I feel like this is a pretty interesting subject and, that way, Sones can discuss more openly and maybe get closer, cause that's what we need in this club. there's too many hate and we should stop.

Therefore, i would like to see more articles like this one. i love to read everyone's opinions and they're always so diversed. So please, think about it =)

Before we start, i just want to say that i'm trying to be the least biased i've ever been with SNSD. If you see your bias at the bottom of my list, it's not my fault. i tried my best to come up with a decent ranking.

i combined these things
-rapping (we all know there's no real rapper in snsd but i think we can actually see who has potential and who doesn't)
-variety shows
-language skills

If there's something missing, please tell me xD

Now, let's start

Number 9- Jessica

Yeah, hate me all you want, but honestly, i'll never understand when Sones put Jessica as one of the most talented SNSD members. Honestly, I don’t. Are they that biased? Don’t get me wrong, i think she's really good in some aspects but, in the stuff that she's bad, she's REALLY bad.
Let’s start with the good stuff:
-modeling- i may not find Jessica attractive but damn, she's really photogenic. Her face expressions and poses are freakin' good. The best SNSD model, along with Sooyoung, by far.
-singing- not a fan of her voice, i have to admit. But, there's no doubt that she has a very good technique.

Now let's go for the stuff that i don't find her bad at but not good either. it's in between.
-language skills- well, she's fluent in korean and english. And she knows the basics of chinese and japanese(i don't think her japanese is good, though. i think it's one of the worst)
-instruments- she knows how to play piano. not much, but it's a start

And now, the bad stuff. And i mean, REALLY BAD(at least for my taste)
-rapping- i can't say she's the worst rapper in SNSD, i find two members worse than her. i actually enjoyed her "rapping" in galaxy supernova. but that was more like fast talking. Besides, her voice isn't suited for rapping. Too soft and not that much audible
-spokeperson- she never says anything. She barely talks. She would never be able to represent the group, no doubt about it. when people say she would be the best leader, if there was not Taeyeon, i just want to scream
-DJ- i can't assume she's bad since i've never seen her working as a DJ? But, if she never got that chance, it must mean something, right? It means she won't be able to communicate well with the listeners. She just not experience in that area and never will be.
-dancing- do i need to say more? she's bad, period. i hate when people say "she's good when she tries". Well, what a poor excuse. EVERY member can be good if they try, so why is it only valid for Jessica? Yeah yeah, i know she was originally part of the dance line but what's in the past, sticks in the past. And she sucks now. Too lazy and doesn't really give a fuck on stage. It actually annoys me a lot. Especially when her fans say it's cute.
-acting- her acting was so cringe-worthy, that i immediately shut down my computer. i hope she never acts again, at least in dramas, cause man..that was really bad. it was actually painful to watch.
-variety shows- we all know Jessica is quiet and barely says anything throughout the entire show. And even when she talks, she's just not entertaining, compared to the variety show queens (Hyo, Soo, Sun)
-MC- uhhhh, yeah.....there's a reason why Jessica is the member with the least MC projects so far. So, i rest my case

So, you see, i do have my reasons to think Jessica is the least talented SNSD member. Nothing stands out about her except for her modeling and singing.

Number 8- Sunny
i usually see Sunny very high too, just like Jessica, when Sones discuss who's the most talented member. tbh, i'm still in doubt, whether to put Sunny higher or lower than Jessica. Those 2 are my absolute least talented members and it was actually hard to decide. The only difference is that Sunny doesn't have that many things she's really bad at, just like Jessica

Good stuff
-DJ- she was bubbly, funny, and entertaining, she was a very good DJ.
-variety shows- well of course, one of the variety shows' queens. She does bring me a good laugh once in a while and she's very energetic

In between
-dancing- meh, not my piece of cake, but she's not BAD. She dances what she needs to dance, the problem is that i never remember Sunny, when the girls are on stage. It’s quite depressing, really. Her stage presence is zero and she doesn't really try that hard. Plus, she makes many mistakes.
-singing- as you may know, i really dislike Sunny's voice, sorry but it's way too high pitched for me, it annoys me how she always uses aegyo to cover up her messy singing on live performances. Yep, i said it. i think Sunny is constantly out of tune and her control isn't even that great, it actually makes my ears hurt. The reason why i don't think she's really bad? Well, it's because she's INDEED better than members like Yuri, Hyoyeon and Yoona. i mean, there's no explanation for that. She simply is. She can do way more stuff than those 3. Besides, she can do high notes.

