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Game of Thrones What did you think of the episode 7x01- Dragonstone?

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 Saejima posted 12 months ago
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DarkSarcasm picked Great:
Looooved the opening. The Sansa/Jon dynamic is getting quite interesting... Loved Daenerys exploring Dragonstone for the first time, Lyanna putting all the old men in their places, The New and Improved Hound, and Euron's offer (even though I know it's going to end badly). My only complaint is all the time wasted in the Citadel, when the clock stood still.
posted 12 months ago.
last edited 12 months ago
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Articuno224 picked Great:
I really enjoyed everything! Except for Sam in the Citadel, it was WAAAY too much time wasted on that, and it's always like that with Sam. Why is the only thing they ever give a lot of screen the most boring choice they could possibly choose... It has frustrated me for a while now.
posted 12 months ago.
last edited 12 months ago
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MariLena16 picked Great:
For a premiere it was good. The best is yet to come.
posted 12 months ago.
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RobbStark234 picked Good:
Pretty good/decent
posted 11 months ago.