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Game of Thrones Wall

Hellen20 said …
For girls to find out which character are you Posted 2 months ago
Hellen20 commented…
I'm Margaery Tyrell 2 months ago
big smile
FlightofFantasy said …
TOWER OF JOOOOOY! Posted 3 months ago
RamsayB314 said …
Am i the only person who goes for the Boltons? Posted 4 months ago
aholic commented…
YES you are! Ramsay (the only Bolton left!) enjoys killing and torturing. It's a sport for him. He killed his own family and who can trust a person like that? He cares for nothing but himself and his subjects will never rest as long as he is their leader. The Starks don't enjoy killing. They have been in situations where the circumstances forced them to do so... but they're not insane like Ramsay. They have the right values - they actually care for other people. 4 months ago
Articuno224 commented…
There are probably a few people out there who routes for the Bolton's like you, but yeah your definitely one of a very few 4 months ago
RamsayB314 commented…
love the Stockholm syndrome you have there ;) 3 months ago