Bad stuff
-rapping- much like Jessica, her rapping is more like talking and her voice doesn't suit rapping. It’s way too cute for my taste. However, i don't think she's the worst "rapper" in the group
-spokeperson- yeah, she doesn't say much and she's often quiet and with a dead expression on her face. Nothing else to say
-language skills- fluent in korean but..That’s pretty much it? She knows the basics of english, japanese and chinese but she's not spectacular in any of them. And i swear, her english accent drives me insane. i don't know if it's just me but...UGH.
-instruments.- as far as i know, she doesn't play any.
-acting- not terrible but so far we've only seen her in musicals, which isn't the best way to analyze someone's acting skills, imo, since the majority of the time, she sings. Apparently she got nominated for an award? But still....this is my opinion. And i don't think she's good
-modeling-again, not terrible, she's good with the cute concepts but...there's no spark, there's...nothing. i don't feel anything.
-MC-i don't even remember seeing Sunny working as an MC, but i assume she did more than Jessica, anyway.

So yeah, there you go. i don't think Sunny is that talented. She lacks at many things and even in the things she's good at, she's not the BEST.

Number 7- Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon, sweet Hyoyeon. This really isn't a surprise, i never see Hyoyeon high on peoples' lists and i can see why

Good stuff:
-rapping- probably the best "rapper" in SNSD, but she still has a long way to go. It’s not bad, though. She has power
-dancing- of course, our dancing queen. i don't need to explain, right?
-variety shows- one of the best, for sure. i always laugh with Hyoyeon and she's always so...alive and happy. She’s amazing

In between
-language skills- fluent in korean and chinese. Basics of japanese and english. But let's be honest, both her japanese and english really suck. Not only her accent is bad, but so is her ability to say something in those languages. It’s fun to watch though, comme on, be honest guys xD

Bad stuff
-spokeperson-there really isn't much to say, i don't think she would be bad, if she actually spoke, because Hyoyeon is a very easy going person. But the problem is..She never speaks. She just nods at everything the others are saying.
-instruments- just like Sunny, she doesn't play any
-DJ- i do think Hyoyeon could be a great DJ, actually. but she needs to be in the bad category because i haven't seen her yet. It’s a shame, though.
-acting-the only SNSD member that never acted. It could be because of her poor skills OR her face, that doesn't fit korea's beauty standards. But we'll never know
-modeling-again, the same problem as Sunny. Not terrible but i don't feel anything when i watch her photoshoots
-MC-she's actually better than both SicSun but it's not enough.
-singing- yeah......she's bad. She improved though and i'm proud of her

i wish i could place Hyoyeon higher but she never had to opportunity to do most of the things i mentioned and that really sucks, because i can't say if she's good or bad at them.

Number 6- Yoona

I’m not a fan of Yoona, but if there's a thing it actually irritates me is how the majority of the people say she's the least talented member. Really, it does.
Like...are you freakin' kidding me? i know she's the visual and most of her popularity relies on her face, but that doesn't mean she's not talented in anything

Good stuff
-dancing- she's very precise. She barely makes mistakes. The only flaw is that she's not charismatic and her face expression is always bland. i can tell she's trying more to look pretty, than actually dancing while having stage presence
-variety shows-not the best but she's good.

In between
-rapping- meh, i think she's by far the worst rapper in the dance line. She relies too much on her cute voice, i really didn't like her "rap" in IGAB. And her rap in blue jeans was REALLY bad. But, compared to other members,i can say she's ok
-acting- yeah, hate me all you want, but i think Yoona's acting is pretty basic. Her roles so far, are always the same thing and i don't see any improvement, whatsoever. She’s probably my third best actress, though.
-modeling- she's decent. Her poses are good but her face expression is ALWAYS the same
-MC- she’s ok, I think she can improve.

Bad stuff:
-DJ-never seen her as a DJ. But I assume she’s not that good, considering that she never worked as one.
-Instruments- doesn’t play any
-language skills- fluent in Korean. Knows the basics of Chinese, Japanese and English. She’s ok in Japanese but not fluent, for sure. And she’s still far from that. Also, her English is really bad but at least she has a better accent than Hyoyeon
-singing-just...bad. And, unlike Hyoyeon, i don't think she improved that much. She’s probably the least improved member in terms of singing
-spokeperson-always quiet, never says a thing.

