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andy10B said …
I'd love to see the film love Simon which is out now, Posted 3 months ago
BJsRealm commented…
^There's a link to 'Love, Simon' in this club. Please choose a server first from a list 'cause not all servers work on a desktop site. This one works just fine on mobile site I'm on. I just watched a whole film on my Android mobile phone. Try another server if this one (OpenLoad) doesn't work on desktop site. There is a variety of servers for anyone to select the right one 3 months ago
1ReesePuff said …
this is kind of gay tho Posted 4 months ago
andy10B commented…
Is there a problem with you? 4 months ago
BJsRealm commented…
^^Well, what did you expect to find in a Gay Love Club: some hot girls?! This is a Gay Love Club, NOT a Hot Girls Club, you know. You got the wrong club, that's all. Just us gay boys here. Sorry. :-( 4 months ago
1ReesePuff commented…
True 3 months ago
Essence38154 said …
If you have an Netflix account they have some good movies about Gay Love.I recently watched several of the films. Here's the names of the films so can see for yourself. 1)Cobra King has actor James Franco and Alicia Silverstone in it can be considered a drama with violent parts. The movie was based of true story. 2)Handsome Devil it takes place in Ireland. It has some comedy,drama and action. 3)10 Year Plan is considered a romance. Posted 5 months ago
Essence38154 commented…
4)Those People is an indie drama 5) People You May Know is a romance and drama 5 months ago