dies first, then Tommen.
Tommen dies first, then Myrcella.
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Articuno224 said …
I made an interesting spot for people who likes or know the LOTR universe please take a look! And of course I would be glad if you wish to join :D Posted 23 days ago
PretttyGirlRock said …
This is honestly the worst wait for a show I've ever been through...and I haven't even had to wait as long as most because I finished S4 in early November. It's awful!!! Posted 3 months ago
aholic commented…
oh my sweet summer child... what do you know of waiting? 3 months ago
acelyarana commented…
waiting makes it better in some way :) 2 months ago
sabrinamoebel said …
Great to find other Game of Thrones fans ;-) Posted 4 months ago
Articuno224 commented…
I think there are a lot of GOT fans out there :) 4 months ago