Conclusion: i do think Yoona is more talented than what most people give her credit for. You guys should stop saying that she only has a pretty face (subjective, though), because that's not true. She’s good or decent at other things.

Number 5-Taeyeon
She isn't pure talent, but she sure deserves to be in the top 5, imo.

Good stuff-:
-DJ-i miss Taeyeon as a DJ. She was amazing
-singing- do i even need to explain? She’s fantastic

In between:
- rapping- call me crazy, but i do think Taeyeon is the 4th best rapper in SNSD. This girl actually has potential. After hearing her "rap" in Look at me (please, hear this song), i was actually surprised. i wish i could hear it more.
-spokeperson- really good but not the best. While at times, she does represent the group well, other times i think she's lacking as a LEADER. She should do so much more. She’s supposed to represent SNSD, but sadly, Sooyoung and Tiffany are better than her. In fact, i do think both SooFany would be better leaders than Taeyeon
-instruments-she knows how to play the guitar
-dancing- call me crazy again, but when Taeyeon likes the concept, she gives her everything. i'm still in love with her dancing skills in IGAB. i don't think she's one of the worst dancers, as many people say.
-acting- again..i'll just say this once. Taeyeon is second on my list in terms of acting. Not Yoona. Not Yuri. Not Seohyun. i saw her potential in that drama cameo, plus, her acting cuts in some variety shows. And she was GOOD. What a wasted opportunity, tbh
-variety shows- not good but not bad either. She’s ok. She can be funny sometimes but also serious and too...depressed
-MC-quite good, she does a pretty decent job

Bad stuff
-language skills. fluent in korean. Knows the basics of english, japanese and chinese. However, she really has a good english accent. She’s definitely improving. And her japanese isn't all that bad either
-modeling- i think we can all agree that Taeyeon, Sunny and Hyoyeon are the worst SNSD models. i do think Taeyeon is better than HyoSun, though.

Taeyeon really isn't that bad in the "bad stuff", and that's probably one of the reasons why she's so high on my list. She has potential to do many things, actually. Especially acting and rapping. And i'm not even kidding.

Number 4- Yuri
This girl has got to be the most underrated in terms of talent. i don't fucking understand why she's always so low on peoples' lists. She’s good at so many things

Good stuff:
-rapping- she needs to improve, but i think she's the third best "rapper". Plus, her voice tone is quite perfect for rap
-instruments- i thought Yuri only knew how to play the guitar but then i looked at her profile and apparently she can also play piano and violin. i guess i'll trust that info, even though i've never seen her play those instruments.
-dancing- although her dancing is getting quite worse and she's not as interested and charismatic on stage as she used to be, i still think her skills are good. i wish she came back to being energetic, though. Even with her many mistakes on stage, she still knew how to be powerful in the past.
-variety shows- just like her dancing, i don't think Yuri is as interesting as she used to be but i still have hope that one day, i'll be able to listen to her jokes again and see her funny personality xD
-MC- one of the best, no doubt

In between
-language skills- fluent in korean and chinese, knows the basics of english and japanese. Both her english and japanese are really poor, though.
DJ- i think she used to work as a DJ with Sooyoung or at least i remember seeing them once in the same radio show. And Yuri did a pretty good job.
-acting- still waiting for her good acting to return. Yep, she was actually quite good in the past. i remember loving her acting in "unstopabble marriage" with Sooyoung and she had so much potential. But then, "fashion king" was her disaster. My god, what happened to you, Yuri? Even in “No breathing”, she wasn't that fantastic.
-modeling-probably the 4th best model to me, she just needs to work on her poses and face expressions a little bit better.

Bad stuff
-spokeperson-i don't even remember the last time she actually spoke on an interview or made a winning speech
-singing-she actually used to be decent. But now? Oh, sweet Jesus. Sometimes i even think Hyoyeon is better than her, now. It’s surprising how pleasant her voice sounds in the studio version but then, she's really bad on live performances. And it's just getting worse and worse. It’s like she doesn't even try anymore.

Anyway, apart from her singing, Yuri doesn't really have something in which she's really bad at. She’s way too underrated in this aspect.

Number 3-Seohyun
Yeah, i know many of you expected to see Seohyun in second, but i have my reasons. i admit that between her and my number 2, was a very close call, though.

