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The fans pick: Ygritte - "You know nothing, Jon Snow"
Ygritte - "You know nothing, Jon Snow"
Grenn - "I pledge my life and honor, for this night and all the nights to come!"
Stannis + Jon
Daenerys + Tyrion
Rather yes.
Rather no.
The fans pick: Melisandre.
The fans pick: There is only one hell. The one we live in now.
There is only one hell. The one we live in now.
The night is dark and full of terrors.
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Game of Thrones Wall

Aang_Lite said …
:( Has anyone seen episode 6 yet? I'm sad Posted 10 days ago
UnholyNoise commented…
I have! Omg... 10 days ago
Articuno224 commented…
Yes now I have! That was something 10 days ago
mr-cullen said …
Ceresi is bad but i like her personality
shes badass enough Posted 21 days ago
mr-cullen said …
i am on season 2 and i have couple of questions!
1. why sansa just wont run? like arya did!!!
2.why ceresi just dont ummm lock joffery in a room, i believe she always wanted to rule?
3.i can't believe ned stark was stupid to revel what he knows about ceresi in front of everyone and got killed!!!

i Dont want my fav characters to die lol ( Arya, Dany,Tyrion,Robb,Cat,Bran) Posted 21 days ago
Articuno224 commented…
I won't spoil anything for you! But I can tell you that it's not possible for Sansa to run away without help... Arya had help to you know! You remember Yoren after Ned died he took Arya with him as a recruit to the night watch! And that way Arya was smuggled out of Kings Landing! No one can to that on their own!... And everyone keeps a close eye on Sansa!. As for Cersei and Joffrey! She can't just lock him in a room because that is... cruel and she loves Joffrey! besides he is the king and can overpower Cersei. And everyone else would also wonder where their king would be. About Ned... I can't believe he was either but he truly believed in the good side of everyone... That's why he thought they listen. 20 days ago
MelodyLaurel commented…
1) How? Arya was able to slip away during the chaos, Sansa was found almost immediately. I guess the Lannisters paid more attention to catching her because she was Joffrey's betrothed. 2) Because she can't, and she doesn't want to. 3) Yes, he was. 16 days ago