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Opinion by scougesgirl posted over a year ago
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"Hey, Black!" A blue female hedgehog yelled at a pure black male one.
"Hey, Moon!" He smiled.
A white rabbit ran by. Moon stared after it. Black followed her. She stared to run faster. The hare came to a hole in the ground. Moon saw it crawl in, she waited on black to get there. "Why'd you take off like that?" Black asked.
"I wanted to catch the hare that when in that hole." Moon smiled as she pointed to the hole. "We can crawl through it."
"Okay." Black got on all fours and stared to crawl through. Moon did the same. They stared to fall. Moon stared to scream. When the stopped moon landed on Black. "Oh dear. I'm late for the queen." The rabbit that Moon saw said.
"Did that thing just talk? Where are we?!" Moon stared to freak out.
"First get off me. Second, it did and third, if we fall through that rabbit's hole then we're in wonderland." Black said calmly as Moon got off him.
A blue wolf floated by. She looked a lot like Ashton. She turned her head to them. "Why hello down there. Who may you be?" She asked as she floated down to the ground.
Article by Alisha13 posted over a year ago
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I have a dream, where I can fly. My hops are my wings. Only because you left me , my heart started to hurt. But one day I will find you and show you how much I missed you. I also will show you how much you hurt me . Don't play with feelings, you only will hurt them. Don't try to make a person love you, it won't work. My dreams follow me everywhere I go and make me feel good. Because I feel good, I feel hope in that I will find you one day and you will pay for the things you done to me. But don't fear that day, it may come later. You are the reason why I have a life, but don't be so sure that you will survive. I will leave you with your life for a time so use it. But give me one promise: Stay out of my sight till I take your life from you. Ha, ha, behold, the powers I hide are strong and I could easily kill you. Fear the nights shadows and never, I repeat: NEVER leave your room in Darkness

Opinion by Alisha13 posted over a year ago
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Diamond Darksun Loves Everything Thats Blue, Because It's Her Favorit Colour
She Likes Red too because its the Colour of Love. And We All Know The 2. Reason it's blood
She Likes To Kill Her Brother (Because He's An Idiot), Likes To Drink Nitros Blood (Because It's Soo ''Taisty'')
Well, She Likes To Burn Terense and Terry (They're Twins)
Her Favorit Dinner/Meal/Breakfast Is Don Julios Cocking XD
She Is A Vampire who Dinks The Blood Of Other Vampires :P

OKay. She has a kid called Klaris and Her B-day is the 8th May 2011
Diamonds B-day is the 20th April 1994
Diamonds Best friend is Perl. he is a Wolffox thing.

She has 2 sisters and 1 bro: oldest sis: Samantha Darksun, then Veronica Darkstar(Don't ask) and her big bro Fire Shade

Her mother is Coraline and her father is Steven Darksun
Her best friend Perl is older then she is. He also thinks that he has to stay by her side and save her from every thing that could hurt her or bring her into danger.