During middle school, she wanted to skip school and sneak out with her friends, they had to help each other jump over a wall or fence and when she was about to come down her coat was caught on the sharp edges so she was like hanging on it like a scarecrow with her arms spread wide.
Taeyeon got a nosebleed once because she got in a fight.
Taeyeon used to chucked ice to the grass field in front of her apartment with her brother. And they competed who can throw the ice the farther, like icecubes. And during winter, when there are snow covering the grass field, they would try to draw something by throwing tons of ice cubes.
So one day, kid taeng peeled fruits for her daddy taeng after he came home from exercising. She specifically peeled sweet watermelons, which isn’t daddy taeng’s favorite fruit. But daddy taeng was moved and ate sweet watermelons anyway and he ate the seeds too, which he usually takes them out.
Taeyeon: “So I had dolls and I cried a lot when its arm or leg fell off.”
Taeyeon used to…try to text and study. Turned out she texted more.
Taeyeon thinks those are good at math are like aliens to her. She is so fascinated with math nerds.
Back in elementary school, Taeyeon remarked saying that she was considered one of the tallest girl in her grade. One of the guests then joked saying “Ah, does that mean you’ve maintained the same height all the way until now?” To which Taeyeon replied saying she’s probably grown at least 2 cm more? She also fought frequently with boys back then, perhaps because she was taller/bigger than them? Girls tend to grow more faster than boys in elementary. Despite her looks, she’s also fought very viciously at times with others (including her brother). She commented saying that she was a ‘Fighter’ back then.
When Taeyeon was in high school, she was part of the library club at one point… and also a movie-watching and a dancing club.
Taeyeon used to play burping games with her brother
When she was a trainee, she used to play around hiding in a locker.
Taeyeon was asked out by this guy, when she was in grade school, but that guy was a player and he asked her out…and Taeyeon was the 3rd or 4th person….and Taeyeon was like wth is wrong with you.
When Taeyeon was forced to learn tables by her mother, her father was taping it with a camcorder!
When Taeyeon was an elementary student, she didn’t pay attention in the class and failed in a multiplication quiz. Then her mother got angry at it, she forced Taeyeon to learn multiplication at home, holding a switch.
Just like every little girl, little taeng was fascinated by her mom’s cosmetics products, while her mom was at work. Soon, she was putting this and that on her face; she tried blue eyeshadows…then black eyeshadows for smokey look. Time flew by and her mom rung the door bell, while taeng was still playing around with her mom’s cosmetics. So she opened the front door with her face down. Then as soon as she opened the door for her mom, she ran to the bathroom, before her mom noticed. However she still had bluish make up mark around her eyes so mommy taeng found out anyway.
You know how you write what you wanna be when you grow up thing at school? So taeng’s dream was becoming a singer. But because her school teachers belittled about how becoming a singer is bad thing, kid taeng became self-conscious about writing down her dream as becoming a singer; she was like that until middle school. Then during her 2nd year at mid school, she actually took a bold step and focused her activities on becoming a singer. Unfortunately, during her last year at mid school, her teacher wasn’t so understanding about taeyeon’s dream of becoming a singer.
Teacher: “A student needs to study…why would you study music?
TaeYeon: that’s why I used to be embarrassed about “What my dream is…”
When she was little she would race with the subway trying to outrun with her friends as the subway gets off the station. She thought she could outrun the subway, because you know it starts off slowly until it gains momentum. Like in the beginning Taeng was ike yeah!!! then….NOOO!!!
Taeyeon: I think if I were to be a guy I would do really good (as in being a boyfriend)
Taengoo mentioned that she really enjoys playing games and is “quite good” at it (she said it herself lol) She specifically enjoys playing arcade games (ie. Super Mario) and those games where you have to clear stages. She also likes playing those tycoongames where you have to sell stuff (ie. coffee, cakes, etc.)
Taeyeon is so bad with directions. Her destination was directly across the street but she took a taxi. Then taxi driver gave a strange look to taeyeon when they reached the destination in 10 seconds. A quick u-turn…drove for like 5seconds..arrived
She sleeps with her eyes 2/3 opened.
Her most precious possession is perfume.
She loves guys with broad shoulders.
Taeyeon dislikes things with lots of legs (aka insects)
Taeyeon: so after watching harry potter i thought i was a magician. im serious. i searched broom sticks that fly and searched for wands and remember magic spells. i was a bit immature.
Being such a shorty as she is, she once complained: “One thing I’m depressed about being short…you know how I’m on stage for recording for shows and stuff? Staff would give me a platform to stand on so I would be as tall as other ppl T_T”
Taengoo loves weird nasty stuff like bathroom/poops/barfing.farting jokes. ie: her hurricane diarrhea joke
She can’t resist hot weather cuz she can’t sleep So she loves winter because since it’s cold, you can put on more clothes to warm yourself up. But during summer, even if you take most of your clothes off you might still be suffering from the heat.
Taeng said she prefers hugging, because she wants larger surface area of physical contact. Taeng: “Am I weird for saying that?” “I really love physical contact”.
TY: When I get a boyfriend, I wouldn’t want to watch movies with him because it’s a waste of time; i wouldn’t want to watch the screen for like hrs; I want to see his face.
She thinks she looks like a seal after shower.
Taeyeon knows how to play starcraft, and she likes protoss.
Taeyeon’s ideal guy from dragon ballz is Vegata.
Taeyeon once was in a very serious/angry mode writing this long text to someone on her phone. She doesn’t remember which member did this but one of them came up and closed her flip cell phone as a joke. She said she was then just speechless at that member….. cause she had all these words and her thoughts written down on her cell at that moment that she couldn’t remember again.
Taeyeon said she’s not good at making a ramen noodle; her dad can make a better one. Other members scolded Taeyeon for putting too much water, when Taeyeon tried to make a Japagaeti (Instant noodle version of Jajangmyun).
Taeyeon explained the reason why she always stands between 2 tallest snsd members is because she does that to stand out more
She once did a 1000 piece puzzle in the middle of their dorm living room because she couldn’t sleep, and no one could do anything there anymore.
She always hides her tears.
When asked why she seems to talk less nowadays and it almost looks like she is holding back a little to maintain her idol image she answered,
Taeyeon: Haha, did you feel that way? Joking around and laughing out loud is a side of myself, but I also have a quiet side. After finishing our 1st album promotions, I continued starring in variety programs and radios. I had numerous chances to talk by myself or show my talents. So when I’m with all my members, I try to step back a little now.
Because of time the manager made announcement that handshakes won’t be allowed but Taengoo stubbornly offered handshakes. The manager kept trying to stop her but she argued with him that fans had waited all morning for it.
One thing that made me know Taeyeon was the leader, was that Soshi girls were sitting in the back in the beginning. Then they were to get ready and it was commercial time and someone was singing and the girls had to move to the front seats. At that time Taeyeon became like the commander and was instructing everyone, and that’s something I remember. (@music station)
According to Yoona, Taeyeon didn’t talk much about her sadness, pain, and hardships before. But now she talks to members about those hardships in her heart.
Taeyeon answered that before she was… like when fans approach her she would tend to step back. But doing the concert last year she says she has gone through lots of changes in her thoughts and character. She said there are some things she made promise to herself. And many fans visit her parents spec shop and she talks to her dad at night about them. Listening to all the stories from fans Taeyeon says she felt that she should approach the fans herself. And said “From now on I will be loving more and more and I don’t think it will ever turn less heehee”.