A mysterious guy was walking by Piggy's lawn. He looked around, just to make sure nobody was there, then dropped the strange object on the ground. He cackled an evil laugh as he ran away.
It was spring, and everything was about to bloom, Suddenly, Piggy stopped. He saw...a strange device. It was an iPortal. Piggy had heard of those, but where? Hmmm.....
Just then, GIR came along.
"Hi Piggy!! Oooohh...What's that?"
"it's an iPortal," said Piggy, holding his Tarantulaman action figure. He loved the new Tarantulaman comic book.
"is that a football?" asked GIR.
"no, Gir, it's-"
but it was too late. Gir had already thrown the toy into the iportal.
"now how do we get it back?" asked piggy.
Without thinking, gir pushed piggy into the iportal.
"Gir, you imbecile!" screamed piggy as he fell "get me out of here!!!"
But instead, GIR jumped in too.Where were they headed?.......