5) Hoot
The dance is not so bad but the song is boring
4) Flower power
This song sounds like a 5-years-old kiddy song. It seems like the producer of this song did not put in enough effort and Yuri need more lines in this song.Everyone looked weird in that humiliating nurse costume
3) Dancing Queen
This song is produced in 2008 but SM released it after 5 years. This song is originated from Duffy and SM bought it from her. *Sigh* The dance is like an 6-years-old Jazz dance and Tiffany and Taeyeon seems to be screaming their high notes during live. I pitied Hyo and Soo.They did not get enough lines and screen time.
2)Beep Beep
Jessica and Tiffany became very annoying. Tiffany's voice sounds really fake.I don't get the song. The song is like telling us what is the function of the phone and whatever nonsense.(If you read the eng sub)like vibrating your love.
1) Run Devil Run
When I first heard the song(with eng sub),I was like,"What kind of stupidity is this?" "I'll come back even better and I'll get revenge.Don't forget it."and"I'm so much better than these other girls"
This songs made our lovely 9 girls looked like a different people. Hope SM wouldn't produce this type of songs that creeps me out.