Good stuff
spokeperson- even though Seohyun is genually a shy person, she does amazing at representing the group. The way she talks is really experienced and she sounds so mature for her age, it's impressive.
-language skills- we all know it. She’s fluent in korean and chinese and she knows the basics of english and japanese. But she’s almost fluent in english. As for her japanese is also very good but she's still far from being fluent like Sooyoung. She struggles a lot and constantly needs to stop and think, before talking
-instruments- she knows how to play the guitar and the piano. Some people say she knows how to play violin as well. But i don't know if that's true or not.
-singing- well, of course. And she improved so much

In between
-dancing- we can all say she's pretty well rounded in terms of dancing and singing, which are the most essential things in a kpop group . but, we also know she's not the best dancer and that there's 4 members who are way superior
-modeling- Seohyun has a hard time showing good face expressions in the photo shoots. She doesn't know how to look sexy without forcing it. and she doesn't know how to look cute either, in a natural way. She tries way too hard and that's not necessary. i wish she started to act more natural in front of the camera, i mean, look at Jessica and Sooyoung, they're not forcing or thinking too much, like Seohyun does.
There’s a thing Seohyun is good at, when it comes to modeling, though…her poses
- MC- she's not good but not bad either. i think she has potential, though

Bad stuff
-rapping- well, by far the worst rapper, isn't she?. Her "rap" in beep beep still makes me cringe. And unfortunately that's not the only song where she "raps"
-DJ- never worked as one but i have no doubt that she would be bad. It’s just not her...thing
-variety shows- too calm and shy for my taste. Boring, i might say.
-acting- yeah, i still don't understand why this girl is a MAJOR in acting in her school. Like...HOW?
You can all say it's still her first role, but from what i saw, it was bad. There’s nothing i can do about it. i also didn't like her acting in the musicals.. She needs to work on her expressions A LOT BETTER, plus, she needs to work on her CRYING , i literally laughed when i saw her crying scenes in her drama. That’s not a good sign.

Just like Jessica's case, in the stuff that Seohyun is bad at, she's REALLY bad. But she's also REALLY good in the stuff that she's good at. Plus, she has many “in between” talents. So, she's pretty even. Seohyun still remains one of the most talented SNSD members

Number 2- Tiffany

Fany, Fany, Tiffany. Underrated like Yuri. This girl is full of talent, shame that people don’t see it

Good stuff
-spokeperson- freakin’ good. She represents the group really well, especially when they travel to America or Europe.
-language skills- fluent in Korean and English, knows the basics of Chinese, Japanese and apparently, she knows a little bit of Spanish. Her Japanese is really poor, though.
-modeling- I know many people seem to agree that Tiffany’s expressions are always the same and I agree. She’s similar to Yoona, but the difference between her and Yoona is that Tiffany is more versatile. Not only she can pose, but she also fits many types of concepts, and that’s why we see her in a lot of magazines. Her face expressions might not be good, but she enjoys what she’s doing. She tries. And that’s why I think she’s the third best model of the group
-MC- second best MC, I still love to see her with Yuri, they make such a lovely MC duo.
-Singing- first, she improved. Second, she has a beautiful voice tone. Third, she has a good control, except for her high notes. I have to say I hate her high note in Mr Mr on live performances. It’s painful to hear. But the fact that she can do this NOW, is incredible. We would never imagine Tiffany doing a high note in the past, would we?

In between
-rapping- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh….it’s not….terrible but….i think SM should stop making her the official rapper or whatever because it’s very cringe-worthy
She’s screaming instead of “rapping”. I applaud her energy, though. She’s loud but at least she drags people’s attention. In don’t put her in the bad category, because I still think she’s better than Yoona, Sunny, Jessica and Seohyun. She shows energy
-instruments- she knows how to play the flute
-DJ- as far as I know, she worked as a DJ with Taeyeon? I didn’t even know about this, but apparently she did. And I when I watched it… It was ok

Bad stuff
-dancing- no secret. But the thing I love about Tiffany is that, despite being bad, she at least tries, unlike Jessica. And it annoys me very much that, when Tiffany is actually being lazy (whi happens like….once in 4 months?), people bash her, but when Jessica does the same (all the freakin’ time), it’s cute. Like wtf? Stop this, you guys are being ridiculous and way too biased
-acting- we’ve only seen her acting in her musical but it wasn’t enough to judge.
-variety shows- I do think she’s better than Seohyun and Jessica in variety shows but…she’s still bad.

