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Fan fiction by ggseason8 posted over a year ago
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The last episode has not been aired for so long now, that the producers of Gilmore Girls Season 8, thought that they needed to refresh the public's minds. So we will go back and forth from the new episode that we are featuring here, to old episodes, I can not promise we will do this every episode, but we are in this episode.
What will happen next?
Rory opens her eyes suddenly, totally awake! She closes her eyes tightly and puts
a hand on her forehead as she had a headache, but obviously the pain is not
coming from there. She sits on the bed, turns on the light.
"Why I'm feeling so sad?" she asks herself! "I'm beginning a new life;
which is so exciting, this is just what I was hopping for!"
"Just a few hours ago everything had appeared so easy"! she murmurs!
Flashback: Rory and her Lorelai are talking! Lorelai is wearing brown dress pants, and a
brown jacket with from what we can tell a white lacy undershirt, her brown hair falling
Opinion by ggseason8 posted over a year ago
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Okay so here is my OPINION on Rory's Men!!

Dean: Seasons 1-3 recurring role in season 4-5
Dean, Dean...... where to start with Dean, well in Season 1, I thought Dean hung the moon, i thought Rory and him made the cutest couple, he had his opinions, and stuck with them, i really like him in Season 1. Well Season 2 came around, and along came Jess (which now I’m very thankful for) and i really like him, but Dean isn't about Jess, this is about Dean. Anyways, and somehow or another Dean just kind of started to shut-up, which made me loose some of my....my...... passion towards him. Well in Season 3, he became an ASSWHOLE, and it's not just cause he broke up with Rory, well it is partially that, and partially cause he just became 1. In Season 4, i didn't like that he got married to Lindsey and still had feelings for Rory, i knew something bad was going to go down there. Well then he slept with Rory, and i lost all respect for Dean it flew right out the window with all his clothes. Then in Season 5, when they started going out, i was very disappointed in Rory, but more so Dean!! And i'm pretty sure that is all we here from Dean again.
Opinion by mollyx365 posted over a year ago
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Dean: Seasons 1-3
Dean was a great first boyfriend for Rory. But as far as forever, I don't know how Rory could stand it. He always treated her like a toddler and it really bugged me. He was majorly overprotective. After Rory met Jess I couldn't wait for D&R to break up. And I think the way Dean broke up with her at the Dance Marathon was a little unnecessary and public, huh?

Jess: Season 3
Jess was the boyfriend that Rory had the most in common with. True, he wasn't as good to her as Dean was but he cared about her so much. Even when he comes back in various times during 4-7, you can tell he is in love with Rory.

Dean: Season 5
I definitely liked Dean better during this time. He was much less annoying and let Rory be independent. Even though it was a more awkward situation for them, Lorelei, Lindsay, Luke, and the rest of the town, they tried to make it work.