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Article by shrncrwfrds posted over a year ago
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My name is Sharon and I work for Heinzerling Foundation in Columbus, Ohio. I have a resident
who is 16 years old and a huge fan of yours. He
knows all of your music. He has a cd that has videos of a concert you did. We have watched it so
much that it is now skipping. I am trying to find
him a new one. I think it would be really cool if you could send him a letter or something. He has a
black hat that is very similar to your white one and we put a picture of you on the front of the hat. He loves it. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for your help
Opinion by dottierainwater posted over a year ago
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I have tried to get concert tickets for my daughter for years,with very disappointing no luck! Couldn't even buy them online -- What do I have to do to get her tickets? She is now 27 and been a fan since the first day she heard him. She even risked her job at the movie theatre just to get a glimpse of him. Her husband is currently serving in Kuwait and will miss Christmas holiday with her and their baby for the second time in a row. This would have made a great holiday gift for her! What do I have to do to get tickets????????
Article by ckaiser25 posted over a year ago
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I've wanted to write to you for a long time and had not been able to find an address. So, I hope you see this.

I sent an email to you (hoping it was even a valid address) when my daughter Neoma was given three months to live. I told you that she just loved you and your music, and said it would mean so much to her if you could please call her.

When your office called, I was grieving (the doctors over-estimated her longevity) and very surprised. I'm sure my response was incoherent.

I just wanted to say 'thank you'. I will never forget your kindness. I have told this story many times and will be a fan as long as God gives me breath.

My husband and I hope to make it out to Las Vegas soon to see one of your shows.

May God bless you and yours,
Cherie Kaiser (Neoma's Mom)