It was after the moonlight howl lilly and garth were making there way down to their cave garth had not been talking to lilly after the moonlight since he was thinking ,lilly looked at him and was puzzled so she just kept her head low and carried on wallking.When they arrived at the cave garth watched as lilly laided down into to her usal tutrle postion as she did garth caught a glimpse of lillys attctative bum and felt an urge and hardness and was getting horny. Garth Stared blanklyat lilly , lilly asked "Garth is there a problem?" he replied in a soft tone "Lilly have you ever thought of what it would be like to .....mate....with me??" lilly looked shocked and stutterd "Errr....yes" and looked at the ground Garth suddenly felt his dick raise higher and put lilly to the test " and ...what was it" a grin appered on garth face as lilly sturglled to say "it...was...great." she breathed slower as garth moved in a passionate way towards her,he bent down to her ear level and whisperd "why dont you find out" he said in a sexual way."err garth i dont think im ready or be good enough for you." lilly wafted her hair over her eye garth sighed "Lilly you will always be good enough to me and come on you do great i love you and if we do this its for love" garth nudged lillys hair out of eye "Well .....okay...." lilly whisperd nevorsly. Lilly body shock vilonetly as garth climbed on top of her ,he slowly insted his horny penis and felt the relif that he could finally get the action he wanted , lilly groaned at first to the shock of feeling garths dick inside of her for the first time.
Garth moved slowly knowing it was lillys first time and she was delicate as he countied lilly began to enjoy the "sex"and asked "Garth ...go faster" garth was stunned "Lilly? are you sure?"he puzzled"Yes now faster i want to feel your GARTH LOVE" lilly groaned .
Garth Increase his speed and forced harder he let out sighs and groans he was really enjoying it. Lilly clawed at the ground as she groaned out her body was sweaty and intense as garth forced his penis insise of her she loved the warmth and could not bare to lose it so she blurretd " Garth your an alpha i wanna see what your made of ." at this remarkgarth got more horiner and wasgoing st maxuim speed and forced his giant dick inside of her.this time now garth groaned "hell....yeah" as for lilly "oh ....garth" sperm began to leak out and lilly became sore aswell as garth they kept going instene and fast garth felt lillys insides warm and sexy lilly began to scream quietly at the rate garth was going "Should i Stop!?" lilly clawed the ground and made a big groan "oooo dont stop now it feels ...Oh! ...So Great" lilly spoke with her head to the ground.
Finally garth came off lilly as she laied herself out on the ground she breathed intenly and fastly and said to garth "Garth...that was the best night of my life i didnt want it to end i love you" garth smirked "it was the best night of my life to and lilly you do know you have me for the rest of your life??" lilly puzzled and then realised "ohhh...yes" garth laughed "you are my silly omega but very good at sex wow you drive me wild girl ,ever since we got married ive been wanting to do that." garth admitted "really ?? because if feel the same way" lilly breathed "i just find you so sexy and acctrative got me extermly.....horny". Garth sexualy said lilly over looking up his dick " i could sorta tell " garth laughed and move towards lilly and laied down beside her as she placed her head aganist his warm strorng chest "come on lets get some sleep" garth said lilly smiled and yawned " goodinght" and they both placed their heads down.
Lilly and Garth The "Sex"