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LiL_MrS_Cc said …
i love George Strait his music is so calming and he makes his music strong he will make you feel the emotion in the song whether its sad or missing some one .. his music is beautifully made , i wish i could meet him and lee ann womack ! Posted over a year ago
Jgreen160 said …
You are the best and I am your #1 fan. I have all of your music collection and I have a George Strait laundry room. I never get bored doing laundry. My husband and I sent you an invitation to our wedding and we got a reply back. I was so excited about that. We also had chute seats at the Houston rodeo. My husband and I shook your hand, I was speechless. All of our grandchildren know who you are. You are like fine wine you get better with age. My first cousin made a Biddy knife for you. Posted over a year ago
nwpeak07 said …
I am excited for you and Norma. I KNOW you guys will be GREAT grandparents. God're family is in my prayers.
Hey...have you ever revisited the idea of making a 'show tunes' CD? I love the duet you sing with Frank Sinatra!!! I also like 'Jesus on the Jail House Floor', maybe a country christian CD!!! I've been listening to you since the beginning, while in college!!! Posted over a year ago