The girls from SNSD recently appeared on the show “Ousama no Brunch” to talk about their new album with reporter Marina.

The girls spoke some English and talked about the Mr. Taxi dance, the foods they want to try, and their favorite places in Japan so far.

Marina: Everyone speaks Japanese, don’t you?

Girls: Just a little bit…

Marina: Who’s the one that can speak the most?

Girls: It’s Sooyoung, she’s the best.

Marina: You can pretty much speak, then?

Sooyoung: Well, just everyday conversation.

Marina: Are you studying right now?

Sooyoung: Yes, everyone is doing their best to study hard.

Marina: It shows up in your songs as well, but Tiffany and Jessica can speak English, right?

Girls: Yes.

Marina: Hi~

Tiffany: Hi! Can you speak English?

Marina: Yes, I can!

Tiffany: Really? We-we feel much more comfortable.

Marina: Really? We should talk in English more!

Tiffany: The girls are good too!

Marina: Oh really? Oh my God, hi girls!

Girls: Hi~

Marina: Wow, this is nice!

Tiffany & Jessica: You speak fluently!

Marina: Thank you! But today we’d better speak in Japanese. This time, SNSD are releasing their first Japanese album on June 1st, congratulations!

Tiffany: The songs we’ve announced before, Gee, Genie, and Mr. Taxi are included, but there’s a lot of new songs this time as well. We’re challenging a new style as well, so we want everyone to hear it as soon as possible.

Marina: Is that – you brought it with you?

Sooyoung: This comes inside the box.
Tiffany: It’s cute, right?

Marina: Mr. Taxi’s… like this? Teach me!

Sunny: You put your hands like you’re holding handles and bounce your body. That’s the key point.
Sooyoung: There’s also a part with this kind of motion. This is… SNSD’s hypnotism.

Marina: Hypnotism?! What is that?

Sooyoung: SNSD hypnotism~

Marina: What kind of Japanese foods do the girls want to try?

Yuri: I want to eat takoyaki at Dotonbori in Osaka!

Marina: Have you eaten takoyaki before?

Yuri: Of course, I’ve eaten it in Korea as well.

Marina: Are there any memorable places that you’ve been to up until now?

Hyoyeon: Tokyo Disney Sea.
Sooyoung: We went to Hokkaidou.

Marina:In your free time?

Sooyoung: Yes. The ramen was really delicious. And, when we went to Osaka…
Jessica: It’s Osaka for me too!
Sooyoung: There was a really beautiful river flowing in front of Osaka Castle Hall, so I want to try riding a boat there with the members.
Girls: I wanna go!
Sooyoung: Let’s go!

Seohyun: Everyone, finally SNSD’s first album will be released! From now on, we’ll work harder and harder, so please cheer us on!
Sooyoung: Please come see us on our tour too!