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Ghost Adventures~ Season 9 Episode 7

ghost adventures hill view manor {complete}

gac the flying brick

gac goldfield hotel revisited

gac goldfield hotel

gac the beginning {complete}

gac madame tussauds wax museum {complete}

gac return to bobby mackey's {complete}

gac clinically dead {complete}

gac union station {complete}

gac tor house {complete}

gac brookdale lodge {complete}

gac dead men walking {complete}

gac cripple creek {complete}

gac sedamsville rectory {complete}

gac black moon manor {complete}

gac the palmer house {complete}

gac point sur lighthouse {complete}

gac excalibur nightclub {complete}

gac central unit prison {complete}

gac fort horsted {complete}

gac hellfire caves {complete}

gac the riviera hotel {complete}

gac gary galka house {complete}

gac return to linda vista {complete}

gac the national hotel {complete}

gac the copper queen hotel & the oliver house {complete}

gac peabody-whitehead mansion {complete}

gac shanghai tunnels {complete}

gac old charleston jail {complete}

gac rose hall {complete}

gac rocky point manor {complete}

gac return to virginia city {complete}

gac letchworth village {complete}

gac lizzie borden house {complete}

gac winchester mystery house {complete}

gac old town san diego {complete}

gac the mizpah hotel {complete}

gac ashmore estates {complete}

gac loretta lynn's plantation house {complete}

gac tooele hospital {complete}

gac sacramento tunnels {complete}

gac jerome grand hotel {complete}

gac salem witch house {complete}

gac bonnie springs ranch {complete}

gac pico house hotel {complete}

gac kells irish pub {complete}

gac villisca axe murders {complete}

gac old fort erie {complete}

gac amargosa opera house {complete}