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Gerard Way Talks "Doom Patrol" and DC's Young Animal Line

Gerard Way Interview @ San Diego Comic-Con 2016

How Gerard Way Is Creating Weird Doom Patrol and Batman Comics with Young Animal - Comic Con 2016

Drawing- Gerard Way

Speed Drawing- Gerard Way

Speed Drawing- Gerard Way

Gerard Way face change! His amazing transformation 2015

Gerard Way hablando sobre Frank Iero y Ray Toro | NC Comic Con 2015

Gerard Way talks about The Umbrella Academy

Gerard Way Broadcast

Gerard Way with special guest Mikey Way「Don't Try」@Tokyo- Japan

Gerard Way commenting on the bra thrown onstage

Gerard Way slapping that ass while the band goes metal

Gerard Drawing the Party Poison Tee

Interview with Gerard Way

Gerard Way 6/17/15 Periscope

Gerard Way Interview 2015, Toronto Canada

Gerard Way - Improv Song About Seeing the World

Live from Boston Calling: Gerard Way Interview

Gerard Way - Guitar Hero Live

Weekend Pancake Report - Gerard Way

How far will Gerard Way go to get a cat?

#ComicTalk with Gerard Way

Gerard Way - Soundwave 2015

K-Rock Interviews Gerard Way at Soundwave 2015

Interview: Gerard Way

On The Road #8 GERARD WAY

Soundwave 2015: Gerard Way Wants To Work With Sleater-Kinney, Grimes And Antemasque


Smash Press: Gerard Way interview

Gerard Way | Regular Show, Adventure Time | Portugal 2015

GERARD WAY / LIVE IN PARIS FRANCE 2015 by Nowayfarer ®

Gerard Way | Armazém F, Portugal 2015

NME interview: Gerard Way On Solo Life After My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way: "I Didn't Have It Mapped Out"

Gerard Way interview at Reading 2014

Gerard Way On 'No Shows' - Song Stories

NME Presents: The Story Of Gerard Way's Solo Festival Debut

Drugstore Perfume (live) - Gerard Way at Reading Festival 2014

Gerard Way On Comics And Design

Interview: Gerard Way

Gerard Way - "Maya The Psychic" LIVE at Troubadour

Gerard Way "No Shows"

Gerard Way on Britpop, Blur and Arctic Monkeys - Gigwise Interview

Gerard Way & Gaz Coombes In Conversation - Part 2

In Conversation: Gerard Way & Gaz Coombes (Part 1)

Gerard Way - Entrevista para

"Millions" [Behind The Scenes]

"Millions" [Official Music Video]

"Hesitant Alien" Zine Preview

"Hesitant Alien" [Pink Station Zero Interview]

Gerard Way - Live in the UK

Making of "No Shows"

"No Shows" [Official Music Video]

Gerard Way ((Full)) Live Debut @ Reading Festival HD

Jersey or Bust

Gerard Way - In Store Appearance at Hollywood & Highland

Gerard Way: 'It's not the right time to play My Chemical Romance songs yet'

Gerard Way on My Chemical Romance & His Solo Album | Andy Greenwald Podcast

Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers ft. Gerard Way

Gerard's Guilty Pleasures

Gerard Way on Jail time Edgefest 17

Best Laugh EVER

Growing Up

The so called 'Jacket Slut'

Gerard Heating Up His Coffee

Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance - Interview

Interview with Gerard Way on becoming a father

gerard way fuck the daily mail

My Chemical Romance play Guitar Hero

Gerard Way says "I'll Make It Rain on Them Hoes"

Gerard interview (2007)

Gerard Being Gerard

MCR's Gerard Way - scared of teenagers on the train!

Gerard Way My Chemical Romance Exclusive

Gerard, pa pa pa. xD


Gerard Says hi X3

Lol Gerard so sweet xD <3

Gerard Way likes Jordan's hair.

"Come at me bro!" -Gerard Way

Gerard Way dances on Stage - Crotch Slam

Gerard Way - "If I had a cupcake..."

gerard way talks about cute boys nipples

gerard way-i'm a diva

Ohhh God xD

OH NO! | Gerard Way

Gerard Way's sexy crawling @ Rock for People

Gerard Way's Caramelldansen


Gerard Way - Like A GEE 6

{FULL} Gerard Way: Lying is the most fun,


Gerard Way is a Whore [WARNING: SASSY]

Gerard way says GRACIA!

Gerard Way interview with 104.5 radio

Gerard Way's Inspirational Quotes

Tribute to Gerard Way

Gerard Way howling!

Gerard Way's hip shake...