So, as you see, Tiffany is higher than Seohyun because the stuff she’s bad at, are less than Seohyun’s and she’s way too good in many, many things.

And my absolute number 1, talented SNSD member is…

Wow the shock

I swear I’m not being biased. Besides, many Sones seem to agree that Sooyoung is indeed the most talented member, so, how can I be biased in this aspect? The truth is, there’s nothing in which Sooyoung is BAD at, and we know it. She can be really good or just ok, but never bad.

So, let’s start

Good stuff:
-Rapping- definitely not the best, but she’s actually pretty good. She has power and confidence, the only flaw is her voice tone but I can’t even call that a huge flaw? She really has potential and I do think she’s the second best rapper. She’s been “rapping” since her Route 0 days. And she was really young at that time
-Spokeperson- do I need to explain? She’s known as the spokeperson of the group. The way she delivers those winning speeches, or those magnificent quotes are impressive. Not to mention that she always gives very smart answers at the interviews. Plus, the other members always WANT her to speak. It’s so funny. I always see fancams or pictures of the members giving Sooyoung the mic xD
Oh and let’s be honest and say that the members would be pretty much screwed without Sooyoung in Japan.
-Language skills- fluent in Korean, Japanese and almost fluent in English. Knows the basics of Chinese and she even knows a little bit of Spanish and French, how awesome is that?
-Instruments- knows how to play the guitar, piano, viola and drums. Nailed it.
-DJ- the member with the most experience in DJ’ing. She’s been working as one since 2006/2007
-Dancing- not a dancing machine like Hyo, but the most amazing thing about Sooyoung’s dancing is her charisma. She has so much stage presence and she knows how to drag people’s attention. Especially with her hair porn, LOOL.
She’s also the member that makes the least mistakes on stage, and it’s also known that her and Hyoyeon are the members that learn the choreographies the quickest, out of all the SNSD members.
-acting- yeah, I do think she’s the best SNSD actress by far, plus, one of the best idol actresses out there. The way she delivers each role is impressive, and they all have been different from each other, so far. Oh and did I mention how her crying scenes are heartbreaking and superb? I love the way Sooyoung portraits her characters. I don’t see Sooyoung when I watch her dramas. I see her characters actually gaining life. She’s really good but she can still improve much more.
-modeling- well no doubt, she’s the best model along with Jessica. Her poses are great, her face expressions are very natural, her body is perfect model material, she looks good in every outfit….she’s just fantastic
-variety shows-one of the queens, for sure. I always laugh at her jokes and she’s so funny and energetic to look at.
-MC- the best MC, she even won an award last year, she’s really great and she’s still going strong as an MC, every week on “hanbam”.

In between
-singing- I really can’t say she’s bad. This girl had so much potential but it got wasted, once SM replaced her with Sunny as the 5th lead vocalist. Yes, Sooyoung was supposed to be part of the vocal line, before SNSD’s debut. How crazy(or not) is that?
Her dancing skills are far superior to her singing skills, that’s true. But omg, how far could this girl go, if she had the proper training? Her mother used to be an opera singer, for god’s sake.
Not only Sooyoung’s voice is really pretty, but she also improved so much, compared to 2007. She’s been getting more and more lines as time goes by and seems like SM is actually treating her more like a vocalist now, instead of a dancer, especially in their Japanese albums (don’t talk about fluency, cause that’s bullshit, Sooyoung barely had any lines in the first Japanese album, for example)
There’s a reason why she sings much more than the other dancers, overall
There’s a reason why she makes part of the special singing stages with the other vocalists, but never YulHyoYoon
There’s a reason why she had a solo at the marchen fantasy concert, without the help of another member (Yuri with Tiffany for Ma boy and HyoYoon didn’t even had solos)
She can simply handle on her own.
Of course she still has a LONG way to go, I’m not that delusional, geez.
But considering how much she improved, I just have to say I’m so proud of her

Bad stuff
………………………………………….there isn’t

This concludes that Sooyoung is my most talented SNSD member. I think she will go far in the entertainment industry, once SNSD disbands. Mark my words
Whether it will be in modeling, MC, variety shows, acting or even starting her own fashion line..Sooyoung will be there

So, here it is. I’m pretty satisfied with my list. I know many people won’t agree with me and that’s perfectly fine.
Feel free to disagree with me and leave a comment, if you want

Thank you so much for your time and I’ll see you in my next article (which I still don’t know what will be about)