So here is another article after so long , it is about these SNSD Confessions I found , feel free to comment your opinion. No bashing.


Yes that does seem like the case sometimes , she does seem like she gets less cheers/quieter cheers but it still a cheer , most of the members cheers are even quieter so what's the problem? About TaeTiSeo getting more lines and overexposed in the MV , to me it seems like that especially at the end. What about actually getting the dancers at the front more when dancing?


Well this one may be old but yes! Someone that has the same thought as me! She has LOADS of haters and they obviously hate her so much that they have to always comment saying she is fake and plastic. Well then you are probably jealous or something. Even if she did a little then you try entering SM , they probably FORCE you into doing ps , you have no choice whatsoever but still to me she looked like she didn't do any , she just lost weight.


This person that said this definitely hates her , pfftt like that person is better , how is she useless? She is undoubtedly the BEST dancer in SNSD , without her the dance parts will just seem to be like missing the main dancer in a dance , which will seem to just be missing something in the dance. She is ACTUALLY the most popular in Europe and U.S. confirmed by SM too. You want her expelled from the group , seriously? -_- is a 9 member group and always a 9 member group. Tut-tut tut , I sense a hater!


Yes she did look awesome in Paparazzi, for once they didn't give her those hideous hairstyles , also I loved her look in My Oh My and yes that outfit Sooyoung wore and that hair , that is probably in one of the few MVs that Sooyoung looked bad in , that hair and what is that feathery thing , is that even a outfit?! What the flip is that on her head? SM please , actually make all the members outfits decent for once , please?


Ridiculous , just ridiculous , Yoona can sing , dance , rap and even dance , if you are just jealous then you're not the only one , if you are going say you are saying the truth then actually watch their videos , listen to their songs , if that doesn't change your decision then I don't know what will.


Yes I SNSD themselves are afraid too , they are many good girl groups , like when SNSD debuted nearly 7 years ago , but those rookies groups in my opinion , still have a long way to go until they meet up to SNSD's standards/place. SNSD jjang!


Lately I see Yuri (my bias) getting a lot of hate , whenever I see a hate comment not just her but about any member (especially Tiffany since she has most haters on here) it is quite funny but frustrating , I don't get their point of doing this. Bashing , bashing and bashing members , I see that every day on here , making fake accounts to make your least favourite member/a member you hate lose a poll.


People ship different people together , like TaeNy or YoonYul but they have to bash , always , why? Stop hating on each other , I mean you have your own OTP (One True Pairing) in SNSD but stop hating on some couples , just ignore if you like but let's try to reduce the amount of hate , not only to couples but members. You can't really reduce the amount of haters , but just stop bashing.


You are flipping kidding me , right? Haha , they must be jealous.


You must be joking , HOW IN THE WORLD IS YURI FAT? You must be blind or something , she is probably average or underweight , compare it with her height , on loads of profiles she is only 46-7 kg , that is fat? She did have a period where she did look a little chubby but she is definitely not overweight.

Yoona , she is fake? Look at her pre-debut photos yourself , she is born a beauty and that's the truth.

Well for Taeyeon's one , I don't know how to answer this question , I don't know if she is or not.

And lastly Tiffany , attention-seeking , haha , lol. Really? I mean just because she talks quite a lot , doesn't mean she is attention-seeking , she is just talking for the group , problem?


So this is the end of this article , thanks for reading , bye bye , see you soon! :)