Gilmore Girls In what episode do Luke & Lorelai get together?

XpsychotickissX posted on Jul 23, 2007 at 09:59PM
i just started watchign Gilmore Girls a couple monthes ago & im watchign it all in order & am dyign to know when Luke & Lorelai get together. Rigth now im in the middle of Season 4

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over a year ago XpsychotickissX said…
can someone message me & tell me?
over a year ago Laura90 said…
It's Right At The End Of Season 4
I Think It's Episode "Raincoats & Recipies"
over a year ago RORYnJESSfan said…
The fist time they kiss is in Raincoats and Recipes but their first date (Liz's wedding) is in Last Week Fights,Next Week Tights.