Well we know that SNSD have nine pretty and talented members but most people think that nine is a bit much. So just for the sake of fun, lets see who doesn't hold their own weight most of the time.
As you all remember only one vote was counted per round. I made this poll a little more interesting,instead of a majority vote, only one person's comment was counted as winner of a round.
Here is how it worked: best comment gets their vote counted. I look at all the people who commented correctly, then chose the most common voted member, then decide which comment did the best at explaining who won.

Countdown Results

Day 1:
Yoona-2 comments
Yuri-1 comment

9th Place:Yoona from voter vinxvinc.

From what I could read, it seems that Yoona isn't really contributing much as a member in the realm of singing. Since SNSD is a singing group, why have a member who can't sing up to par as the others, it seems her only worth in the group is just to be pretty. If all of SNSD are pretty, can sing, and dance, what purpose does Yoona have in performing or selling CDs? It seems that her role in the group as the "pretty one" limits her in terms of being useful.

Day 2:
Yuri-2 comment
Hyo-1 comment

8th Place:Yuri from voter SugarBell20

Yuri is the one member who I guess really isn't good at anything which is surprising. I remember doing the dancer countdown and she was second place. I wonder how the second best dancer is also second to last in usefulness. However I can understand why she is esteemed so low: a dancer who makes lots of mistakes and a singer who can't sing all that well. One could wonder why she is in the group at all by such comments. If she was put in the group for dancing, and she makes a lot of mistake, I would think dancing should be something that does really good at.

Tiff-2 comments
Hyo-1 comment

7th Place:Tiffany voted by ImanNessa99

Well it seems we have another "Yoona" case except its reversed. Tiffany is a good singer but a terrible dancer (Yoona a good dancer but terrible singer). Since her only quality (it seems) in the group is singing she doesn't add much to the group. Like Yoona she doesn't dance well, which as an SNSD member she should be able to in some profession level dance at the same par as everyone in the group,given all the years of training they get.

Day 4:
Hyoyeon-3 comments

6th Place: Hyoyeon voted by vinxvinc

Now here is an interesting turn of events. Hyoyeon may be able to dance but dancing is only useful for performances. Since SNSD is an idol group first, you need to contribute in singing just as much as dancing, and Hyoyeon apparently isn't showcased for her singing.

Day 5:
Seo-2 comments
Sun-2 comments

5th Place:Seohyun (majority vote)

Before I begin, THANK YOU to all the people voting here because this was the most fun poll to watch. I liked this poll because unlike the past rounds this one wasn't simple and concrete, it was neck-and-neck so I liked it very much. There was more information to go off off.
Like Day 2, I decided to let the final decision rest on which member had the most comments toward them. It was 5-4 with Seohyun vs Sunny. So Seohyun was eliminated in this round.

We have Seohyun, who lacks a presence to make her noticeable on stage or in songs, but can sing and dance better than Sunny. Then we have Sunny, who doesn't sing or dance as good as Seohyun, but is memorable. So why Seohyun?

The common answer was a lack of charisma on Seohyun's part.

After watching EVERY single video in this poll, I can understand where people are coming from when they said she wasn't interesting to watch. I think people find that Seohyun is not as interesting to watch or listen as other members are because she lacks something to draw attention to herself, lets call it charisma for now.

When she is dancing her face seemed to be at such a focus that it looks as if she is more focused on "performing" rather than the "performance".

As far as singing is concerned, I guess for some people its her voice, its not as attention grabbing as others are. Someone pulled up "Way Back Into Love" with Seohyun and a Sunny and Sooyoung duo named "Happy me".
I personally like Soehyun's voice alot but I can't deny that I found Sooyoung and Sunny's voice more interesting to listen to because there was something there that caught my attention. So I can understand what people mean by her being forgetful.

So for her I think the problem with her is not a "lack of use" but more "no one cares" about her because she is not interesting to watch or listen to.

Sunny on the other hand seemed to be more "memorable" despite her being less talented. She was very expressionate when she was dancing, so it was more interesting to watch then Seohyun who has a very neutral face most of the time.

In summation people voted for Seohyun because she lacks presence and she is very forgetful, which is slightly humorous because in this poll its boiling down to performance. In the beginning of the poll we weeded out people who were poor singers or dancers, now we are weeding out people who aren't the best performers wither it be in singing, dancing, or in this case charisma.

For those who voted and commented in this poll for Seohyun, tell me if I got the perspective of your vote correct, if not tell me what I got wrong.

Day 6:
Sun-1 comment
Soo-1 comment

4Th Place:Sooyoung voted by Nacchiee

Well I guess her only reason is that out of the remaining members left (Taeyeon,Jessica, and Sunny) she didn't contribute vocally as well. So I guess its not that she is "useless" but is less useful than the others that were remaining. I remember reading about her and how charismatic she is, she is good at singing and dancing. However I think in this round her dancing doesn't matter, what mattered was the fact she couldn't sing as good as the other members. But High Fives to the highest ranking dancer!!!!

Day 7:

3rd Place:Jessica voted by:vinxinc

Well this was a boring round. Only one person commented on why Jessica should be voted out, and I think it had something to do with her lack of passion when she dances and her "less emotional" vocals. I don't know I guess everyone was burned out by this round.

Day 8:

Majority Vote goes to Sunny

Well this was the last round to be frank I am kinda disappointed with Taeyeon winning. All I heard about her is that she can sing pretty good....that's it. I mean there were members who were singers and better dancers and they couldn't rank so high. I give Sooyoung kudos for making it to at least4th place although I think she should have been higher since she can do more than just sing (even if her singing wasn't all that great). But Sunny was eliminated because of the fact her voice was weaker than Taeyeon's voice.

For Taeyeon it seems that the group would fail without her. Although all I remember reading about her was the fact that she was the best singer, however I recall Hyoyeon being the best dancer and was put out on the count that she couldn't sell albums. I don't agree with this result either because its seems that all she can do is sing, she may be the best singer but as an idol I would the most useful member would also be the most versatile but ok..

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Now I know some of you want my personal ranking so here it is from least to greatest:
If your face is first seen, then there is a high standard for singing and dancing
Practice, Practice, Practice makes perfect
If you can sing like you mean it, then dance like you mean it
Dancing-check, singing-needs work
There needs to be more coming from her inoder to be great
She needs to be a better dancer, I don’t care if you can sing like and angel
Talented but forgetful
Talented but Lazy
Highest ranking dancer, but needs to work on vocals