From security that pulled Jessica & knock Jessica head :

I'm really sorry about yesterday. I though she was fan that want block the way so I knock her head. But she don't care about that and block the way again. So, I pulled her and she screamed. Her sunglasses is drop at the floor and I was so shock that is Jessica. She fainted for a minute. She screamed like a dolphins. All SONEs at here are angry to me. One of SNSD manager come to Jessica. He is angry to me and say "You can't recognize Jessica & the fans?" and i just say "I thought she was SONE because she is not wearing a make-up and she block the way!!". And the manager continue with just say "She is VIP!" .And the manager just go like that. I also go to the toilet because I don't want SONEs throw to me rubbish, banana skin, and what ever. I just see Yoona & Yuri cry. I hear Yoona say to Yuri "That security is crazy. My baby Jessica is fainted!" And Yuri continue "Just warrant that security!!". I am so sad. For all SONEs who's reading this, I want to say "I AM SORRY! I KNOW I AM WRONG!"

I got this from FB.After this accident,I can comfirm that YoonYulSic is real but let's hope that Jessica recover soon.Anyway,i got news saying that Jessica is feeling fine...i'm still worried.Are you forgiving the security?Comment!