okay so i'm straight but i have found that i actually like hanging around gay people because they tend to be (not meaning to stereotype) NICER people. i support gay marriage because i believe that it is a human right; i have no fucking idea why the hell it is currently being debated (in the US). this entire damn country was created mostly because people wanted to escape religious prosecution and be able to believe what they want. this is really FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL. our government, the damn constitution and bill of fucking rights specifically states that the government is SECULAR. that means NON-RELIGIOUS SPECIFIC, DUMB-ASSES. i don't give a shit what your religion believes- if it is against gay marriage then guess what? ain't nobody making you marry someone of the same sex- it just saying that it your RIGHT to choose! they ain't hurting you so how the fuck does it affect you!?!? legally it don't. and Christians- God says we (yes we guess what internet i AM one) are supposed to LOVE all just as he does. the whole point is that we are one in God and Jesus died for us all you fucking hypocrites!