SNSD are having their comeback next year in early 2014.
As the rumours say they will come back with a different side to the known SNSD , they are assuming that they will have a comeback with a masculine concept.

They are having a comeback (Finally!) SNSD will officially have a comeback early 2014 but the date isn't set yet as a estimate they will be having a comeback in January 2014.They are having a comeback after a year of their album "I Got A Boy"

SNSD are finally making a comeback! :) Yay!
Us Sones are so excited to see the "new side" of Girl's Generation! We will support their comeback! Hopefully they will make a comeback somewhere next month in 2014!
I wrote this information so if it is not that accurate but I hope It gave you a idea of their comeback!

SNSD Fighting!<333