G.I.R. was back at the very same house he rang the doorbell and saw the man open the door. G.I.R. ran right in and pointed at the T.V. he said,
"I have that,....*gasp* IT'S THE SCARY MONKEY SHOW!!! That's my favorite show."
"Really, well anyway I need you to file these papers for me"
"Is this how you act at home"
"yes I do"
"I bet you don't even know how to file papers"
"It meens to put it in a certain place"
"I had no idea"
"Can I have tacos, I need tacos or I will explode,that happens to me sometimes"
"I'll tell you what, I'll give you some tacos if you put these papers in the garage"
G.I.R. went to the garage while the man made tacos.
"OOO look what I find...it's the scary monkey!! YAY!!"
"Eat your tacos and I'll let you keep the monkey"
G.I.R. at all the tacos and said,
"Can I go home now"
"Yes go ahead" DING DONG...
"I'm Baack"said G.I.R.
"Hi you're the guy who likes the Scary Monkey" said the m an
"yes I am"
"well, can you put these in the kitchen for me"
"Come in here and sit down" said G.I.R.
"Guess who made waaffles"
G.I.R. put down a fresh batch of waffles in front of the man.
"I'm really not that hungry"
"*sniff* but I made them just for you *cry*"
"okay okay if you stop crying I'll eat them"
"Why so I feel like whenever I finish eating a batch you make more"
"KEEP EATING, they taste good"
"You're right"
"Guess it's time for me to go"
"okay bye"
but G.I.R. forgot to turn the waffle maker off so the pile kept on getting bigger.